Physical therapy course teaches students, impacts lives

you know with Parkinson’s there is no cure
and there’s no pill that’s going to slow it down and I’m a firm believer
that exercise for me has been a big help expand is a course that we developed
for students to have an opportunity to work one-on-one with community members
who have neurological diseases each individual always does aerobic training
resistive training strength training and balance coordination training as much as
I think I like to exercise and I walk I don’t do what needs to be done and I
come in feeling I could do more I could do more and they prove that I can this
is a very rewarding wonderful experience where we actually got to start applying
our practice you know I can harp and talk about like I’m educating the
patient I am teaching them something but really every interaction I have with
Dorothy and I think with any client or patient if a person is humble enough and
opens themselves up to it I learn something every time myself too – it’s kind
of like having your first client so it’s a really good experience for us we get
the freedom to plan we get the freedom to use what we’ve learned so far and
then at the same time those people are getting somebody consistently who they
can work with get some training so it’s great as a community resource that we
can reach out and make a difference in people’s lives I can still function and
I can still drive my own car safely been a difference between me being the
rest home and being in my own home my life is a lot better I’m a firm believer
in this expand program it gave me the courage to continue doing things that I
could have easily said oh well it’s too late I can’t people like Jeremiah won’t
let that happen he says oh yes you can.

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