Personal Training Workout Tips & Drills : Bicep Curl Fitness Exercises

Hello, my name is Adam Davila and my business
is Adam’s personal training and my website is The next exercise
I’m going to demonstrate is the standing bicep curl. The bicep curl is really great
for developing the bicep muscles of the arm. The very first thing you want to do when you
are doing standing bicep curl is make sure that your feet are firmly rooted into the
ground. By that I mean I want you to feel that you’re either pressing your feet into
the ground or statically stomping your feet into the ground. Also, gripping the ground
with your toes also helps. You want to make sure that your hips, your gluttial muscles
are fully engaged and that your legs are fully squeezed together. This is going to give you
a really solid platform for doing your bicep curl. The next you want to do is make sure
your abdominals are contracted and your chest is lifted when you’re doing your curl. And
then you want to make sure that your elbows are firmly planted next to your ribcage so
that your elbows stay stationary when doing your bicep curl. I am now going to demonstrate
how to do standing bicep curl. Okay, it’s important to know when you’re doing standing
bicep curl the proper breathing pattern. Any time you execute any kind of effort on your
part on the bar is to make sure you exhale. One thing to keep in mind when you’re doing
your standing bicep curl is to eliminate any kind of momentum you’re doing. Try not to
swing your back and forth so that you don’t injure your back when you’re doing your
curl. I’ll give you an example of a bad bicep curl.

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  1. I think that's too much info, toes to the ground, legs stiff, abs tight, chest out, come on, what do I do with my penis, down and to the left

  2. Your "bad bicep curl" made me laugh pretty hard. You looked like you were humping the air. lol.
    Good video though!

  3. Does this guy know anything on constant tension and static contraction training,and the advantages it has over (the very) dynamic training principle which he has just shown us on this,and all his PT videos.I await his response.

  4. Stopping at the top & bottom is a rest, not good. You may fell like the contraction at the top is productive, but it's not: It's not resisted by the weight: When the forearm approaches vertical, up or down, the resistance is a virtual zero.

  5. Straight bar w/mid 1/3 range, superior to ezcurl. Bicep's primary function is to pronate forearm. (You'd think primary would be to bend the arm, but no.) Ezcurl takes the pronation out of the movement, straight bars pronate isometrically, dumbells offer potential full pronation. Wrist strain is from poor hand spacing, and/or too-wide ROM.

  6. Dude, u need to stop the rocking back and forth, ur gonna click the bottom of ur back out of place, u point it out urself lol, then do it.XD

  7. no one needs PTs. there all rubbish with a few exceptions. even bodybuilders know more than people like these about fitness and dont need no qualification to prove it !!!

  8. what a moron.. staightening your arm while doing curl???… and with a straight bar, he´s gonna trash his wrists pretty soon…

  9. ok OK ok dude dont over react with the cheating bicep curl this is the only proccess wer u can cheat dude but not like how you perform it at the end that was over reacting!!! men this world ist made of LOVE AND PEACE!!!

  10. Thats why you use CAT (compensatory acceleration training). A squeeze at the top also provides a static contraction in that area.

  11. This is not true. A straight bar cannot create size simply because its straight, and an e z bar does nothing by itself to create definition. Size, strength, power, and definition are all created (among other things) through training in various pathways of muscular energetics, which is manipulated by rep ranges, and maximum time under contractile tension, which is manipulated by sets. The only difference between a straight bar and an e z bar? One's straight, the other's bent.

  12. I believe his point, good sir, was that most personal trainers do not have any real education in bodily form or function. Furthermore, in comparison, a bodybuilder's knowledge probably would be greater than that of most charlatans out there. And "qualifications" for being a personal trainer are outright dubious at best.

  13. I love how they try to make themselves appear educated by going over the smallest unnecessary things in such detail. "I want you to stand up and push your feet into the ground" – … while … standing? Is anyone here able to telekenetically push their feet harder into the ground than gravity already is while STANDING STRAIGHT UP?

  14. Next, you have to squeeze your legs together, tighten your ass, tighten your abs…

    Has anyone here ever done a bicep curl before? Has anyone here noticed that all these things tend to happen on their own anytime you lift ANYTHING? Stabilizing muscles contract to hold you in place anytime you pick something up, but he's going over it like its some secret "technique" of his.

  15. Top of a curl while torso's bent forward is a good objective static. Standing straight, it's will power alone, subjective. If subjective effort was consistently valid, we'd all do isometrics at home w/o equipment, & get great results. CAT is a paradox: A/You speed up so that a good starting weight will move thru sticking points. B/ You speed up even more to escape rest points. A tough skill to master. I find it easier (mentally) to change the weight and do 2 or 3 ranges separately.

  16. well the way most people do is find ur max and do 80 percent of that 10 times 3 times in a row so like 10 times break 10 times break and so on.. lets say ur max is 50lbs u would work out with 40lbs

  17. It doesn't matter. Muscle doesn't build based on what bar you use. Muscle building comes from following the right volume, intensity, frequency, diet, and other factors that are tailor made to what your body requires. The bar you use has almost NO impact on the way your muscles develop!!!

