Plyometrics & Sport Step Exercises : Basic Plyometric Jump Drills for Step Exercise

UNIQUE ANDERSON: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Unique Anderson and I’m here at Energy Fitness in New York City, and we’re
talking about speed, agility and plyometric step training. All right, now we’re going
to go to a basic plyometric drill. Before, we did stationary squats; now, we’re going
to do a jump squat on the platform. The main thing that you want to focus on plyometrics,
again, that you’ll never be–that you’ll always be seen, never heard. If you’re here to a
point that you knock like this, that means your core is not engaged. We’re going to go
to a jump squat to the platform, so we focus on here, landing up, coming back, stepping
back. Up and stepping back. Coming down, up and stepping back. Now, again, this platform
is kinda low. I usually have higher platforms. What you want to do is–what you can do is
you can jump squat here, step back, jump squat, step back, jump squat, [SOUNDS LIKE] flop.
If you want to get really, really freaky with it, down, pop, pop, flop. Again, starting
[SOUNDS LIKE] tight, hop, hop, body down. Again, pop, pop. And that is the way you work
the plyometrics into anything that you want to do.

20 Replies to “Plyometrics & Sport Step Exercises : Basic Plyometric Jump Drills for Step Exercise”

  1. oooooooo kkkkkkkk!!! nutcase!!! PLEASE PLEASE learn about definitions of actual training methods before you put videos on the internet…you guys are dangerous and gonna screw up people's bodies and training!!!

  2. These are some plyometrics! These are good exercises to improve your agility and speed!
    You gotta know your own limit, so you don't do a bad move and injure yourself!

    If anyone doesn't like these videos, I would suggest to go make something better yourselves!

  3. Thanks people from Expert Village for posting these videos!
    They are very useful, without watching, I wouldn't know how to perform some of the moves!
    Not until I paid someone to show me!

  4. @StephenNguyen When I took the course several years agoI was thougth to NEVER jump down and NEVER go down to the front but go down backwards or to the side. So she's showing the two major DON"T's

  5. Niiiice. We love a bit of hard work at our club and I can't see ANYTHING wrong with this – unless you are very unconditioned and/or with weak core. Yeah sure – don't lock out the knees on the p/ups but that is common sense.

  6. Hellooooo again these are polymetrics this is not for the weak hearted its like sports conditioning again not for the weak. Her drills are just fine

  7. NIce Unique- her parents must have had a hard time to hold her back as a kid- just think of all the furniture she would use for her exercises and a walk in the park would be something completly different…

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