Polar Ignite | Get Started On Computer

This video tutorial will help you get
started with your Polar watch using the Polar Flow web service. Start by opening your computer’s
internet browser and go to: flow.polar.com/start Download the correct
Polar FlowSync and run the Installer. Follow on-screen instructions.
FlowSync syncs your settings and transfers training data between your
Polar watch and the Flow web service. Once the installation is complete, FlowSync opens automatically and asks you to connect your Polar product via cable.
Plug your watch into a powered USB port with the custom USB cable that came in
the box. If the battery is completely empty it takes a couple of minutes for
it to start charging. Let your computer install any suggested USB
drivers and keep charging your Polar watch during the setup. The Polar Flow
web service will open automatically in your internet browser. Create a Polar
account or sign in if you already have one. Define the settings. We recommend wearing your Polar watch on your non-dominant hand to get the most accurate activity
tracking data. Next fill in your physical information. Enter the details precisely
as they have an effect on calorie calculation and other Smart Coaching
features. The more precise you are with the settings the more accurate and
personal activity and training data you get. When you’re finished FlowSync starts
syncing. Wait until the syncing is complete before unplugging your Polar
watch. After syncing FlowSync checks that your watch is up to date. To enjoy
your Polar watch at it’s best please update the firmware whenever FlowSync
offers a new version. The firmware update may take up to 10 minutes. And don’t forget to verify your email
address. Check your inbox for the email we sent regarding the verification. Now
you’re all done, enjoy your training !

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