Octavia Spencer Coped With Her Dyslexia By Reading Mystery Novels

– This is the funniest thing. We’ve actually run into
each other a few times. I forgot to say this whenever
we were visiting backstage. But we’ve never actually had
a chance to talk until today. It’s always like passing. I’m just such a big fan. I’ve always wanted to say that, and I didn’t wanna embarrass you in front of your whole team. But I’ll embarrass you
in front of all of them. (laughs) – Hello! – So this is our 2020 vision week, that’s what we’re doing. So have you broken any New
Year’s resolutions yet, like myself? – I … I don’t do resolutions anymore. I just use one word, ’cause literally, I’m done with the resolution by day three. – [Kelly Clarkson] Yeah. – So– – We are friends. – We are best friends. – Yeah. – But, what I do is: I just use one word, and every time I have to make a decision I just go to the word, and it’s like, “Oh, I guess I gotta do it,
because the word says so.” – Whoa! What’s one of the words
that you’ve used before? – Upgrade. – [Kelly] Upgrade! (laughs) That’s my favorite! – Well, do I stick it with this one? Nope. Upgrade.
– Upgrade. – I like this old TV. Oh, it keeps breaking down. Upgrade. – Oh my gosh! I love the one word. – The one word. – This should be the new thing. That is brilliant. What’s your word? Do you have one? – My word for this year is adventure. – Adventure. – Adventure. ‘Cause somebody, on her days
off, likes to just lay around and watch TV. – I don’t know who you’re talking about. (laughs) – We be twins. – Usually, there’s not a day
off, so when there is one, you’re like, “I’m staying in my PJ’s.” – Yes, honey, yes. – Especially living here now. It’s so funny, ’cause I
never lived here, really, before at this job, and there’s
so many things to do here but we don’t experience any of them. – No, seriously! – Like, all the tourists come
and do it, and they’re like, “Did you do that yet?” Nope.
– Nope. (laughs) – It’s down the street, but no. ‘Cause you’re tired. – Very, very. So this year’s about doing that, yeah. – So I heard you have six siblings? – Mm-hmm. – So I mean, do you all get crazy… Any holidays, were you
all crazy this year? – Oh, honey. We play board games, and we play cards. – Yes! and I’m seriously competitive. (audience laughs) I like to, like– – [Kelly] Do you trash talk? – You have to trash talk. (audience laughs) – I love you! – Monopoly, what we do– – Oh my God, it takes five hours. – It takes five hours,
but our Monopoly is fun because we put real money at the parking, so whoever lands on parking– – Free parking, yeah. – Money, the free parking. – It’s an upgrade! – We need to start
playing with real money. That is brilliant! (laughs) And, I’ll get my kids
to actually play with me if there’s real money. – If there’s real money. – Nobody likes to play
games, except my 13-year-old. – So, the question becomes: who am I on this side of the journey? Have I finally become the real me, or has the real Poppy
Parnell burrowed deep down, even deeper inside? – Wow. (audience cheers) Welcome back. We’re capping off our 2020 vision week with the wonderful Octavia Spencer, star and executive producer of
the new series Truth Be Told on Apple TV+, right? – [Octavia Spencer] Yes. – You are so good! – Thank you. – Just from that, I’m like, “Yes!” So what’s the new show about? – I play a journalist who,
basically, rose to fame on one case, and that case
was deciding whether or not this young boy from an
affluent community committed this murder, and of course, I,
with all of my facts, thought that he did, and maybe he still does. – I know that, yeah. – When I… 20 years later, I get
an inkling that he might have been wrongfully convicted, so I wanna re-litigate the case. – Wow, I actually heard as a kid, too, you might have been a journalist. That was one of your dreams. – Well, let’s just say
I watched a lot of news. – As a kid? – [Octavia Spencer] Yeah. – I watched I Love Lucy. – I did all that, too, but I loved when the anchormen and women signed off– – Like Ron Burgundy? (laughs) – Pretty much, I would just sign off. And I’m Jessica Savage. (laughs) So, I think I wanted to be an anchorwoman, just so that I could sign off. – Do you think you
would’ve been good at that? Investigative journalism,
that kind of thing? – I actually think that
I would, because I, all joking aside, I am the one person who was into all the forensic
stuff before it became a fad. – That’s my assistant, yeah. You and her can start a club. I’m like, “I’m afraid.” Everybody gets raped, they
die, everybody’s dying. I can’t watch all that. This is a random question,
but I was watching that, and you have to be so serious
in a lot of your roles. But, this randomly just hit me: ’cause whenever I’m writing
