Post Workout Meal For Best Results ⎮ My Plant-Based Post Workout Protein Smoothie

So I just made it back home, and I want to
show you how I make my post-workout shake. I use my NutriBullet blender, and then I take
a small blender cup and in that I mix frozen banana. This is about half a frozen banana. Then I like to add water first because otherwise
I feel like the protein powder and everything will stick in the bottom of the shaker. So I just add water first. And I’ll usually add about half here. Then I add a bit of frozen spinach, a few
frozen strawberries. [inaudible 00:00:54] stick together as well,
just add this one there, and then bit of extra ice, a tiny bit of sweetener. And last but not least, I’ll add some plant
based protein. I also do use a whey protein, but my skin
breaks out really easily, and I’ve found that if I eat a lot of dairy, it breaks out more. And I really like to eat my low fat yogurt
almost every single day. So when I can, I try and use plant-based protein
powder instead. That is the only reason. If you want to use whey protein, I’m all for
it. I would actually even say that it tastes a
bit better. But stay for my post workout shake and whenever
I have a shake during the day, I almost always use fat-based protein, just to avoid too much
dairy. And if your skin doesn’t react to dairy, then
I’m all for it. Have it. I think it tastes better. But yeah, for me, as I said, it’s plant based. So I just take one big scoop. Look, this and add that to my shake [inaudible
00:02:09]. There we go. And now it’s all about blending, so I’m putting
my lid on. And you know, just have to get it on there. And then I put it here in my NutriBullet blender. And then here we are. Because I added that spinach, it’s like this
greenish spinach color, but I promise you can’t taste the spinach and it just brings
up the nutrition value of the shake. So I like to add it. Why not? And yeah, so yummy. Oh and by the way, I’ll post all the links
to the supplements I mentioned in this video, down below. So it’s easy for you to find. Cheers. That’s all for me today. Thank you so much for watching. My name is [Samantha Reese 00:00:03:32] . I’m
a physical therapist and personal trainer. And make sure you also check out my Instagram
and my blog, if you want more free content like this. I posted there every single week. And make sure you also subscribe to my YouTube,
where I also post a new video every single Wednesday. That’s all for me today. Thank you so much for watching and remember
to train right and stay fit. Bye.

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