Planet Zoo Franchise Ep. 2 Flamingos

hey everybody and we’re back with
another franchise mode you know what this play because I’d like to be
building in the light because otherwise it’s just you guys can’t see anything if
anyone is watching this but if I was watching this then I wouldn’t want to be
watching in the dark so we have my peafowls here I think I have something like
three or four babies at this point so I’m either gonna sell them or put them
in for conservation credits or I might keep the babies and try and breed up
their traits because none of them are great like I’d like to get better
longevity or just I’d like their stats to be around 80 each to be able to release them to the wild not that it’s a
very important breed for that but that’s what I’d like to do I also have some
salmon pink tarantulas and Brazilian wandering spiders that
hopefully will have babies and I can sell those for cash or something because
I don’t need like as many as I have originally when I was planning on doing
this I was planning like maybe I’ll have the hippos over on the left or maybe
I’ll have, let me pause this, maybe I’ll have the Indian elephant I was thinking like I
could have an India area where all the animals from India are in these areas
but I was looking at animal trading and I can’t seem to find any good priced
stuff like I’m still very new to this whole
Conservation franchise so I don’t have a lot of points yet and there’s not really
any for sale even though that’s what I would like to do so I was re-evaluating
and thinking about it and I thought maybe I can have like an aviary section so
that would be all birds instead of like an India area and then there’s like the
Flamingo and the emu? there’s different avian species that I could put in the
front I’m not sure how highly they’re rated but and I also haven’t had either
of those in my zoos before in my sandbox mode or anything else but I think that
might be my best option I think the Flamingo is something like
yes the greater flamingo don’t want the grizzly bear Let’s see if there’s any for sale this like
honestly this trading center really gets to me like a lot greater flamingo hello I’ll just do any species and then we’ll go back for greater the
dall sheep got in here that was an issue I had before in my other series because
it didn’t exist yet let’s see so see the greater coming goes aren’t that
expensive I mean this guy is I don’t know what you’re so expensive
but it’s okay let’s look at Zoopedia and see where they mate and then I think that that’s
my best option in terms of adding another animal in here so Africa three years is sexual
maturity um it takes 12 months and they live about 59 years oh cool cool okay also my education rating is like super low I’m not sure why how do I get a better conservation rating my
marketing is like subpar but I didn’t want to spend too much money on it but
my education like I thought I had done really well with it like the path is covered I don’t
know if like the ambient speaker adds anything I’m not sure if the
conservation boards add too much I would like to have a better rating guest
viewing devices and speakers I also have a speaker over there but it isn’t really
doing much for me maybe we put can I put this like in the
middle of the path mmm okay yeah I think it’s double-sided that’s why it was
doing that put you here I’m gonna move this one because seems
right maybe so I put two back to back of these things but I’m not sure if the
speakers work for them so I’m gonna grab one and see if the speaker works for um if the speaker it works for this species
because it could I don’t know if it does it’s um oh it’s so dark
oh it just was a weird bug or something oh yeah look that’s right I really like how this turned out I’m
not sure if my animals are getting to That age Vansha is the oldest and I don’t
know where she’s at in terms of how old she is I mean there’s like some sort of like
where are they like juvenile oh she’s no she’s an adult that’s the adult mom I
think yeah she’s a juvenile right here just looked right over it wasn’t reading
it at all we’ve probably got about half a year to
a year to adulthood okay is my education rating going up one star
that’s great I’m just going to look at my finances my staff is paid my marketing periodic I don’t have any loans
I think I’m researching things but imagine I’m not now I’m researching the
peafowl and then I’ll research these guys afterwards so they can get a little
bit more happy and he’s researching staff facilities so that’s good what’s
going on here reduce crime, oh quality I need 300
guests I’m at 228 Oh look I was just looking at it and now it’s complete I’m going to go to so he’s finished the indian peafowl I don’t know which ones better The Wandering
Spider or the pink tarantula but I guess with wandering spider because it’s
closer okay I didn’t even look at what barrier the
flamingo’s need and I don’t know if I can get enough grade 1 greater than
three point three feet okay great okay call the mechanic then why are my barriers
damaged I have a uh mechanic right? yeah I might want to like train him that will
cost me money but he’s fine for now these guys both should be trained
because they’re high they have a very high workload I think it’ll be less to oh he needs to be trained now too um if they have a hard work load I think training will help and it will
cost less in the long run than hiring a whole other person but I haven’t tried
that before so we’ll we’ll see if that’s right Let’s see is my education getting any better?
