PART 3: My attempts in Crossfit / A.TOROKHTIY

Hey, everyone! My name is Aleksey Torokhtiy it’s my coach – Dmitriy Melnikov I have a mini-vlog about the transformation from the Olympic weightlifter to a crossfit athlete. Now my coach will tell us about the workout which we’re going to have today we’ll sort it out and we’ll do it. A way too easy complex. Tell me please if you need drama in these videos or not. To know what videos should we record. Hey, guys! Last time we had fun and today we are going to do the first workout. The workout consists of 3 components. The first one is gymnastics. Since gymnastics is Aleksey’s “weak” point in comparison with other components. And we’ll work on it. First of all, we’ll start with the strict technique. To improve strength and later we’ll learn kipping. So, since Aleksey has already warmed up – we’ll start with the 1st task. 10 minutes even minutes – pull-ups odd minutes – handstand push-ups Bet which minute will be the moment when I’ll “die”)) Okay, let’s go. I’d like to pay your attention that when you work with your partners, clients, friends always help the athletes and assist. To reach the bar and when he jumps down as well. Hold the waist and help to jump up and jump down in order to avoid injuries. It seems to be a too easy complex. – And then we just stand?
– Yes, just stand.You stand till the minute ends. Assist in the same way you’ve done it before when doing the handstand. Look forward. 4 reps
legs together Two hands to hold the hip. One leg. And then another leg. Try to avoid this flexure in your lower back: engage your core muscles to have the neutral spine always. Keep your legs together, engage your core, and try to avoid flexure. Got it. Well, I don’t really feel that load. It seems he didn’t understand what we’re going to be prepared to. It’s only the very beginning. We’ll go step-by-step. Everything else is yet to come. What’s next? The next is: FRONT SQUAT. 10 sets × 10 reps, 10 seconds each You’ll have about 1 minute for rest between sets. We thought it’ll be about 100 kg About 40%-50% of my squat PR. Go! Alex, probably no one squats for the number of reps in Olympic weightlifting? Well, no…in Olympic weightlifting the maximum number of reps is 4-6 I’d love to talk to you now, but I’d need to hold my breath. The aim of the work we’re going to do now will be strength endurance. We’ll do the FRONT SQUATS every week increasing the weight and with time shorten the period of work by 1 minute. Thus, we’ll squat every minute. And we’ll have DEADLIFT also. I squat by one leg. My knee hurts. What can you say about the first complex? Good…I can think…I can even talk… The main problem is…of course… old injuries. My knee hurts a bit. Regarding my lungs…I myself…was surprised I thought I won’t do that and it seemed to be fine. As they say…”the main thing is to get engaged into a fight” And everything else is yet to come. Right? And now Dmitriy we’ll tell us about what we’re going to do next the final. So, the final complex consists of 3 rounds. The first round will be: ROWING – 25 Kcal 20 BURPEEs 15 BOX JUMPS (60 cm) You don’t have a time limit. The task is to complete 3 rounds. You distribute your efforts I.e., 3×3? 3 rounds 3×3? 3 rounds, 3 exercises each 1 round is ROWING-BURPEE-BOX Put **** here Really? No way You’ll consider it’s “a piece of cake” in comparison with the last training. So, don’t worry about that ahead of time… Training #2… …don’t worry ahead of time. Burpee is FALL DOWN – PUSH-UP – STAND UP – JUMP I call it this way. Your task is to lay down do the push-up squat and jump up with a clap above your head. To make it faster, easier, and for you to feel less tired I recommend to take the lying position right after the standing position. Put your hands, and take the position. Obligatory: touch the floor with your chest and hips. Don’t do the push-up from this position, do the half-dip squat jump. And here you straighten up and jump up, and clap your hands above the head. Pull – exhale. Don’t jump up too high. Take off your feet a bit – and that’s enough. Don’t rush. From a small dip, don’t squat deep. I’ve already “died”. Main point: work with your hands. You didn’t straighten up Don’t jump off, step off. Straighten up and step off. 5 more Down – exhale. Squat – Jump – Exhale 1 more? 1 more Come on. 1 more and rest. That’s it. Sit down/row/breath. He made me squat 10×10 100 kg Don’t beat me) I’ve done everything you’ve said. Alex, come on! Work! What did we come here for? Come on! COME ONE! Through the exhale of bad genetics. Spark! 2 exercises left. Okay. 15 squats only. We’ll relax later, 1 exercise left. Okay, good. Well done! Cool down. Row a bit. Just row a bit, 5 minutes. Easy…slowly… about 500-600 Kcal per hour. Not more. I’d advise to do the cool down after the workout. It is important not to “break” abruptly after your workout. As you’ve worked at a high pulse and within quite a long period of time you need to finish the training mode right, lower your pulse, recover, your muscles and body So, Aleksey, did you like this favourite crossfitter’s feeling. Yes I think you’ve “tasted” it We’ll continue then. Well the final word. I still continue. There will be the next episode anyway. I don’t know about the next ones, but stay tuned. I start feeling the taste

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  1. Its nice to see drama in your videos, it encourages me to keep training even if i feel like shit
    PS: english isn't my main language

  2. скажите,пожалуйста,как правильно дышать во время выполнения берпи???спасибо

  3. Так Торохтий больше в тяжёлой не будет выступать?Или будет?

  4. Amazing video! hey guys go checkout my bonanza and ebay page adipowers for 149.99$ ebay store ricky_mma203, bonza store "rickyag2g" thank you ! looking forward to becoming one your online clients Aleksey!

  5. Thanks for the video. No drama please, but it is nice to see top level athletes struggling and sweating as us mortals do.

  6. Большая работа по вашей подготовки CrossFit. Продолжайте нагрузку вы будете здорово! Well done Aleksey.

  7. Alexey's content is phenomenal, he's consistent in both his uploads as well as having English subtitles. Great information and tutorials too! Btw that seemed like a more a extreme crossfit workout, 3 workouts in one session, including a 10×10 squat… Jeeeez

  8. This shows how truly athletic weightlifters are. That's an amazing performance for a new crossfitter. I would not have given him that many squats. Was the coach trying to prove a point?

  9. I love the part when the other guy says he has done everything he says. Yeah sure, you front squated 100 kg 100 times with 1 min rest. Sure man.

  10. єдине побажання. Коментуй зміни у формі, тобто як впливають такі тренування на жирову прослойку, чи важко відновлюватись післь такого інтенсиву, показуй шкалу досягнень чи є прогрес.
    Мені подобаються твої відео, так тримати . круто.

  11. Отличный канал ,просто супер. Очень не хватает пульсометра на руке у Лехи .Интересно насколько подготовлен и на каком пульсе идёт тренировка .

  12. Every legit lifter knows that Crosshit is fucking retarded but I understand you guys need money, so… it's okay man. Whatever.

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