PASSION WEEK 2 – Yoga For Passion

welcome to tapioca and welcome to the second in our passion series and today’s class is titled passion so your class is dedicated to you to enrich a little bit of passion in your life for whatever that may be so I’d like you to get yourself comfortable a nice seated position to start with and find your seat so find a comfortable position letting your hips root down to the floor crown of your head is reaching to the sky and you’re soft in your shoulders maybe take a little roll I just want you to feel really comfortable sitting here just for a moment before we move we’re gonna tune into how we feel so you want to feel that’s your best in the seated position so maybe you’re sitting up against a wall or sitting cross-legged or sitting with your legs out in front of you maybe on a cushion whatever is comfortable okay so softening the muscles of your face make you feel comfortable to just bring your gaze down or close your eyes then withdraw all of the senses just really brings your focus inward it just helps you become more mindful more present so close your eyes if that’s okay and I’d like you just to spend a moment quietening yourself quieting your mind and what you can’t just stop all your thoughts so you’re just a knowledge in each thought as it comes in just acknowledge and then let it pass and use this time to find some stillness and you connect with your true self so tapping in into that deep rooted self you know the you that only you know that nobody else knows at all I’d like you just to tap into that you and finding your passion what would you like to be more passionate about maybe it’s simple as a job or your home or your love life or your friendships whatever it is tap into the deep rooted to you and connect with what you want to have more passion in your life you’re stuffing and just bring that to the forefront of your mind I would like to be more passionate about and be still and let the truth arise deepen your breath deepen your breath into your belly as we connect to full belly breathing which invites stillness and peace in and as you’re focusing on your breathing I’d like you to bring your focus to your root your root chakra your physical and emotional well-being wellness just breathing in from the root taking a nice deep breath from that earthy connection lengthening up through the spine as you breathing in deeply and breathing out completely then I’d like you to bring your focus to your your signal chakra just below your belly button this is your area of passion creativity so focusing on your sacral chakra breathing from your sacral chakra all the way up and then I’d like you to bring your focus to your solar plexus just above your belly button breathing from your solar plexus your area of personal power now all these all these chakras empower you to connect to your personal power to connect to your passion so thinking root chakra sacral chakra solar plexus and then resting your fingers beside you take a deep breath in like you’re gathering the energy up and breathing out and bring your hands down to your root breathing in bring your energy up and bring your hands down to your single chakra and again nice big breath up reach up and bring your hands down to your solar plexus gonna do that one more time inhale gather your energy up and draw that energy into your root good breathing and come all the way up and your hands down do your sacral chakra passion creativity inhaling up and bring your hands bring that energy into your solar plexus your personal power and then come back relax your shoulders all those empowerment chakras just let them connect to your source and then dropping your chin slightly to your chest and you’re gonna roll down completely rolling all the way down bring your head down and then stacking all the way back up roll back up nice and tall and curling your body reach up and then you go rolling down and then all the way back up again and then I’d like to round your back as if you’re like in cat power but with sitting and then you’re gonna ease to the side and roll forward and again all these which is kind of easing into a body loosening up all our joints but it’s wonderful little exercise creating a little bit of a stir in there three chakras so really lift is including your heart – so then turning the other way you’re getting everything moving and your insides moving your spine moving girls I’m coming forward and maybe taking a little sway in your shoulders maybe easing your shoulders down little easing down to the floor easing down to the floor and then coming back up good nice little sway nice ease into your body and then you’re gonna take a nice easy twist round looking over your shoulder but it’s not too deep because we’ve just begun other side nice easy twist looking at your shoulder and you can do the same again so twisting looking over your shoulder a bit deeper this time so find your height pull your belly in pull the lower belly into your mula bandha and look over and do the same other side to the floor push the hand into the floor behind you and then a nice easy twist inhale lift exhale pull the belly in to support your back and then keeping your hand on your knee take your hand across stretch across your shoulders and have little sway here – God and that feel lovely ease from side to side just nice and loose and then you’re going to take both hands behind you fingertips into the mat or hands flat to the floor lift your chest a little backbend and then drop everything down and Ubisoft here – so hands behind and just easing from side to side so all we’re doing is really working this area activating these chakras getting them running smoothly to really connect to some inner passion or the jnana is the tax creating passion and fire to move forward this is nice and gentle we don’t have to be tough on ourselves to create passion and fire you can ease it out gently lovely and then I’m gonna move myself to face this way because it’s easier to follow me in this way you get to from crossed legs position I’d like you to draw your knees in now if you’re a new yoga mat make sure you’ve got room behind you to roll back and because that often happens so I noticed across a lot of people roll back I might do and if you’ve got troubles bulging discs scoliosis osteoporosis then just avoid this one maybe just stay here but I’d like you to cuz you wouldn’t want to avoid rolling back doing your knees in pull your belly in and you’re balancing on your hips and hold that squeeze pull the bellies bellies mm-hmm might have to pull your belly in squeeze it and then you can bring your hands onto the top of your knees and then work on straightening your legs and so this is where you might find you roll back and that’s also fine rolling back good creates a little bit of energy your body draw back in again tuck him in lift your chest find some height good and then you’re gonna bring their arms back onto the knees have a go at lifting come back up have another day just activating your core bring a little bit of fire in your money hold hold good tuck in again drawing and then releasing so coming into boat pose you like to power to the floor you’re reaching your arms out