a record, and I’m writing about something that’s really
personal, and you go there, I almost go in a state of mini-depression, ’cause I’m trying to get
it out, ’cause you’re stuck in this vibe. Do you get like that acting? When you go for a role,
do you get lost sometimes, or almost have to pull yourself out of it? – During period pieces, I do,
because it was very different, and I played a lot of women
in different time periods. We don’t know how good
we have it right now, but we still have a lot of work to do. 40, 50 years ago, it was
completely different. So, I really immerse
myself in the time period, and it’s very depressing. – Oh! Anyway, you’re really
good at it, so, sorry! – Thank you. (audience claps) – But you also, I heard,
as a child, you actually had dyslexia, and you
coped with it ’cause one of your teachers told
you about mystery novels? – Yeah, my… And I love her, Ms. Bradford. – I had a Mr. Bradford. I wonder if they’re married. – No way! Oh my God! This is why we connect. You say ya’ll, I say ya’ll. – Exactly, ’cause that’s how you say it. – Exactly. – You’re wrong. (audience laughs) – Thank you. It’s very hard for dyslexics
to engage with the text or a narrative, and my teacher would say, “Here’s something you should
read: Encyclopedia Brown, and you gotta read everything,
because you don’t know what’s going to be a clue.” And, of course, then, when you’re like, “It might be a clue!” it kept me engaged, and
literally that’s why I read a lot of mysteries and thrillers now. – That’s so interesting. – It’s exciting. – That’s a really cool learning tool, ’cause a lot of kids suffer from dyslexia, so that’s an amazing learning tool. I’ve never heard of it. My mom’s a teacher, so I was like, “What?” How interesting. What a great teacher. There are such great teachers out there. – I love teachers. – They can change your trajectory, yeah. (audience cheers) That’s so awesome. – I had great teachers. – I had some great teachers
as well, and my mom was one. Anyway, I have to ask you about this. This is completely… There’s no segue, it’s just
I am in love with your Velma, and– (cackles) Tell everybody who Velma is. – Velma is my going-out– – Velma’s had a good night. (laughs) – Going out… (laughs) – Velma had some fun. (audience cheers) – She’s my go-to wig,
when I’m going to and from the rosary store, and work. – God. – The between. – So, I heard that you had a fight. – We’ve had a falling out. That picture? A true friend would be what
they’re supposed to be. (laughs) She doesn’t look like that normally. – She doesn’t, she just was like– – A little rain hits you, Velma, you’re supposed to spring back. – [Kelly Clarkson] Oh my gosh. You’re good now, though, right? – [Octavia Spencer] Yeah. – Does Velma have any sisters or brothers? – Velma has a lot of cousins. – Cousins! (laughs) – And I had to, when I was
filming in London last year, I just had to put her on… She just… I don’t care how you styled
her, she would always come out looking like
Velma from Scooby-Doo, which was not the point, which is why she was named Velma, because it was a joke, and now it’s not a joke ’cause she just– – Oh no! – Reverts. – Scooby-Doo. It does look like you
may be high in that wig. (laughs) Although, you might be in
need of some Scooby Snacks. It was like, “Woo!” I love it.

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  2. Kelly you supposed to let your guest do the talking, don't bring yourself into the same situation, if that's the case do the show by yourself alone.๐Ÿท๐Ÿพ๐Ÿท๐Ÿพ

  3. I like Octavia Spencer as an actress. She's great. And the way she's reacting to Kelly's livingroom conversation style shows so much about her as a person. All positive things and now I must say I love her.

  4. Octavia stays working. I'm sure it's due to the fact that she has her own production company now. She's got some good stuff coming down the road, according to her IMDB page.

  5. I suffer from dyslexia and my reading teach also gave me mystery books and I was hooked. I would actually read and have knowledge of what the book was about. I also keep captions on everything so I can read along.

  6. Being dyslexic and now being an ESL teacher, I find it amazing how many of my younger students suffer from Dyslexia and yet none of their other teachers realize the issue. Granted this is Colombia, however, it is I would say at least 40% of all my younger students meaning ages 6 – 18 suffer from this. For me, it is always so rewarding when I see someone with dyslexia that comes out and admits and gives GR8 ideas on how they overcame it. Thanks for everything on this show being so honest. Where people can express different views and yet feel comfortable doing so. Blessings to all

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