  18. wow I was just asking for advice on with one to use, but obviously i was asking the wrong person. I got my question answered by googleing it and apparently ellissuperbaby is more correct.

  19. Your question was "which is better for building muscle, an ez bar or a straight bar" <— and the answer is, neither. Neither one builds more muscle than the other on its own.

    Building muscle depends on OTHER THINGS, such as the things I listed, and not on what kind of bar you use.

    So how is that not answering your question?

  20. no actually with the e z curl your biceps are getting a little less work and your brachialis muscle is getting slightly more work because of the angle of your hands. This makes the straight bar somewhat more effective for building your biceps. There is not much dfference, but one is a little better than the other. good day

  21. The brachialis is responsible for pronating or suppinating the palm (turning it palms up or palms down). Because your hands are not twisting on either bar, this muscle is not being recruited on either. Twisting dumbbell curls are supposed to allow for stimulation of this muscle, except there is still not resistance through that ROM.

  22. Think of it this way. Lets say that you lay down to do a bench press. You unrack the bar above you, and just hold it. It doesn't to up and down.

    You do the same thing with dumbbells. You just hold it – you dont move it up or down.

    Which of these trains your chest better? NEITHER! Not unless you move through a ROM with resistance. And thats why an EZ bar is not going to work any muscle any better than a straight bar.

  23. That is totally different, I think you should read what you write, I just asked for some friendly advice and you go and tell me some stupid advice that i could have got from a high school student, the angle on the e z curl works more of another muscle in the bicep than the other,

  24. that what every website i googled say, so should i believe everyone else on legitimate websites or should i believe some guy who goes on youtube and leave comments on everything because they have nothing else better to do.

  25. You're right. My 6 years of medical education and study under leading scientist in the field cant -possibly- compete with JoesResearch(dot)com. Why, it CANT be thousands of highschool educated trainers out there with the latest copies of Muscle & Fiction magazine just making it up!!!

  26. If you're trying to gain mass, you're going to need every possible rep and set scheme, volume, intensity, and frequency centered around a periodized training protocol meant specifically to increase the cross sectional size of the myofibrals. I have some good news and some bad news.

    The good news is that this can be done by a specialist.

    The bad news is that you have almost no chance of doing it on your own.

  27. Yea, thats why 97% of everyone who has been in a gym longer than 3 months has hit a platue, and why that platue WILL NOT LEAVE no matter how many times you "lift the goddamn weights". How many here have seen a consistent 10 pound gain on all your lifts on each workout for the last year? Yea didn't think so. Keep doing it on your own. 10 years from now, when your bench has gone up MAYBE 20 pounds and you look exactly the same as you do now, I'll still be here and ready to explain why.

  28. here's what i learned from watching this. don't talk fitness advice from a pee-wee herman lookalike with woody allen biceps.

  29. Both…do heavy one day with fewer reps and then another day do heavy weights then superset with lighter weight! This shocks the muscles and makes them grow. You need to eat like a pig(healthy foods) and sleep well to rest the muscles or they will not grow as fast!

  30. please someone tell me if this is a good schedule Day 1:2 sets pyramid 8-6-4-2 reps tricep extension+2 sets 8-6-4-2 bicep curl for each arm. Day 2 : rest Day 3: same as day 1 and it goes on like that. Please guys, what do u think?

  31. god ian maybe he was on his 20th set or something… ive seen huge guys who bench well over 120kg(here in australia) at my gym, barely being able to push up the bar when they've done set upon set. but then again maybe he wasnt.. haha

  32. if you want to do a better push up, simply remain in the poition you do them in, but change the position of your hands, ie: wider, thumbs and forefingers touching, hands in line with shoulders, hands above head etc. you could also try doing Kung fu tiger press ups (on your hands tho, not fingers) as they give a large range of motion. im not sure, but ive heard that it can damage a womans internal organs if they do a full length sit up, but im not sure if that is true, ask a doctor.

  33. How could someone do a bicep curl without having biceps grambo? How would the amputee grab the bar? … Everyone has biceps.

  34. Help,this is my workout

    Tuesday, Thursday

    5 sets 8 Reps, Chest Press on Machine , Champagnes, overhead, incline dumbbell fly variant, flat dumbbell twist flat press & fly, Shoulders on machine, dead lifts

    I run it through a routine, about a minute rest then start the next set i'm trying to gain muscle and mass also add 20 pounds onto myself before next summer, I cut out my cardio, if anyone has any tips help me please, this workout gets me super tired, but i'm not sore, week 22

  35. @flex8622 well, i had the same question too, and i read an article i found and it stated that the ez bar might be easier but it compromises effectiveness… i switch around… but that's just me…

  36. @mainestategopcensor wow you must be stupid, of course he isn't maxing. The reason behind that is that if you deadlift too much you tend to bend your back, which is the wrong technique and obviously you don't want to demonstrate with a wrong technique.

    Good job with the video. I laughed at the bad bicep curls, but its important to keep your back straight!

  38. Use of the word "toning" in the video description.

    Expertvillage, you've just lost a LOT of credibility.

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    And my senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise.

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