Open Announcement 16.2: Guðmundsson Vs. Bailey

Just one spot separated them on the Leaderboard on the biggest stage in CrossFit. Announcer: Gudmundsson will take event number three. Announcer: Dan Bailey across the finish line. Announcer: Clang and bang! Dan Bailey and Bjorgvin Gudmundsson renewed their rivalry in 2016. The stage is smaller, but the stakes are just as high. Bailey is starting his quest for a sixth trip to the CrossFit Games, but he is still looking for his first trip to the podium. Despite his youth, Gudmundsson has been where Bailey hasn’t. The youngster from Iceland shocked the world by finishing on the podium in just his second year of the Games. The old guard takes on the new blood. Dan Bailey versus Bjorgvin Gudmundsson. Live in 16.2.

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