Passion Week 3 – Yoga For Escape

welcome to tabatha yoga [Music] and welcome to the third in the passion series and today’s class is called escape so if you need some time out some time to escape from whether it be work family or just day-to-day mundanity of life please come along with me roll out your mat get yourself into something comfortable and let’s find some yoga now if you like what you see please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga so first of all we’re just going to find our seat so get yourselves nice and comfortable beyond the grab the fleshy part of your bottom out the way we’ve all got a little bit grabbing out the way sit on your bony bits and sit up nice and tall so the crown of the head is reaching for the sky your hips are rooting down to the earth roll your shoulders and relax them away from your ears and we’re just going to spend a little bit in mindful meditation so today’s class is all about really switching off to the outside world and really bringing your awareness in and mindful practice is wonderful from this it helps you tune out to the outside world or to the inner chatty monkeys that we have in our minds I know I I get that and I find mindful practice really useful for that it’s simple it’s easy you close your eyes and you just follow my word just for a moment so thinking about how you’re sitting even though you’re relaxing you in spending a little time on your breath just thinking about your posture still and find comfort and find some ease in the body and soften your body soften the edges and notice how it feels to be in your body right now occupying your body so being totally out of the head and in the body so the weight of your body on the ground so rooting down to your hips feel the nicely length of your body as prana lifts your body up through the spine and I’d like you to kind of tune in to a practice of not doing so you are not sitting here making lists or patterns or images you are simply being in your body noticing how it feels and I’d like you to notice your breath so notice your deep in breath and notice the effect that has on your body so it will lift your belly it’ll lift your ribs and your chest and fill you up and then I’d like you to take a nice long slow steady out-breath as well that everything just drop softly back in follow that with a nice deep inhale feeling the lift through your body and a nice slow steady exhale and I’d like you to notice the sensations of breathing in deeply so you feel the coolness through the nose and as you breathe out feel it in the back of your throat and the coolness on your nose again and take a few steady breaths like that just following your breath being aware of the different sensations of breathing relaxing more and more each time you breathe and your breath is your anchor to switching off to the outside world but your mind will always wander off when it does just acknowledge it and bring it back to the present bring it back to the breath every time your mind wanders off bring it back to your breath that is your anchor it’s your anchor to peace it could take another nice deep breath in just observing the sensing of your breath noticing how your body feels finding your comfort softening chuckling there’s no tension in your face nice smooth between the brows a drop of the jaw and just scanning your body checking it feels okay if not send your breath there send your breath to loosen up any tight hips or any joints that might have discomfort and then just soften out of that just release your fingers maybe with a little flick to just bring yourself around and I also give me the mindful practice and you’re going to take hold of your foot and draw it in squeeze it in and release it squeeze it in us we’re just going to wake up our joints nice and slowly squeeze in and then drop down and that mindful practice using your breath as your anchor I’d like you to really think about that throughout the whole of your yoga so when your mind wanders off to things that you have to do when you rolled up your yoga mat I’d like you to bring your sensations back to the breath every time we get back to the breath and then we’re going to come into just a little bit different from cross legs the front leg is straight and then the top leg is straight too so you’re creating a triangle in between your legs now notice I’ve got some distance here and you might be up here and that’s absolutely fine we work with what we’ve got today and then you’ll find you know as the ill practice goes on that knee will come closer to the foot as you means just so allow that softening to happen and remember today is all about escape so if you need to set yourself a little it I need to escape from I need to invite more peace into my life whatever that is for you you just think to yourself your own little intention I need to escape from and I need to invite a little bit more into my life set your intention and let it manifest relax your shoulders send your fingers beside you take a deep breath in and reach up bull sounds nice easy breath out still with your legs in this tricky position but it’s wonderful as you can probably feel in your hips it’s a nice release bring your hands down so a lovely way to practice escape it’s through a moving meditation so push your palms away over each other and then take your fingers back so we’re going to practice some nice moving meditations today simple pose is moving from one to another now we must change our legs the other way Maya Primus is a totally different sensation lovely this time arms come up fingertips come down to the floor she came here to twist move the hand into the floor lift and look over your shoulder lovely inhale come up and other side fingertips into the floor lift your chest good this is all slightly deeper than the exercises we normally do as a kind of warm-up that we might do as a little ritual at the beginning of each class mm-hmm it’s a little trickier because of the leg position so if it isn’t comfortable you know you just come in to cross legs lovely then take both hands behind you fingertips into the ground you lift your chest rock your hips forward feels really good and release bring your hands to your knees and we’re all like a little cat cow stretch you can lift your chest and then round your back really arching pull your tummy and lift your chest again finding space in the breath breathing out breathing in lift dude breathing out and take one more of these closing your eyes feel a little body good out-breath come back to neutral sitting in the sweet the next round and come to all fours so fingers right knees under hips and what I’d like you to do is stretch your