Hello guys, It’s Paul with you today. I haven’t talked to you guys in a while, I’ve been very busy. I have school, work, and stuff like that so
today my video is on nutrition. I know you guys are waiting for a video on
planche, can’t really film, thunder storm outside which is why my job
got canceled. I work for newspapers. So today I have a free day. It’s Saturday so I’m going to record you guys
a video about nutrition. Basically, for nutrition, most people want
to have really low percent body fat. so you can see the muscles on their body and
at the same time build muscle, which is what most of you guys want who are
watching this video right now. So basically, there’s foods that you can stay
away from and go towards that can help you in nutrition
and stuff like that. I like the American saying “You are what you
eat”. If you dump your body with everything that’s
out there, all that fast food and all that unhealthy
stuff, you know what’s going to come out? It’s going to be hanging on the sides. gonna be fat. And if you eat healthy, it’s going to show. There are a few exceptions of course. Those people that have high metabolism, They can eat anything they want, and they stay skinny. Although it does ruin their liver and kidneys
and stuff like that, because it’s digesting all that stuff and it puts a lot of pressure on it. It’s like a motor, if you don’t feed the motor right with the
right oil and stuff like that, it’s going to get worked out too much, you
know? It’s not good for your body, even though it all gets burned off. Yeah, it does. It’s not good for you. So today’s video is on nutrition. Like I said. Let’s start it off. First of all, nutrtion is the most important
thing when you are trying to get a body that you
want. So if you are going to lose weight, if you are going to get ripped, if you are doing all these different things, first thing you need is nutrition. Let’s say I am trying to lose 10 pounds of
fat that I have. I would eat mostly things pure natural that you know where it came from the ingredients, everything. So eat cucumbers, eggs, tomatoes, just different vegetables: potatoes… Whatever it is, it’s just pure, without anything mixed in. You go to the ingredients, if there is like 100 different ingredients
in it don’t eat it, you know. There’s even drinks. There’s High Corn Fructose Syrup, you don’t find that in real life, don’t drink it. There’s a juice, “Simply” is the company that makes it. They have pure apple juice, pure orange juice. You go to the back in the ingredients all it says is “Apple Juice” “Orange Juice” nothing else in it. Then there’s different foods, different crackers
you can eat to replace all the chips. There is crackers like these for example: Only corn, salt, sugar. That’s it. That’s all the ingredients in there, and they’re really good for you, easy to digest, because your body can digest things that are
natural and pure without anything mixed into it’ any chemical makeup. Without all that stuff, they’re really easy
to digest for your body, no matter how much you eat. Let’s say all day I’ll be eating cucumbers
or all day I’ll be eating carrots, I don’t think I’m going to gain a lot of weight,
you know? Because your body can digest it. Stuff like hamburgers: you have no idea how they grow the meat for what they put in the patties. All that grease and stuff like that, you know? It just doesn’t work. Like if you want chicken, go buy chicken,
and cook the chicken, and eat the chicken. It’s that easy It does take time but, like I said, you are what you eat. If you work for your food, it’s going to be
good food. If you just buy whatever, your body is going to be whatever. It does take dedication to keep your body
in a good state go ahead and eat all natural fruit, vegetables, eat meat, eat whole grains as long as it’s all natural, eat it. Stay away from fast food stuff that has ingredients
that you don’t know of. Like, let’s say you bought some juice and it has stuff that you don’t know about
in the ingredients. Don’t drink the juice, find another juice that just has “Apple juice”
in the ingredients. Don’t drink concentrates. They are made up of other ingredients. So if you go buy an apple juice concentrate and you look in the ingredients, there is
a bunch of other ingredients. “So let’s just put that word in there for
the juice” There’s much more stuff in there, it’s not just Apple juice. If it just says “Apple juice” then it’s good. if it’s “Apple juice concentrate” that’s a lot more ingredients that they just
put into 1 term. So it’s not good either. When you are on the trail to get to the body
you want, and you finally get the body, here’s where people are like “Ok I got this
body that I wanted, I’m gunna slack off” It’s true, I do it too. Go ahead, eat some chips, you know? Whatever, I’m hungry, I got the body I want, I’m going to eat some
