Overhead Position in the Press with Bethanie Giardina

Where does the bar finish in relation to our body? What is that called? Exactly, our frontal plane. That plane drawn up from our mid-foot, that’s where we want to keep the bar as close to that as possible for the entire movement. So from the setup, I’ll cue you guys to press. What I’m looking for here is that bar in the frontal plane, active shoulders pushing up on that bar and that neutral head position. A lot of you are really gonna have to fight to keep those ribs locked down in the stomach and the glutes squeezed. You’ve got flexible shoulders. Good, keep pushing up on that bar. Press. Squeeze your glutes. Push up and let that bar … like that. Squeeze your glutes. This way. There we go, that’s better. Lock those ribs down. See how that brings the bar forward? You gotta work on that shoulder flexibility, so keep pushing up. Pull those ribs down. Little forward of the frontal plane, so start pushing up, up, up while keeping those abs on. Reset. Elbows forward, elbows forward. There you go. Relax.

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  1. Shouldn't you have someone coaching the press who can actually press? Her forearms aren't vertical (or anywhere near vertical for that matter), the bar's not going anywhere near a vertical path, and she's giving ridiculous coaching cues. Go back to one of the other videos of her telling someone to engage their "stomach" for reference.

    I understand that this isn't meant to be the most technical explanation of the press, but it's really not helping them. I'd rather hear her saying stuff like "Keep your upper back tight" or "Retract your shoulder blades" or just even telling them not to let their elbows flare out.

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