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Performance coaching at Pro Sports Club is one of a kind We not only have coaches who have this experience in the past but also are passionate about coaching it. It’s not just something that they do to fill a second job or a slot in their day they’re extremely passionate about getting these kids involved and their sports and putting them in situations that they’re going to see on the field. We’ve got a lot of really great local area coaches and what they’re doing with their sports teams is fantastic having a little extra performance training on the side is going to allow the athlete to either work on a specific skill that they’re struggling with. Say, for instance, it’s a movement specific to their sport and they’re maybe a little bit further behind the rest of the team. It’ll give them another day of the week to work on and hone that skill to bring them up to a more competitive level which could be the difference between a varsity or JV position. Making or not making the team the other way where it’s really going to benefit them as well as it gets a more repetition which you would find if you’d find the ability to fine-tune really, really hard challenging movements that may be a need a little extra time on… or maybe there’s something that your team is really really successful at me and you individually are performing at a lower level this would give you the opportunity to give a little bit more repetition in on that one specific thing and just to help keep you up and get you back up to your team or maybe take you to the next level and help your teammates realize oh my gosh wow we could be doing so much more than we’re already accomplishing. Maybe they’re already really good at something but they want to get up to the next level and potentially become you know collegiate perspective or prospects that way so taking an extra day out of their weekend honing their skill sets down here maybe fine-tuning some things to the nth degree will really help take their game to the next level

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