chips. I’m going to go to a fast food restaurant
, eat a little bit… It does come back to you but I guess it’s
okay, because you know you’re going to burn it all
off during the workouts. But on your trail to getting the body you
want, before you get the body you want, don’t go
taking cheap meals. After you got that body, go ahead and take
a few cheap meals, because you already got the body you want
but for example: Lately I have been slacking off, eating a lot of everything. People just give me chips, cookies, whatever… I just eat it, no big deal. I already got it all, you know. And I gained, umm… I was 7% body fat, I went up to 9% body fat in about 2 weeks. Because I was eating whatever and I got to
burn it off somehow. So I went on Monday. It was another day I had no school, no work. Finally another free day. I ran from West Sac, to Woodland and back. 17 and a half miles there, 17 and a half miles
back. Burned off more than 2% body fat. So I made up for all those cheap meals in
a 35 mile run. It took me 3 hours to run there, 4 hours to
run back. so if you know you’re going to burn it off
later, go ahead and cheap meal. But when you’re on your way to getting the
body you want, you haven’t got it yet, don’t do any cheap meals. That’s the most important thing I think that’s it. Just stay healthy, eat natural and don’t eat
all the stuff you’re not sure about. Ask questions below, maybe you want me to cover a certain subject. I think this is the only nutrition that you
really need to know. Just if you’re eating healthy, don’t limit
yourself. “Oh, I need to eat this much protein” You are getting all the protein you need from… vegetables have a lot of protein, they do. Nuts have a lot of protein, different kinds of nuts: walnuts, and people say “Don’t eat this kind of nuts
but eat this kind of nuts because they are very fatty” No, God created everything for a reason you can eat different kinds of nuts and they’re
all good for you. They’re good to digest, and they got the protein
you need. You don’t really need and go count every gram
of protein that you take. You’re going to get all the protein you need
from your foods. Another thing: When you’re hungry, you are usually hungry
for certain… (well it depends how hungry you are) but when you’re hungry, you are usually hungry
for a certain type of food. Let’s say I come home and there is like oranges,
bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, eggs on the table… In my mind, I am going to want certain of
those. Let’s say I’m going to want an orange, a banana,
and an egg and some bread. That’s because your body knows what nutrients those fruits, vegetable and other
things contain. Your brain knows what’s in them and it knows
what you’re missing in your body, and it gives you the desire to eat those certain
things. I usually don’t even eat, I know I’m supposed to eat in a nice hour
and a half after workout; An hour and a half to two hours after workout, because that’s when the body consumes the
most nutrients towards muscle. I don’t do that. I just drink it, like drink
a few cups of chocolate milk; I’m good. That’s what my body needs, that’s how it works. It’s different for every single person’s body, so I can’t tell you how much protein you need, how much carbohydrates you need, how much vitamins you need because every body is different. All you need is to listen to your body, When you come home, It’s going to tell you: “Oh, I want some eggs and bacon” So you go buy some eggs and bacon, and then you cook some eggs and bacon, and
you eat eggs and bacon, because that’s what your body needs at that
moment. If you want to eat an orange, get an orange, because your body knows what’s in that orange
that you need at that moment. So just listen to your body, It’s going to tell you what nutrients you
are missing, and what you’re going to eat. When you workout, you eat a lot more because
your body needs a lot more and that’s why you have much more hunger after
workouts, than before you worked out. If that hunger goes away, stop eating and
don’t over eat and just be like “Oh, gotta finish this food”
you know? Stop eating it right there. There’s a purpose why you don’t want to eat
anymore Yes, thank you so much, I’m reaching 1,000
subscribers Like I said, when I reach 1,000 subscribers
I’m going to make a transformation video… and I’m going to upload some videos from when
I was very weak . I could do just like 12 pull ups. Well that’s 1,000 subscribers transformation
video… How much pullups I could do back then, And thanks, see you guys later.

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  1. Salute for your videos. I just started doing pull-ups and dips. I do knee ups for my abs. I will do your workouts next.

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