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in this video I want to talk about how when you lose body fat it creates the
illusion of much more size more muscle and this is something you really need to
understand when you’re a little bit older you have a busy productive life
you want to be effective and efficient with your willpower focus energy and
time you got to know what you’re doing from the start if you don’t understand
what I am sharing with you here today you’re going to be off track you’re
gonna be going down the freeway so to speak going the wrong way
and you’re gonna be confused why you’re not getting closer to your goals and
just like driving down that freeway you’re gonna be concentrating doing
everything right you’re gonna be on the gas pedal going the speed limit or even
harder right you want to get to that destination of being big being ripped
being healthy being fit and you’re not going to understand why you’re not
getting closer why everything doesn’t look familiar you’re going down the
wrong path right so it’s so important that you understand this concept when it
comes to health and fitness whereas we’re a little bit older and we want to
make the most willpower focus energy and time and
again so many men they you know work out with weights right I mean we’re guys you
know we want to put on some size right we want to get bigger that’s what weight
training is for right we see all the visuals of all the videos out there we
lift weights we get bigger all right you got to understand though is that bigger
isn’t necessarily better all right if just say we’re training with those
weights hard and heavy but we’re not watching our diet then we know we have
some body fat all right we want to lose that along the way maybe we think our
training routine is going to help us lose that body fat right and what
happens is our body fat along with the muscle that we gain all right
it just it’s just the muscle is marbled with fat giving us this illusion of size
all right but we don’t look the way that we want we look in the mirror and the
scale might be going up we look nothing close to the way we want right have
those round shoulders the the thin skin the the veins maybe get rid of the
midsection that seems to sneak up on us now there were a little bit older the
love handles the man boobs you know if you don’t have just really obvious man
boobs you know just little drooping right that’s what happens we get a
little bit older with that body fat and you think you’re gonna train your way
with weights right to look that way and you’re training hard your training
consistently and you’re not getting any closer you’re driving down that wrong
way the freeway got to understand that at this age at this age now you know me
I’m a positive guy right I come to you with with energy passion tell you to
keep on keeping on that you can do this you can crack the code you can’t figure
out the pattern but if your expectations there are a couple things one you’re
just going to gain all this muscle at this age being a little bit older
right like yeah you know train Harl gain 10 pounds of muscle mmm probably not
going to happen that way you’re gonna gain bounces with your hard work all
right and one guy said to me if I’m only doing all this work and I’m only gonna
gain ounces what the point of weight training well what
do you what do you see with all those other guys all those got other guys your
age you don’t train that you look so much better than they don’t weight train
alright so it’s not an all-or-nothing I gained 10 pounds or what’s the use of it
look how great you look compared to them they’re they don’t weight train so
obviously what you’re doing is working it’s just your expectations
all these pounds of muscle that you think you’re you need a game alright
here’s another thing when you’re attached to a number like I don’t know
whatever it is that you’re not on Oh 510 180 you know you know you got some body
fat that you need to lose gonna think you’re gonna train weight train your way
out and just change that illusion lose that body through that through weight
training let’s just say you think well I’m 180 pounds I know I got an F 5 or 10
pounds to lose that should weigh 170 pounds right you start getting active or
watching what you eat right and that number Falls too quickly you’re at 170
pounds I’ll tell you if you got too much body fat you’re gonna get down to 170
pounds and nothing is really gonna look like it changes because that number is
too ambitious to look the way you want if you attach yourself to a number
that’s too ambitious like 108 pounds 170 pounds and you know you have body fat
tell you again it’s gonna play with your mind because you’re thinking wow I lost
all this weight I don’t look any different I must be losing all of my
hard-earned muscle mass it’s not the case the chances are great you never had
that muscle mass to begin with you just thought you did you attached yourself to
a number without knowing all right again where does this how’s this gonna hurt
you you’re gonna start dieting doing what you need to look lean for that that
muscle separation right that’s through being lean you’re not gonna build muscle
to look this way right you get yourself attached to another the number on the
scale Falls too quickly you’re gonna think that you lost all your muscle mass
and then you’re gonna not worry about your diet at all not dig in and I’ll
come back to that later but I just got to keep on training because I’m losing
too much muscle mass that’s not the case right losing that body fat giving lean
understanding how your metabolism tracking your calories and I don’t mean
you track your calories every single day but you know if you’re doing this and
you’re serious about it the chances are great that you eat the same foods
probably 70% of the time you can just easily get a at My Fitness Pal or
whatever and see what those calories are for the 70% of time and you can estimate
the rest at least you know how many calories you’re eating right I’m not
talking about you know weighing every piece of food that goes in your mouth
every morsel not saying being ultra sick you can never eat regular food again but
you have to know because that journey to giving lean and preserving your muscle
mass is all about you optimizing your metabolism and it’s never gonna just
come from some chart on the internet that gets your height and weight your
mother’s maiden name your first pet’s name or whatever they figure it out and
then BOOM that’s you know that’s that’s maybe where you can start but it’s what
your habits will optimize your metabolism all right so we got to get
more to the eating process and know a lot of guys throw it away all right they
want to do that later they think that there’s all this weight training is
gonna make them look the way they want their physique and it’s not those type
of things gonna throw you off right from the you know you got to understand all
this right so stick with me during all my workouts for older men live all I’ll
break it down for you the mindset the lifestyle the strategies the systems
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skip liqueur column from South 2020 if you’ve been watching me for a while you
know how much I reach out I want to know your situation these videos are great
but a lot of times it’s your perception and not knowing what’s quite like to go
those I like you know what we talked about today about getting lean creates
the illusion of size you’re gonna see me over the next couple of weeks a couple
months get leaner and leaner you’re gonna say wow these gated all this kind
of muscle no it’s I’m gonna get leaner and I’m gonna show you that but these
type of distinctions sometimes you can’t get and again if you don’t understand
them gonna do all this hard work you’re just going down the wrong way the
freeway right the connection me straightening out making sure that you
understand that’s why I reached out and I talked to so many men just like you
just one-on-one ten fifteen twenty minutes answering a question makes me
better what I do it gives me more ideas more topics to talk about all right so
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skip liqueur dot-com front slash transformation and read all about watch
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men hey thank you so much for joining me mark hello Josh hello Jeff is watching
Brian hello hello hello Burnie hello hello hello glad that
you’re here John Aaron good to have you here Daryl Musashi good to have you here
Steven my wife Carol accor is washing from home Staton Brad good to have you
here Brad alright so dough to market Josh yeah all right guys continue to
post your questions your comments your suggestions down below I’m so flattered
that you’re here all right hello John jonsy good to have
you here all right again continue posting accommodation questions your
suggestions down below I will connect with you all throughout the day all
throughout the week whatever it takes hey remember it’s a struggle that makes
you strong so keep on keeping on expect the best from yourself today expect the
best from all this effort that you’re putting in to take your body in your
life to the next level expect the best from other people they will get you it’s
just a matter of time how can other people not get you you are a force to be
reckoned with let’s take on the day with a sense of urgency we got to learn a
little bit old we got more time behind us than we do in front of us train eat
think produce love connect with a sense of urgency all right have a great day
have an outstanding day have an awesome day think big and think bigger than
getting bigger

