POWER ROWING WORKOUT: How to Get Stronger on the Rowing Machine

(rock music) – What’s up Dark Horses and
welcome to another Dark Horse workout of the week. In today’s workout, we are
gonna be getting powerful 10 strokes at a time in 10 minutes. We’re calling it the 10 and 10. If this is your first time here, welcome to Dark Horse Rowing
where you are the hero of your own story and we are the guide that helps you get to
where you want to go. With that being said, let’s
get into what today’s workout is going to be. Now, this all about comboing
with the recent video that we did talking about
how to improve power, all your force on your machine. This is going to be a
practical application of that. How do you actually get
stronger on the machine? How do you deliver more power? Well, in a pretty simple way, and they’re called power 10 strokes. So the way that this
workout is going to work is it’s going to be 10 minutes. That’s it, just 10 minutes. The intensity on these power
10s is going to be high. The rest of the time it’s
going to be very easy and mild. So, what I would like in today’s workout is that you’re going to
set your damper at a 10. Yet again, the theme of today’s workout. The 10 in 10 using the 10. So, damper’s gonna be high. Now, why? It’s not because we always say use a 10. It’s because for today’s
purposes, I want you to have a lot of resistance
on the machine to feel how you are engaging with
your push of the machine. This is not where I want you
for the majority of workouts, but for the purposes of this one, yes, I want damper up at a 10. So damper’s gonna be at a 10. We will row for 10 minutes continuous. Every minute, you are going
to take 10 hard strokes, meaning 10 hard pushes and
they’re going to be as hard as you can push and we’re
gonna use a stroke rate of 18 as we do that, so every
time we start a minute, stroke rate 18, 10 hard
strokes and then we will rest the remainder of the minute. Because it’s going to be
an assigned stroke rate, you just follow me. So when we hit the minute,
I’ll tell you to go, you follow my stroke rate. Your only goal is to push
as much into each stroke as you can, trying to get the
most juice out of the squeeze. That’s the goal today. So the 10 in 10, using a
10 at a stroke rate 18. And that’s about the
foundation that we need to lay. Again, the objective is
with this much resistance, you’re going to feel how
to brace and how to hang off of the handle. Do not be bending the elbow
today, be hanging from the arms using the legs to push
the machine away from you. That’s the name of the game, that’s how you develop that force. Also with that higher damper
setting, you’re gonna notice that it’s real heavy
coming out of the gate, so that catch position’s
gonna feel real heavy and slow through the drive. That’s why we don’t always use a 10, but for today’s purposes, reinforcing good force application. The machine, a 10 is what we call for. That’s what the doctor prescribed today. Now, with that being said, let’s go through our
normal housecleaning notes. Number one, have any water
nearby if you would like it. Have it sitting next to you. In the off time you’re welcome
to grab a sip of water. Number two, you can music if you like. I don’t necessarily
advocate that because I’m going to be talking to you
through the next 10 minutes so hang out with me for 10 minutes. That’s it, you can not
listen to music for that. Otherwise, you’re welcome to
tune into our Spotify playlist which we often link to
in the description below. Other than that, warm up ahead of time. So, if you wanna follow
the previous warmup videos that we’ve done before, go do that, otherwise do your own
warmup, come ready to roll. And finally, have multiple monitors. One, to watch this video and
two, perhaps have your phone mounted to your monitor,
tracking your data with something like ErgData or Asensei so that you can be delivering information directly to the logbook
after your workout is over. With that being said, let’s
get into today’s workout. To set your monitor for
this workout, very simple. From the main menu on a Concept2, you’re gonna go to select
workout, new workout. Oh, let me back up. I’m gonna do this for
the visually impaired. Last time I said hearing impaired. That is not correct. So for the visually impaired, the way that we’re gonna do
this is you will start with select workout, which is
the B button, so hit B. Then new workout, which is the D button. Then single time, which is B. You’re gonna see 30 minutes
flashing on the screen. We need to change that to 10, therefore you will hit
the C button three times, that’s the minus button. One, two, I’m sorry,
just two times not three. That puts 10 minutes on your screen and then just so that you
can have good tracking, let’s hit that right arrow,
which is the A button one, two, three, four, five, six times. That’s going to change our split length. You’ll see the two should be flashing now. We’re gonna hit the minus button once, that’s the C button. And that gives us one minute split length. That means that when we’re done, what this is measuring