I only have one star but I feel like I’m doing okay with it I don’t have a lot of
signs I have some conservation boards so this has like the whole ring is like covered
education I don’t know So if we have the flamingo’s over here I could probably do like a little internal Um viewing because this is like negative and I don’t want
to put I don’t want to put anything there that would make them unhappy and
like that’s where I have a majority of my staff buildings so if I could just go
out the side and do like an internal viewing platform that might be the
best negative impacts no one’s unhappy Let me look at guest needs I think they’re all green so
that’s cool I have an inspector arriving it’s surprising okay maybe we don’t build when the inspector is here you should probably wait I’m on the year 3 and I only have
two exhibits and one habitat and I’m at 24 like I haven’t spent anything
yet oh because did I put out donations boxes in front of both of these things? oh I might need a second one now that I split them off Cause I only had one this one right come on nope right here it’s fine I wish I could put it
on that corner but it didn’t work out better What are you doing? Are you dancing I need to see you how long does the inspector take I was doing one of the um
tutorials and the inspector took forever now it’s like do I have to redo
it now what do I do with this Also I was like originally planning
more is there a report? the peafowl got 5 stars so that’s cool okay my education facilities are low but
like okay let’s pause for a second This is all you get?
education is low but maybe I just need more signs like what other education
facilities are there? so I just spent a little bit of time
making that habitat I’m not exactly happy with it but I want to make sure
that I get the flamingos that I need so I need about 10 I’m thinking maybe I can
do a little less than that hopefully I don’t I need to see monogamous and
polygamous it doesn’t say what ratio I need so I’m gonna assume I can do more
than one male and hopefully that’s fine for them so we’re just gonna try and do
all all he’s about halfway through his life he’s not terrible I think we’ll
just buy like I like I don’t know what endanger-ness they are I don’t think flamingos
like least concerned so maybe we’ll get to the better conservation levels later
but I think that we’ll just get some cheap ones and later like the group size
is gonna be huge so it doesn’t really matter if I get not-so-great ones I can
just put them on birth control or whatever they need later in life also I’m just starting out with cheaper
animals I know that I could start out with a lot like I’m sure that there are
better animals that make you more money in the short run but I figure if I start
out with like the cheaper species then I can add more exhibits and hopefully that
will bring in more money got it and if that works out then
great and if it doesn’t then I tried my best I also really like birds like
they’re just to see all these awful genes that I’m just continuing to adopt them like why? I’m hoping like my generations get better over time like
if I choose to selectively breed a pair that has the best children then
hopefully those children can stay and breed better children and over time we
get things get animals that are good enough to release to the wild hopefully
and if that doesn’t happen 1 2 3 4 5 6 on here 7 8 maybe I have 8 maybe I have 9 I don’t know we’ll see um if it’s not good enough these poor flamingos are going to be so angry also you see that path that I did the wrong way
like and I move that now it just wouldn’t it was not happy with me so I just ended
up like giving up on it there’s also like also these all have to be can I
move the paths I feel like I saw someone moving them maybe I just have to
leave them and lose that money cause I hate I hate how that looked I think I also have to delete this one right
here like I just I hate this okay let’s see if we can do a better job I was like
do undoing things to try and get them better in my first habitat but this one
I just decided it was good enough and I really it’s not good enough let’s make it shorter, maybe it will be better yeah let’s do that and we’ll delete the other
one also I know it’s a lop-sided but just deal with it for me It’s fine I need animal trading I need to put my beautiful flamingos into the
correct habitat and hopefully I have enough that they’re happy and then I can
breed them and maybe release into the wild or quick trade them for some cash
I’m not worried about my financial situation all my guests needs are met um sometimes it does go down but I only
have the one habitat and the two exhibits so like we’re not we don’t have too high
costs I’m gonna have to hire another vet just for just for the Flamingo area and