12 Replies to “OLDER MEN: How To Look HUGE By Losing Body Fat – Workouts For Older Men LIVE”

  1. good morning for a start
    also the start of the most dangerous party month, at least in my world, 2 dinner dances per weekend- she wants to dance
    still at 5' 10, 175 hope to keep it thru New Years
    as well as reducing the AC / rotator cuff biceps tendinitis
    I very much admire and appreciate your enthusiasm , dedication and consistency wrt the right stuff that applies in an advanced age body
    keeping the lean mass I have is the primary focus,
    diet and compound movements > success

  2. That Facility is Absolutely Beautiful! Love Ya Skip Keep doing these videos Brother! 💯😃👏👍👋

  3. Man, the honesty, “ you’ll gain ounces “, lol, I’m 53, I know I’ll never again look like I did at 23 , or even 43 for that matter, lol. But I also know I’m still in better shape than 90% of all the other 53 year olds. What’s the alternative to not working out,?, oh l don’t know, maybe not being able to have fun with my kids/grandchildren, that’s reason enough for me to hit the gym.

  4. Hello,Hello,Heloo'

    Hi Skip I like to ask you if you can make a video or two about people over 70's The World never realize out there are hundreds of people over 70 and 80's who training with weights and look spectacular ,,,,to me OLDER people I mean 50 years old or 60 are still Babies be 73 like me and you see the fight against SIZE and about the Skin to keep it firm and body fat and you must keep all perfect, but this FORGOTTEN WARRIORS need help in that age new ways to training the way to eat diets and programs so Im looking for somebody to help …When I was young eat and training and Grow(automatic) really younger Athletes no need help need dedication but most they want somebody do the training for them ….,only the oldies know why are in the gym but is very hard to keep going…the fight is against time…..Skip in 20 years from now thing about me and my request .The best thing in my life is over 1,000 times people say to me I like to look like you when I come to your age..and this is make me keep going talk soon.

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