Po pięćdziesiąt wszystkiego – początki treningów lekko atletycznych | Freeletics week #3 (.vlog01)

Fifty everything. The origins of freeletics workouts. The third week of my training Luke is just starting its first training I keep my fingers crossed for him! What’s your plan for today Łukasz? Aphrodite Aphrodite 3/5 Ouch! Fifty everything Ouch, Ouch! At the first training … I feel sorry for you … 😉 Ouch … I do not feel tired. Simply my legs got out. What a pain! It was cheated Cheated???Why? I did not do a full workout How is it? 🙂 Luke everything is now online;-) Łukasz, tell me how it was? Frightfully! I do not know if it will encourage people 😉 But I feel good … … The pain is, but it’s ok Now you have to tell the public. Will you go for a workout for the next time Of course! Today was pretty cool workout with Łukasz! It’s fun to train together. This gives a far more motivated! Yesterday … I felt like … Totally! Totally … I did not want to do the workout The time was 10 PM … so I gave myself But sometimes …. it happens … However, I try not to leave workouts See ya!

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