Powerlifting Techniques : Tips for Using Dumbbells when Lifting Weights

Hi! My name is Tiffany Parks and I am here
on behalf of Expert Village. and I am going to tell you a little bit about power lifting.
First what you are going to need to do when starting off lifting the dumbbells, you are
going to need to pick up the dumbbells. Be sure you pick a set that is not too heavy
for you. Make sure it is light enough. People tend to think that the heavier the weight,
the more muscle you are going to get. What you need to do is pick a lighter weight and
just do more repetitions. So what we are going to do is have Anthony show you the correct
way to lift the dumbbells. What you are going to do is start off at your sides and then
bring one up slowly, keeping it in control, keeping your elbows close to you, bring it
all the way to your chest and then bring it back down and then the other arm. You are
going to bring it up and keep it close to you and then bring it back down. You want
to be sure you are in control. Don’t let the weights be in control of you. So Anthony I
need you to do a couple of reps. Just do one at a time. And you want to do an even amount
on each side so that one arm doesn’t get bigger than the other.

14 Replies to “Powerlifting Techniques : Tips for Using Dumbbells when Lifting Weights”

  1. WTF!!! that has just put me off doin this exercise lol shes too fat to be tellin any1 wat to do. looking the part is half the battle

  2. so who am i listening to?, tons of fun in the blue or the skinny wigger bitch in the jean shorts. there are so many things wrong with this video im not even going to bother. this is a discrace to REAL powerlifters.

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