Partner Glute-Ham Raise

Who knows what a glute-ham raise is? The cool thing about doing this on the ground is not everybody has 10 GHDs in their gym, right? Or at all, I don’t know, so this works real well. You can use this kind of like an explosive push-up, which you’re going to see him do to give himself a little bit of assistance to help scale this thing. So, the more he explodes off the ground with a push-up, the less he’s going to have to work with his hamstrings but basically we’re doing a hamstring curl. So I’m going to hold down and he’s going to go. Yep, he really cheated, back down, big push, curl those hamstrings. Try to keep the body nice and rigid and he’s pulling himself up with those hamstrings. So you should be feeling this fire up really, really well, OK? Yeah, see how she’s shooting her butt back? A couple of common faults you’re going to see is people are going to pike their hips as they come up and they’re going to shoot their butt back and then finish the curl because they’re unloading that system. Try to stay nice and open as you come down and curl yourself up, OK?

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