I have the two exhibits so we’re gonna need another vet which will be costly
but hopefully that pays off okay I’m back so I need two more species
it probably would have just been easier to just buy a more expensive one but
they’re all fine I think that they’ll be happy once I put these in and we have
ten together my peafowls contracted some sort of disease so hopefully they
get better and I will end up comparing the mates at some point with these dudes but
I’m not really worried about it right now also I think I want to make like a
little island I wonder if that’s possible I should have done this in speed mode but that’s okay don’t think anyone will really mind pulling this up making oh I’d have to get rid of the water you
know what we’re fine I’ll put some plants in here later I
just need them to be happy enough that it ends up working out for them in this
area also at some point I’d like to build my own habitats but like my own
hard shelters but works well enough for now I’d like everything to have like a
theme of some sort but right now everything’s fine it’s all good enough I need
two more hopefully the two come in soon now I have four diseased animals
what’s the actualhell why are you stressed do you need more like
privacy? I’m gonna put in some plants like not a lot but some I mean literally all of the biomes Asia, Africa, Europe Let’s go for biomes We have aquatic, tropical, temperate and
grassland and continents we have Asia Europe and Africa why’s Africa last why
wouldn’t you have those in whatever it’s fine it’s fine
stop worring about Amy it’s fine Um these are pretty do I like it? I just want to make sure that they’re happy
enough that they can have a little bit of privacy if they want it have some were they happy with the plants that they had before? The like I just I have to start researching I’m reseraching staff
facilities right now and I realize that might not have been the smartest move to
make but I also like want the larger quarantine and I want the larger staff
room and just difference stuff that I want that is not available yet because I
haven’t researched it and the reason I researched staff room first is because of
that I like I just wanted all these different things that I couldn’t have
fully because right now my staff room only fits four people and I think the
large staff room fits 12 so if I could get to that
it would be appreciated and if I can’t I’m also like obstructing some of my
guests views but if these dudes want a little bit more privacy than they’re
getting we’re gonna have to obstruct a little bit of the views to get that to
happen hopefully this is fine for them hopefully it’s not too much hopefully my cheetahs are fine my cheets my flamingos I think they’re happier now. Maybe? Also I got I got something? Oh I got three hundred guests okay increase education
to two stars I’m currently almost there so that’s cool What is going on? Call a Vet We’ve got vets on route but like where are they? I’m also gonna have
to start why are you stressed out? And it’s not saying you’re stressed out it’s
just saying oh they’re fine now now that they have the plants they’re fine. Alright I think
that’s what I’m gonna leave it I got flamingos today and I try and
do one how did that maybe one exhibit per episode w’ere doing well financially
I still have twenty thousand dollars Like I wanna expand at a rate that is
sustainable so that’s what we’re really going for here Also did I have any babies? I had two babies look at that! Put them on contraceptives so that they don’t interbreed and is Roberto…no he’s not old enough, okay all of these babies once they grow up I’m
sure if I’m gonna keep them or if I’m gonna trade them so we’ll see also what is going on? Is there a vet? Come on. Where is the vet? Call the vet Where? It’s my baby! Where are you? tickets are under priced yes let’s go up
to six dollars let’s do it Also I’m just in a tree. Alright I, I really think
that’s where I’m gonna leave it I’m going to decorate at some point these
ugly buildings but also not a huge deal for right now so that’s fine it’s fine for right now. And I will I will edit it later and make them look nice And I’m filing this on New Years so I’m about to get ready for the day how do we stop researching Staff facilities and we look into some barriers because like getting one way glass is really what I need to be looking at right there okay. Oh I can do two I think if I have, that I don’t want I don’t think I have two research
centers so we’re gonna have some issues there maybe I’ll buy another one but I’m
gonna leave it at that and hopefully this boils down to less time then it’s
saying right now because it’s too much time alright bye guys

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