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(sultry blues music) ♪ Mmmm mm mm ♪ (bomb exploding) – Hi, it’s Phil at Orleans CrossFit, and I’m with my two business
partners, Kyle and Kyle. Make sure to stay tuned until the end as we’ve got big plans to share with you. (sultry blues music) – [Narrator] At Orleans CrossFit, we believe anyone willing to
put in the time and effort is capable of attaining any goal they set. (sultry blues music) We are Orleans CrossFit. (upbeat rock music) Our mission is to provide
a space fully equipped with the highest quality
programming and coaching possible while fostering an
environment of community, friendship, and support. We will help you achieve
the results you want by providing you with
coaching, programming, motivation, and guidance second
to none every single day. (upbeat rock music) ♪ We raised apart ♪ ♪ Water’s up to my chin ♪ ♪ Want somebody ’til the very end ♪ ♪ Many men try to reach it ♪ ♪ Many men have failed ♪ ♪ Well if you wanna get to heaven ♪ ♪ You gotta raise a little hell ♪ ♪ I’ve been running running running ♪ (crowd cheering) ♪ They wanna take me down slow. ♪ – [Narrator] If you have a
desire to improve your health, achieve your goals and to live better, if you want to be the best
version of yourself, we can help. Our coaches are passionate
about health fitness. – My name is Phil. I am a coach and co-owner
at Orleans CrossFit. I have been working as a
respiratory therapist now for eight years. I started coaching crossfit
about six years ago. What I like the most about my
job as a respiratory therapist is that I get to help
people, day in, day out. One subtle difference
between being a coach and a respiratory therapist is what made me start Orleans CrossFit. Very subtle difference,
but it made the world of a difference to me. That difference is, as
a respiratory therapist, I help people that need my help. They need my help because
they made poor life choices. When I’m coaching CrossFit, I help people that want my help. They want something. They want to get better. They want to be healthier, and that’s is what drives
me day in, day out. – I’m Kyle, co-owner and
coach at Orleans CrossFit. I decided to venture into
health, healthy living, healthy lifestyle, fitness due to something I went
through when I was younger. I had a catastrophic loss in my family due to an unhealthy lifestyle,
bad choices nutritionally, the day in, day out of the struggle of just getting stuck in a rut, and that something that’s
hard to get out of. I lost my father due to
just that type of lifestyle and now knowing how to get out of it. In seeing that, that was my
motivation to just smarten up, and that’s how I thought, that’s what got me into
being good to myself, not just physically but
mentally and all of the above. The decision to open Orleans
CrossFit is kind of my way of having his legacy live on I guess, for a lack of a better term, to help people avoid
falling into that rut, to help people give ’em
as many options and outs as they can, to help
people with their nutrition the best I can, to help
them with their fitness, to help them make those
connections with other people, to build a community
feel, to just be happy. We want the people to
come into Orleans CrossFit and this the best hour
of their day, bar none. – The reason why I got
involved with crossFit was because I am passionate
about health and fitness. We are promoting health
and fitness within Orleans. We have a great community. We want to be stronger. We want to be healthier. We want to feel better and look better, and that’s why we
started Orleans CrossFit. That’s why I started Orleans CrossFit. (upbeat rock music) – [Narrator] Like you, we
have big goals, as well. We need your help in
making them a reality. (upbeat rock music) (record scratching) – Thanks to our community, we are growing at an unexpected rate, and
we couldn’t be happier, which is why we are launching
the biggest marketing campaign we’ve ever done. – This is how you can help us
with our marketing campaign. – We have an opportunity
for anybody in the community to get involved. Just check the options on the side. – We have a very limited timeline. We have until January 1st
to reach our milestones. – If we fail to reach milestone
number one by January 1st, all funds will be refunded. This marketing campaign will
include two major milestones. The first one involves a new schedule with more classes to be offered. It’ll also provide additional equipment, such as rowers, bikes, bars,
weights, and much more. We will also be offering
some specialty classes and clinics hosted regularly. Milestone number two includes everything from milestone number one, as well as doubling our floor space. We’re gonna be adding
a new ring, new floors, turf flooring, and much more. I can’t wait to show you guys. (upbeat rock music) Thank you very much for
watching this video. – Thank you to our community
for making this even possible. – And thank you for contributing, and please, hit the
Like and Share buttons. – Have you done it yet? You shared it? (Phil speaking French) What are you waiting for? – Cool, go for it. – There’s no reason not
to share it right now. (Phil speaking French) We really appreciate it. You’re thinking about it. Click the button. Click it. Ah, I knew you would do it. (men laughing) – Oh, man I went out of the shot. – Eh, what I’m trying to say is we need your help! (upbeat rock music)

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