PART 6: My attempts in Crossfit / A.TOROKHTIY

Hey, everyone! My name is Aleksey Torokhtiy I still continue my transformation from the Olympic weightlifter to a Crossfit athlete. It’s the 5th training session today. I’m going to warm-up with the rings and the bar And Dmitriy will tell us what we are going to do today. So, we’re are moving to the second week of our training program. Today we’ll start with gymnastics that would be TTB and ring push-ups. Sicne we’ve started our progression from the minimum result namely, 30% of the maximum this week we’ll add +1 to every movement this week pull-ups, push-ups, TTB and hand-stand push-ups. Then we’ll work on strength endurance. FRONT SQUAT: 10×10 and, as I’ve already mentioned, we add some weight. It’s going to be 105 kg And a complex which you’ll see a bit later. Frankly speaking…so unbearable…to squat. Especially these 10×10 Not bad… …legs. Aleksey, are you ready to stay in the project? It’s a shame to talk about it… Everything’s according to the plan. So, we work on strength endurance with the help of SQUATS and DEADLIFT It’s a German system 10 sets ×10 reps We’ve started with the weight – 40% of 1 RM First, we’ll add weight and do it once in 1.5 minute every set Then we’ll get to 70% of 1 RM reduce the weight and start squatting once in 1 minute and then we’ll add weight gradually up to 70% well…8, 9, 10 I started to feel the leg soreness it was in one breath before I didn’t feel my legs at all Legs didn’t get tired. What does it mean, Dmitriy? It means Aleksey has strong legs. It means he should add some weight? Of course, we’ll add starting from the next week. For sure. As far as it’s small weight. So, you just snatch it “from a pocket”, drop it, and snatch again. Keep this pace, without stops. Rest Try to hold it in your hands now. Drop down…explode. The same with the CLEAN. CLEAN Drop down…and another CLEAN Drop down and the next one. And PUSH PRESSes Push Drop it dip…and another push. Dip…and another one. No pauses. For example a program, right? Maybe it’s hard not because of the exercise itself, but the new combination of the exercicesю And you’re telling don’t drop down the barbell, do the hip snatch. The way I will do the HIP SNATCH, the way I know how to do the HIP SNATCH it’s obvious nobody does that way. And it turnes out you use your energy to do it in the right way i.e., in a Crossfit style like do in a wrong way like the way you know how. Let’s say, we call it “rapid cyclization”. You need to choose such a technique which will assume no stops and avoid wasting of energy on extra movements. Second pull, etc. So you’re trying to do everything by moving upwards. Lock out, lower down, and another one. If you’ll stop you;ll lose more energy for all these things. With/without straps? Without straps. Forget about straps. There are no straps. “Save” the fingers a bit. about 4-5 hanks of a pharmacy bandage will help to “save” the calluses. That’s it. We finish it for today. Let’s do the cool down. Bike, rowing. FIrst of all the movement is not worked out I don’t understand hoe to do it. You don’t have enought to breath. It turms out I get out of the pace with my breath. Dmitriy, when should the one stop the training sessions? What criterias? When you don’t feel right. Pulse To turn pale, hypoglicemia. Or it’s first signs: cold sweat, tremor. It means you need to stop. I’d like to resume today’s training session that the thing we work out for is our joy and make ourselves feel pleased. That’s why If you fee; something is not right and you can’t complete something today doesn’t have to make you complete everything. Always try to feel yourself and your body, Because there could be different factors: sleep, nutrition stress. Control it and always know how to say “enough”. It’s important it’s better to underwork, than overwork. TRAIN TOGETHER – TRAIN RIGHT

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  1. This conditioning program doesnt address training the nervous system using heavy weights 2, 3, 4 reps. This certainly will get someone in shape. Unfortunately it wont make you explosively strong.You will increase endurance strength if that is your objective.

  2. молодец,алексей!!главное не бросай!интересно,что получится

  3. Слова Олимпийского Чемпиона "Лучше не допахать чем перепахать"…..

  4. +Aleksey TOROKHTIY what are your honest thoughts and opinions on training crossfit? You're strength and skills in weightlifting are undeniable and present, but I look at your physique and potential and see an amazing all-around athlete. Do you think it's something worth pursuing or has it just been an experiment?

  5. The skill of olympic lifting requires precision. Dimitry commented on past shoulder injuries. Respectfully this may be a persuading element to crosslift. For most, this type of training is catabolic. Different stresses on muscles/nervous system detract from explosive power. This "programming" makes zero sense and ultimately when coupled with outrageous fees drives away business. As someone experienced in lifting why would i show up to a facility to be told to do crunches or rowing machine? Very poor marketing this crossfit. Recently Klokov rebranded it crosslift, and he knows what he is doing.

  6. Legit only videos I watch on youtube now. So much good information. Everything I wanted to know I found on here. Спасибо Aleksey and Dmitriy!!!!

  7. замучали парня. скоро у Алексея отпадет желание кроссфитом заниматься. Леш, по моему нагрузка через чур высокая. работа совсем другая, новая для тебя. притормози, иначе тошнить от тренировок будет скоро.

  8. He does not lock out is elbow in Is ring dip he should start to do 5 round of 30 second hold lock out elbow every ring session.

  9. Please someone tell him to get some Nanos or Metcons for when he's not squatting, poor guy is doing all sorts of stuff with lifters on. 😀 Great content btw! Keep going!

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