Physical Therapy & Overcoming Running Injuries Results Physiotherapy

– [Narrator] Am I injured? Do I need to stop? Can I push through? What are my options? My name’s Brandon Ellison. I’m a certified orthopedic manual therapist. I’m board certified in orthopedics, a certified running coach, and I’m also a district clinical quality leader here at Results Physiotherapy. Runners can have pain in a variety of different ways, so they can have pain while they’re running that kind of dissipates and goes away. These are real common aches and pains that people will see. Having aches and pains is common, but not normal. When it starts to be something that bothers
them day to day, even when they’re not running, that’s a definite red flag of I need to go and see a professional. Pain can be tricky. It’s quite common to have pain in one area, but be derived from another, so if someone has knee pain, on the inside of their knee, that could be referred pain from their hip, it could be referred pain from their kneecap, it could be due to weakness in their hip or some stiffness in their low back leading to some changed mechanics in their knee, so pain in one area is not always the main root of what is going on with someone who’s injured. When dealing with running injuries, we don’t always have the root cause of something hurting being at the site where they hurt, so being able to assess the knee, the hip, the ankle, the back, the mid-back, to look up and down the chain can be very helpful in treating some of the root causes for why this injury keeps coming back. If you’ve been in an injury that goes away and then comes back, goes away for six months, then comes back again, you maybe treating it appropriately at the time, but you may have stiffness or weakness in other areas of your body that makes this keep coming back. A manual therapist is crucial in diagnosing this type of dysfunction because it’s not always seen on an X-Ray or an MRI. Manual therapists spend a ton of time with the patient in a clinical exam, and I would argue as a physical therapist, we have one of the best musculoskeletal exams out there, and that’s why a manual therapist is key for treating runners in determining the root cause of their problem, so if you’re a runner with persistent pain, there are things that we can help you tweak and change and get stronger in or get more mobile in that can help you meet the goals you’re looking to do.

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