Physical Therapy Home Exercises in Boise

Hi I’m Kerby with Idaho Spine and Sport Physical Therapy. As things cool down we don’t really want to get outside as much so we don’t do as much outside activity and a lot of us tend to not go to the gym because its kind of a hassle or we don’t want to leave the house or we come up with some kind of excuse not to go. So I want to walk through a couple exercises that you can to at home that can kind of skirt around having to take the time to go to a gym come up with the money to get a gym membership. So there is a lot of things you can do thats gong to include anything that is categorized as a calisthenic. And what a calisthenic is is just anything that utilized your own body weight as a resistance for the exercise. So common calisthenics are body weight squats, push ups, pull ups, any type of calf raises or lunges So anything that utilizes your own body weight as resistance. So I’ll demonstrate a couple of really good ones to do at home. The first one we are going to do is a wall squat or a wall sit. And the difference between those two is that you’re just holding one, and the other one you’re moving through the motion. So I’ll demonstrate both. I’ll use this little bar as my wall in the window. So I’ll start with a wall sit and a wall sit is just how it sounds You position your feet so that your knees don’t come over a vertical plane of your toes You sink down into a seated position, you have your back against the wall nice and straight up and down. And you just hold that position for a set amount of time. I’d recommend about 60 seconds at a time. If you’re a little bit out of shape you might cut that time in half. Or if you’re a little bit stronger you can add some time to it. And that’s a real simple exercise you can do. If your going to do your wall squats Its the same basic motion. So now we are going to lean that back off the wall a little bit. We will keep the behind against the wall and we will sit down into that and instead of staying at the bottom we’ll come right back up and those are our wall squats. If you’re a little bit stronger, you can step away from the wall, and if you have good enough balance you can regular body weight squats. Another really good one to do is, we’ll come over to a counter top over here. This bookshelf will be my counter top is we’re going to do a declined push up. Okay so this is really good for a lot of females that might not be good enough to, strong enough to do push ups on their toes or on the ground What we will do is get a nice body angle about 45 degrees will work. And all we’re going to do is we’ll do that push up You want to keep those elbows turned down and in and we’ll bring them right next to the body and we’ll do our push up, up against the countertop Third one to do is going to be a calf raise. All we’re going to do is stand at the counter top And we’re going to raise up on our toes. Up on the toes. And all the way back down nice and slow If you want to get a little more advanced with that. We can shift our weight onto one foot pick the other one up and do a single leg That allows us to put a little bit more resistance get a little bit stronger. If you guys have anymore questions or any concerns about any therapeutic type of purposes You can give us a call here at Idaho Spine and Sport Physical Therapy. Thank you.

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