Outside 90: The CrossFit Defense Athlete Course

That “Outside 90” fingers splayed is the strongest frame you can adopt. So you’re going to go ahead, Erica, and you’re going to demonstrate the Outside 90 drill. So the way we set this drill up, guys, and this is important– you guys are going to make sure you’re in non-athletic stances. Ok? That’s not to say that we don’t want you in athletic stances. We’re trying to develop faith in physiology when your body’s at a compromised position or when it’s in its everyday stance. Ok? So the first thing we’re going to do–Mike and Erica are starting squared off. Ok? They’re not starting with their legs splayed. Erica’s going to put her arm across Mike’s chest. Ok? She’s making a fist so she’s already breaking that rule of fingers splayed, but that’s because we’re going to take a look at this. Mike’s going to put his arm around Erica’s shoulders. Ok? Now, they’re both going to turn heads. Ok? Mike’s going to look away from her fist. She’s going to turn towards her fist. The way this drill’s set up is, on go, Mike’s going to ask her if she’s ready, and Erica’s going to try to resist as Mike tries to squeeze her in, and he’s going to apply slow gradual pressure. He’s not going to jump speed. All he’s trying to do is get her arm to try to come in towards her chest. Ok? Alright, so then we see that bend, and just be careful with the fast motion there towards the end. So we see a bend. That’s rep number one. Now rep number two. Erica’s going to rotate her arm so it lines up with Mike’s sternum, pec, clavical. So that natural rotation while she keeps contact– notice that it takes her arm from a 90-degree elbow. Ok, that rotation and making contact with the collarbone takes you to an “Outside 90” arm position. Now she’s going to splay her fingers, and she’s going to look through her hand the same way we were doing on the last drill. Mike’s going to follow the same protocol. He’s going to pull his hands around. He’s going to ask if she’s ready and he’s going to elicit the same pressure. Ok, not bad. Make sure you’re looking through your hand the entire time. Which one was easier? Erica: Second one. The second one, right? Now Mike’s a strong athlete. Has Erica done, you know, any push-ups between rep one and rep two? Right, but yet you see the resistance and the ease with which she’s able to to hold him off at that point. So what I want you guys to do is square up with a partner. Key performance points on this: Look through your hand, ok? When you look down, guys, real quick, keep your eyes on me, when you look down you’re engaging the flexors in your neck, and the extensor chain is weakened. Any time a flexor is engaged you’re pulling away from it, so I want you guys to keep your hands looking. Keep your eye line through your hand. Keep that “Outside 90” finger splayed position, and tell me which one is easier. Go for it. Rep one and rep two.

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  1. Looks like a great seminar breaking down not only skills but your physical abilities against resistance

  2. WOW! Moronic and really fucking ignorant. I had to see it for myself and… I lost 170 IQ points watching this. I now can no longer do basic math. Help?

  3. I'll spar him to beat the shit out of this dumbass. Go to a Muay Thai or regular boxing gym. Let me know how this bullshido works for ya! 😉

  4. B.s. you can't never say whit crossfit you learn personal defend. If any of this guy try whit a mma goin to have hes ass kick. And a like crossfit but please do not do that is nos true.

  5. what a fuck is this shit? use this on streets an you are going to get really hurt! keep doing "pull ups" and box jumps!

  6. Adrian Gonzales is a bullshiter and a moron. He makes up a bunch of shit to make some easy money off of naive suckers. all his explanations are wrong in countless ways. he has clearly NEVER thrown a punch in his life. he is unqualified to teach anything combative.

    also, there is no such thing as learning "self defense", what you learn is how to FIGHT.
    and the only way to learn how to fight is to train fighting specifically. there's no short cuts or easy methods.

    go to crossfit if you wanna get a workout.
    if you want to learn how to fight or defend yourself, learn boxing or a martial art from a qualified instructor (not this jagoff)

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