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– So let’s talk about how to be productive and pleasant in an open office environment like we have here at Marketing 360. We have a lot of experience
in this area, obviously. So we can speak to it. Obviously an open working environment can be good and bad, right? Compared to an isolated
office environment. So let’s talk about how
you can be productive and take use of an open office environment and really take it to the next level and use it as your advantage
and not your disadvantage. So tip number one to be productive in an open work environment
is to be work social. What I mean by work social
is to be communicative about the work that you’re
doing within the team, right? It’s talking about how you can work as a team to get the goal taken care of, get the customer taken care of, get the project done. You’re just constantly communicating about how you can get better. You don’t see a sports team
out at practice talking about anything other
than the sport, right? How to run their plays better, how to perform better, how
to prepare for the game. And so the communication
revolves around that. They’re not generally talking about their favorite movie
they saw over the weekend and those sorts of things, right? Now, that stuff’s totally fine in an open office environment. It’s quick, it’s good for the culture and that kind of thing but you want to stay focused on the task at hand and keep communication primarily focused on work social, right? With longer personal conversations it’s really great to
have good breakout areas. So if you have breakout
areas around your office environment where people can kind of go to the side and
talk about those things. Quiet rooms to tag up
about personal matters and that kind of a thing. Really works great for that but in the open working
environment you stay focused at the work at hand. Tip two to be productive
in an open environment is to be aware of your quirks. Your quirks are interruptive
to other people, right? It can be kind of annoying
if somebody’s humming to a certain song, tapping their foot, chewing really loudly, right? Talking way louder than is necessary. Probably like I’m doing right now, I’m probably irritating
these people, right? If you’re doing this stuff
in an open environment it can be something that distracts people and if it’s distracting your teammate it’s preventing them from
getting the work done that they need to get done. Tip three to be productive
in an open environment is to protect your privacy. And what I mean by that
is, be cognizant of that and what’s gonna allow you
to be an effective worker. So one thing is having
headphones sometimes, right? If you can put your
headphones on you can stay in a focused environment
where the distractions and the noise around you is minimized so that you can stay
focused at the task at hand. Also, when you’re doing
things like you maybe need to check social media. You’re on your 10 minute
break for the day, maybe, and you want to check social
media and do those things. Just be aware that your screen is visible to to whole team, right? And so think about it. Maybe go to a breakout area
and check those things. Might be something that
you want to consider and that kind of thing. The main thing is to protect yourself in terms of your mental health and being able to get your
work done most effectively. You’re gonna need breaks. Take some time, walk around the building. It can be over stimulating
sometimes working in an open environment, right? Sometimes you just need a moment of peace and so just walking away for a minute, taking a walk around
the building for example is just enough to reset
yourself, refocus yourself, reenergize yourself for the rest of the day working with the team. Tip number four and last tip here is to avoid the fish bowl effect. Basically the fish bowl
effect is where people know that they’re being
watched and so they want to act busy all the time so that people don’t feel comfortable
to interrupt them, right? It actually creates the opposite effect of an open environment where you should be communicating in a real
time type of environment. And so you want to avoid that, right? Be open to the idea of being somebody that appears approachable on your team. If you feel approachable they’re going to communicate with you
appropriately, right? And you really leverage the benefits of the open environment to
it’s fullest capabilities. And take it to the next level. And that’s what we’ve
seen at Marketing 360 is there’s a lot of disadvantages
to an open environment and there’s a lot of advantages
to an open environment. And if you do it right and you’re aware of the potential disadvantages
and how to work around those you could really leverage the advantages. We’ve done that well. We’ve seen that working
in a team environment has really improved the culture, improved the communication, improved
the buy in of everybody towards the common goal of the team and ultimately we’ve
been far more successful than previously when we weren’t as much in the open environment. I think you’ll find the same. But you need to be aware
of the possible negatives so that you can properly
set right expectations with your team, provide
training for your team, and standards that your company has so that you really are most effective with the open environment and avoid all the disadvantages. So that’s it, thanks for watching. I hope you got some ideas
on how an open environment can be most effective for you. Try it out if you are currently in an open environment,
maybe think about some of the possible negatives
that you’re having and how you can work around those things. Thanks for watching, happy marketing, and have a great day.

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