arm underneath resting your hand down and one arm on top of the other and I’d like to take a few breaths here really settling in to your posture so you feel it ease into it and enjoy it take another nice deep breath just being aware of your breathing feel it and ease in good you must do the same on the other side so come all the way back up fingers neutral and then we’re going to stretch to the other side so really stretch to the furthest you can go rest your head one arm on top of the other and breathe deeply feeling the posture just being aware of your body on the mat the parts of your body that are touching the floor take another deep breath and out good then bring yourself back up back up to all fours and you’re gonna stretch back and extend it child pose reach your bottoms back enjoy the stretch resting down full head down total contact the ground and then I’d like to with a nice big breath in it’s gonna drive you up inhaling up exhale twist inhaling back up exhaling twist getting your hang up exhale down so this is your little moving meditation your first one inhale up exhale twist good inhale up untwist try to keep your hips square inhale up exhale down we’re gonna do two more so breath in reach breath out and these are so simple these moves and you can do them with your eyes closed and really bring your focus in pretend to be cause this pratyahara so withdrawn of the senses so you just put in your eyes you just withdrawing your vision and that enables you to really focus in tuning away from all external sensory influences all the things that remind you of your day today fold down this time you’re coming up reach up twist and take your fingertips to toe good come up toys take your fingertips to your toes little back bend inhale up and down now if for any reason this is pinching your back you just stick to the first option take a little twist good take a little twist and we’re gonna do that one more time final time sweeping all the way up twist good fingertips touch down Oh twice fingertips touch down stretch wake up the body arms up and move or head down just connect doober take another nice deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth full force transition to down dr. karla toes nice and upright in or a break in your down dog bottoms up closing your chest to your thighs let me ahead dangle down and then coming into a twist so take your hand to left hand to the outside of the right leg and use that hand hook it round enjoy the twist in your body looking underneath you and then come back and we do the same on the other side so how he comes in twist look underneath and bring yourself back and then have a nice steady walk to a forward fold where you’re gonna just hand down like a rag doll pull the belly ale and fold forward give your head a shake and then sweep your hands down your hand bring your hands to the floor and relax here there’s your chance to really let go of all the things you no longer need all the things that bother you all the things that cause you chatty monkey mind just let all these float out through your fingertips out to the mat and off far off you relax it for like a little rag doll head relaxing and shit keeping your feet the energy down through your feet so both are equally distributed and then you’re walking your hands to the side then you’re going to fold here and take a few steady breaths again beat weight evenly distributed come back to the center fold to the other side again wait even if you get leaner side ribs notice the effect the twist has on your breath so it constricts one side makes one side work overtime notice the sensation in your hips move back bring your hands close to the floor if you can and then pulling your tummy in your hands are heavy like that full of sound and you pull your belly in and roll up one vertebra at a time imagine each vertebrae click click clicking one on top of the other slow slow mindful movements roll your shoulders at the top and roll again coming to the front of your mat you can to come into tree pose so all from Tadasana standing nice and steady or samasthiti e so you’re in steady posture balanced posture and just bring your focus back to your intention I need to escape from and I need more love in my life I need more open air in my life more countryside whatever it is whatever you need to escape to soft shoulders no gonna bring the weight into your right foot turn the left out whichever side you prefer to work on this is what I’m doing and bring your foot to where it’s good for you if I can if balance is good to bring my foot high I like to push the foot into my thigh and push the thigh into my foot and that in that way I can really feel a grounding with tree must make sure we nice and lifted up through the spine so you’re not slumping into your standing hip reaching your arms up and lift your chest hold yourself up here good enjoy that nice feeling of lift and lengthen and there’s nothing like a good balancing pose to enable you to escape because your mind has to really focus from here release the knee and step back to warrior one so hips square on hips facing forward nice reach up through your arms and sink in settle a nice smooth transition to worry to you soft shoulders doesn’t matter how it looks it’s all about how it feels feel it just stepping into the pose good and then straighten out your front leg reaching forward waiting for the clicking hit them but it didn’t happen and then come up into triangle pose looking down checking you’re feeling nice and balanced through the feet looking up reaching up to the sky holding that strong angular posture and then a nice deep breath in to charge you up to Peaceful Warrior reaching back looking at your back foot looking up to the ceiling your Drishti is your top hand and then inhaling bending your front knee taking side angle pose on to it yeah hold it here nice and deep smooth breaths lift yourself at peaceful warrior we reach back lonely destroy your front leg reach back a little further feel it in your waist of lovely lengthening here and then both arms come up so that needs to be a nice strong breath in pivot to turn to the front and take your hands down rest your head give it a shake adjust your feet if you need to easing this front leg back hip so the right hip eases back so the hips are square wrong and then lifting the back leg holding yourself here maybe taking warrior three with arms reaching back reach spread out through your fingers like sunrays out through the fingertips and then bring yourself back to Tadasana so I’m going to come and face the other way for this one so you’ve seen me from the right side mm-hmm softly sound city turning