hold it still great for firing up the thighs and the tummy good he lifting chest bringing arm reach it up reach the other arm away lovely swap sides reach good now both reach reach reach arms down so you’re going to lift a leg you might want to hold it hold it or release and then swap hold them both hold hold four three two lifting your chest then taking a little rounding in your background really round taking right in and then lift again stretching breath in and breath out round and the nice big wrapping again lovely when you take a breath in and you’re going to take your hands all the way to the back of your mat and straighten out your legs in front of you so they’re nice and strong and I like you to your point your toes is better can dig deep dig in connect to your inner ballet dancer and point your toes doesn’t matter who you are and then I might choose this reverse plank you encouraging the toes to be flat to the floor in the foliage ease back and lift your hips and you cut to the ceiling a wonderful way to reduce tension in your shoulders and to create full strength in your body we then point the toes lift lovely and then drop down drop your bottom down and bring your feet back to the floor lovely and then you can come up into a kind of a reversal force position again lifting your hips hold yourself you might want a little rock back and forth because it’s nice to your shoulders looking to the ceiling good and then I’m not a little bit of core work to activate this tap has this passion I’d like you to sweep your hips down now when your bottom gets down to the mat you’re going to scrunch and lift your hips off the mat and send your legs back so I’m going to full scrunch and then sweep back up though I’m going to do that again so sweet back hold it and then come all the way back up so a lot of people tell me that this isn’t it possible to do and I’m a I have quite no arms so if you find that this isn’t comfortable you can put blocks under your hands blocks ones make sure that any same size and the each of your hands and you’ll find that sweep but actually I think if you can really scratch your tummy then it’s possible come all the way back up again lift your hips one final time hold it four three two one slowly drop take a little bit of a roll through the shoulders and especially take some care of the wrists through that a little bit of a shake up and then sweep your legs around and you’re going to come back into all fours in fact bring the top of the hands to the floor fingertips pointing towards your body just as a little counter pose to that work always looks strange this looks like it’s suddenly not connected to your body okay hands back nice easy cat cow around your back looking after your body closing your eyes tuning in and connecting to that real you do you that no one knows but you there may be circling around in your hips we’re thinking about those three chakras getting them working smoothly getting them work so they’re balanced no me and maybe swing your hips and side to side kind of tick-tocking again you have the color do what feels good no one’s watching lovely it’s like that same dance like no one’s watching practice your yoga like no one’s watching lovely color your toes under them and you’re going to lift your bottom and come into downward dog and have a little paddle out add your own little creative stretches if you’ve got favorites bring that in great and then I’d like you to send you’ll never up high and instead of threading through like we normally do keep that leg lifted and send it all the way to the side bring it all the way around and drop down so the foot lands to the outside of your hand and you’re just gonna ease in move into your hips and what wave feels nice good your root chakra connecting to your earthly needs as you stretch and rock back and drop forward good rocking back and forth lovely and then hands to the floor and you’re gonna send that leg all the way back the left leg comes up rurichiyo the other leg comes up high and you’re gonna quit straight back but I’m not gonna do that I’m gonna bend my knee just for space so with straight leg you’re going to bring that leg all the way around to the outside of your front hand and we’re going to rock back and forth good and enjoy that wonderful hip flexor stretch and add your own movement drop the knee out to the side if that feels good and rock out curling the back toe under come out as you went in and take yourself back to down dog dropping your knees taking your nice deep right there and as you breathe out you’re gonna bring your hips to your heels with a nice ok softening so breathing in you know exhale and just two more for loading up good and coming down I still want to find the one leading from the belly flipped up so bring your hands to your feet and just rest for a moment give yourself permission to relax and reconnect with your intention I need more passion in my what do you need more passion in and then you’re going to come up to sitting and we’re going to come into a nice power pose so it’s a deep backbend I’m going to give you options I’m taking it deep or just a gentle backbend so bring your hands to your ankle holding on and you can lift up and this might be enough or your hips come forward and you reach back and then you’re going to come down bring your bottom down and swap sides so sweep up open the heart bring yourself down and you keep that little flow going as your back gets used to this good stretching the whole front of your body activating those energy centers creating that nice bit of fire in your belly we need a chance to take full pounds so you can keep with that little gentle flow or full camel holding on to your ankle and take your arms all the way around holding on lift your chest looking to the ceiling good then bring your hips to your heels and take full child pose full head down um it’s kind of hard being around your knees if you see when I do that I stretch across the back chuckling just pause and then again pulling in from your belly roll your shoulders and again roll your shoulders and come to sitting sitting cross-legged and resting new fingertips beside you I’m taking a deep breath in gathering up that energy and bringing back to your root to root chakra your physical mental and emotional wellness just closing off this chakra lovely take a nice deep breath in reaching all the way up and bring your hands to your sacral chakra area chakra of passion and creativity and then your final time reaching all the way up bring your hands to your sacral chakra your area and then take your hands down beside you take a nice deep breath in and bring your hands all the way to your heart and just pause when your focus to your passion take a breath [Music] Oh

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  1. Want to feel the love, to feel the surge of energy that feeling truly passionate about something creates within you, then Week 2 of my Passion series – Yoga For Passion is the perfect class for you. Invoking heat and energy through your root and sacral chakras you’ll feel stimulated and invigorated and ready to share your passion with the world 💝

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