pilates mat exercise Diagonal Curl Ups

SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel Like Share Comment Follow me on FACEBOOK diagonal curl-ups almost like her laps but we’re going to be working across the body so we’re going to be working the side obliques so Palace is neutral knees hip width apart and your pelvis is setting so it’s not very heavy but you’ve gotten weights in there to stop the hips from moving your fingers are locked and relax your neck and your head your fingers should feel like they’re pulling apart and then you know your head is completely relaxed that will help to prevent any straining tension in the neck itself so from the diagonal curl ups that I wanted to visualize is pulling your ribcage over to your hip and then pulling the other one over so if you do to the screen first inhale rotate exhale belly button in and pause visualize in this room pulling over to the hip now want you to notice this armpit is open often against adjustment people close that off which has an effect on that channel so you want to keep the space open the movement is coming from there and then allow yourself to go back down and then other side inhale maybe button so you visualize it pulling this across keeping the space under the armpits always say to my clients imagine your sweaty armpits very nice thought but if you close them off you close in that whole space around your head and relax so that one’s diagonal SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel Like Share Comment Follow me on FACEBOOK

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