Pizza vegetal “fitness” 😎✌ [FACIL] – la manera más rica y saludable de comer pizza

It happens to you just as you want to feed well but you have a desire to pizza? no problem What do you think if we order pizza with wholemeal and vegetables? It contains absolutely everything and is very delicious And if we do not have any pizzeria on the side that makes the pizza with integral dough, and above the vegetable we do it at home And now I tell you how it is done For the mass we need
500g of wholemeal flour here I use spelled but you can also use wheat 1 cube of fresh yeast
or 1 packet of baking powder 1 teaspoon of sugar 1 teaspoon salt
5 tablespoons of olive oil And 250 ml of milk
or water, if you have lactose intolerance In the part above you can put what you like That’s the good thing about pizza that absolutely hits everything Here I use fried tomato
½ head of brokoli 2 small courgettes
1 pepper black olives
1 package of mozarella cheese Oregano
And leave at ease first we put the brokoli in a pot with a little water and it’s tight for about 5 minutes Then we heat the milk, but only a little so it is warm, not hot We throw the flour in a bowl We add the yeast, the sugar, the oil and the salt and mix everything by hand or with a mixer Now little by little we add the milk and knead the dough If the dough has left us a little wet, it means sticky like here we simply add a little flour and knead again until the dough is not stuck in the hands Do not worry much about the amounts Now we pulverize the dough with a little flour
and let it sit for 30 minutes After half an hour the dough has doubled We pulverize the hands with flour and knead the dough again We put baking paper on a tray and spray it with a little flour to spread the dough And let the dough rest on the tray The optimum temperature of the environment for the mass to grow is 20-25 ºC The only thing you have to keep in mind is closing the windows so there is no current Or if you have the windows open, cover the
dough with a cloth or put it in the oven thus the current does not reach him In summer the mass rises faster
in winter better leave it a little more While we cut the courgettes into very thin slices I like to fill pizza with lots of vegetables, so I cut 2 zucchini Then we cut the pepper into small pieces The broccoli also chopped into small pieces the trunk I will not use for pizza The mass has already been uploaded
so we spread the tomato over the dough We put some salt
and oregano And we distributed the zucchini slices all over the pizza After the pepper and also the brokoli now the olives
I love olives, that’s why I do a lot of we return to take a little salt and above all, we distribute the cheese We have already finished
just need to put it in the oven and bake about 20-30 min at 200-225ºC And our super-nutritious pizza is ready Now we just need to eat it Well, guys, this has been all for today
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