is every minute of work, which is what we’re doing,
10 strokes every minute. Sound good? All right, now once you’re ready, you’re gonna hit the check
mark, that is the E button. So you’ll hit the check
mark and that will program your monitor to be ready to go. All right, I’m all strapped in, you should be warmed
up and strapped in too. 10 minutes should be on your screen. We’re gonna start, first
stroke is gonna be hard and we’re gonna hit
those 10 strokes at an 18 with as much force as you can muster. Again, at the top of
every minute we will start another power 10, the rest
of the time we’ll be resting. Cool? Grab your handles, sit
ready, at the catch. It’s gonna be heavy, folks. In three, two, one, go. (rowing) There you go, now nice and easy cruising for the rest of the minute. Take it light and easy here. So that took right at about 30 seconds, which means it’s gonna be
10 rounds of 30 on, 30 off. (rowing) Going in five seconds. Three, two, one, here we go, on in an 18. (rowing) There we go. That’s two down. Just interesting to note,
listen to your flywheel and how quickly it’s
slowing down with this heavy drag factor now. Your heart rate’s probably
jacking up pretty quick here. Getting ready to go again. In three, two, one, let’s hit it. (rowing) All right. How you feeling right now? I’m noticing my ribcage is getting worked having to stabilize, keeping my arms long. Take note of what your body’s feeling. Learn how to live with that power. Going in five, three,
two, one, first stroke. (rowing) It’s getting tiring. This is good learning, though. That trunk and midline should
be getting tired, stabilizing. Make sure you keep those arms long. Hang off of the handles
if you’re water skiing. I’ve never been, but it
hear it’s very similar. Going in three, two, one, on this one. (rowing) Halfway. I could use some water
right now, that’s for sure. Take it nice and easy
in these rest periods. Appreciate it. Getting ready to go again. Five, three, two, one, turning it on, here we go, first stroke. (rowing) This one on, one off, or
one-to-one ratio gets tiring quick. Getting ready to go,
three, two, on this one. That’s one. (rowing) Three left, I think. I believe that’s seven down. Just a meter check, I’m at 16:30. What about you? Going in five, three,
two, one, on this one. (rowing) Woo wee. Two left. That’s 18:50 meters for me. Check where you’re at. But it’s not about stacking up with me, just about making notes. Going in five, three, two, one, on this one. (rowing) Last minute coming up here. I’m getting some cotton
mouth something serious. Probably shouldn’t have had
that pizza right before this. Five, three, two, one, on this one. (rowing) Last stroke here. And paddle out. I’m gonna take it through the
finish with you on this one and then we’ll debrief. Three, two, one, time. Now, you are welcome to
replay that multiple times for multiple rounds. That’s 10 minutes. An excellent workout would
be three rounds of that with perhaps a five
minute rest in-between. So, depending on how you feel, continue to use that if you would like. Otherwise, what you should
have learned from this and your takeaway should be
that you are learning to brace, learning to hang, and
learning to apply force through the foot stretchers
because of that brace and that hang. This is your transmission. If this isn’t locked in, if
you aren’t learning to hang off of your lats, these guys right here, then you are all sorts
of broken in that elbow or that shoulder and this
is gonna eat up your power that should be coming from your legs, transferring up to the handle. Instead this is just
gonna be an exit point and it’s gonna feel like
you just can’t apply force to the machine, so you
have to trust that hanging, when you drive (grunting)
that that elbow is strong, that this locked-out joint
can support a lot of load. But if you wanna pull,
this becomes very weak because the musculature cannot support that much force production. Imagine if I told you to
hold something overhead. Would you do it like this? Or would you extend your elbows? If I told you to hold a
handstand against the wall, you’d lock out your elbows. If I told you to push a
car that was in neutral, you’d lock out your elbows. Or you just press your body against it, but your body is the same thing, right? You wouldn’t do it with
your arms half cocked, so that’s your takeaway,
that’s your lesson. Thank you for joining us. If you enjoyed this and you
feel like you’re on a journey, you’ve got something to
prove, you got somewhere you wanna be and you wanna be
that hero of your own story and you’re happy with us
being the guide that’s helping to bring you along the way and the rest of the Dark Horse community
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and I mean it every time, I love you all from
the bottom of my heart. Please go spread the love. Take it out there, take
my love I’m giving to you and give it to others. We need more of it out there. So with that, thank you
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