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(dramatic music) (laughing) – This is insane. Like, what? – P.ball is an activator. You put this all the way
up in your inner thighs. It pushes against those
muscles that you need the work to sculpt the inner thigh,
but it also gets into the lower inner butt. – So there’s a return on the back end. – [Steve] Kind of reach
underneath and pop it up. – Oh! It’s like tucking! – It was super awkward having
something just right there, but after a second of moving
around and doing the exercises I found all these muscles
that I’ve been ignoring for my whole life. – How did you come up with this? – I became obsessed with
thighs for a number of years. Everyone walking into the gym
was just talking about thighs. How do I get my thighs thinner? So that’s when I knew I had to
think of a new, different way to really tone up the leg. – [Woman] The P.ball was a
little intimidating at first, but once you figure it out, you’re fine. So even though you’re not totally supposed to walk around with it,
it was really fun to try. – What is that? – Are you testing out
some new strap-on device? (laughing) – Oh my God. What are those? – [Man] We wanted to see how
the P.ball actually fit into a real-life environment. It was exceptionally easy to be able to get that thigh workout in. – [Woman] I thought it
was weird the people that were looking at us, but even weirder the people
that were totally fine with it, like somehow that’s not a
strange thing for them to see? But it’s LA, so I guess why not? – I would definitely
recommend this to anybody. Just using it today, I can already tell what little muscles are
gonna be sore tomorrow. – [Woman] I feel like it everywhere. – Yeah, maybe it’s like
the Shake Weight of 2018, but your thighs will be contoured
better than a Kardashian. Did you just start putting
random objects between your legs? – I have a background
in functional science and advanced chain biomechanics. – That’s all you needed to say (laughs).

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