the foot out and bring yourself into tree finding what feels good pushing the foot into the thigh that’s the other same as me reach up open and bring the knee forward and warrior one you don’t have to have hard lines you could be nice and soft ease into your body to worry it to sucking up right through your body good straighten your front leg reaching taking triangle pose looking up maybe looking down inhaling come up exhaling reach back looking up looking down feeling nice and grounded and then softly coming up nice smooth to par track an arsenal are lengthening pushing they get away nice and long angles good straighten the front legs cartwheeling your arms all the way back looking to your back foot inhale arms up pivot pivot and take your hands down and rest your head give it a shake you might need to bring that foot in slightly left it eases back resting over your front leg and then when you’re ready walking your hands forward lift your back leg maybe taking I can’t room by the tree take it warrior 3 just bear with me move back into the center of my mat reach back hold find your balance then he pushed you spread out through the fingertips and toes and bring yourself back to two this relax your shoulders now I don’t normally do this but what I’d like to do is go through this one more time through so to get to really love a flow I think to do it twice is by far the best way because your body knows what to come what’s coming and can really soften and ease into it and this is when you could really escape from the day-to-day so we’re going to start I’m going to be a little bit more snappy a little bit faster so you come to the front of your mat come to Mountain Pose take a breath settle first and then come into your tree wonderful relax your shoulders make sure your favorite musics on reaching up good and or you wonderful you’ve got peace find your tree keeping your ass together step back warrior one stretch up reach your max and then come to worry to straighten your front leg reach forward check on our summer look up and inhale come up exhale Peaceful Warrior inhaling up stuff from the front knee part rack and asuna good breathing in coming all the way up to 2 and then peaceful warrior again but then ease into straight legs reach up paschimottanasana rest down and then lifting the back leg reaching back very drisana 3 spread fingers spread toes get it standing – sighs steady look coming to the other side standing – Desna into your tree finding your steady pose reaching up step back for a one to two straight Oh strong fingers straighten your leg reach tricking us in how up Peaceful Warrior bring your arms out soften your front knee side angle bed reaching your arm away inhale come all the way up take a peaceful warrior again and then both arms you should strengthen your core both arms and your rest depart rotten asana investing over your front leg leaping all the way up very good rafts in a three and reaching your arms back find that energy good and then bring yourself back up to standing when your hands to your heart in Anjali mudra thumbs to your chest and just close your eyes for a moment and enjoy being in that wonderful yoga bubble that you’ve created this great energy that’s surrounding your body surrounding it and in it this is what you’ve done you have created this wonderful energy keep holding it get your eyes closed soak it up a little still just let your breath settle actually shoulders and then you’re gonna release your waist it’s just a little shake a little release off and then we’re gonna come down onto the mat so come down to a seated position and bringing the soles of the feet together so just nice easy bakasana favor face this way nice easy better can I see no soles of the feet together but it’s probably not you know ballet class and a weak spring off the clothes to our hips I’d like you to take your feet out so you’ve got quite a big square shape and lifting your chest you’re going to take a little like in my environment call it a breath so when you lift and you fold and you come up and you’re gonna do that again so the lifting folding with the chest first rounding your back and fault it’s just a simple movement but it feels quite beautiful left unfold and then you’re gonna take your final one you’re gonna come down further so all the way down when your head toward your feet staying here for a few breaths just finding your pose enjoying your yoga coming down a little deeper maybe every time you breathe out despite another little inch there’s another that always another little image there and then slowly again stacking everything to come back up so with your legs in the same position you’re gonna come to client so stop to Vaticanus now look like bad Ignatz now cobbler pose oh and let your knees just drop out to the side arms two fingers curled slightly soft palms soft shoulders hips nice and open just surrendering to the stretch so now my body to settle feeling the parts of your body that are in contact with the floor being really aware of them so the sides of your feet your hips and your shoulders let your shoulders be heavier than your hips really spread and draw your chin into your chest I’m at the top of the head you reach the wall behind you your arms are resting down by your side and your palms are soft and your fingertips are curled and everything’s soft in your arms your hands so they can brush out to your fantasy out through your feet your body settle and relaxed following the pathway of your breath moment to moment breathing enjoying the miracle that gives your body and then when your knees are just about had enough of that stretch you’re gonna draw draw them into your chest how’d it’ll rock from side to side maybe hands on your knees and take big sweeping circles round drawing them in go round again drawing them in and round the other way squeeze em and around the other way squeeze lovely and hold on to the backs of your thighs and rock yourself up to sitting no need to get too energetic just now coming to a nice cross-legged position relax your fingers and take a nice deep breath in bring your arms all the way up bring your hands all the way to your heart I hope you’ve enjoyed your Tabitha yoga escape session [Music]

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  1. ESCAPE – Let your soul soar!!! “Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.” Quote from Sri.B.K.S.Iyengar Escape from it all in the 3rd yoga class in my Passion series a wonderful yoga flow moving meditation that will allow you to step onto the mat and leave all those unwanted thoughts worries and problems behind 🙏🏻🌸💕

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