Pregnant And Pumping Iron: Fitness Instructor Deadlifts 205lbs

EMILY BREEZE WATSON: My due date is five days from now and I just deadlifted 205lbs today. COMM: Pregnant weightlifter Emily Breeze Watson could go to labor at any moment, and the lead
up to the birth has been anything but relaxing. EMILY BREEZE WATSON: I just CrossFit six times a week. CrossFit includes cardio, Olympic
lifting, gymnastics, just functional fitness. I never considered giving it up. That’s
what I do for a living. That’s what I do as my hobby. I don’t think pregnancy is
really a disease or a time to alter things, as in you can’t do them anymore. Of course
I’d talk to my doctor and I’d get things approved, but the best thing I’ve done is just listen
to my body. My body has felt really great and it gives me so much energy. So, I wouldn’t
ever think about stopping. COMM: Fitness instructor Emily is a strong advocate for staying active during pregnancy. EMILY BREEZE WATSON: I’ve just been hanging out with my husband, training, working out,
sprinting, overhead squats, deadlifts. We’re just trying to stay active and keep moving
and feeling good. MONTELL WATSON: It’s, you know, our first kid, it’s been very unique. You know, being
able to be with such an amazing woman that strives for greatness continuously. MONTELL WATSON: I’m super proud of her, I mean, what she’s doing and for me to wanna
sit, sit on the couch and lay. She’s incredibly inspirational, right. So I, I’m obviously being cautious
because I love her and I love the little guy in there and just wanna make sure that everything
is okay. I mean I know that if she wasn’t able to do this, it would, it would drive
her crazy as well, so. EMILY BREEZE WATSON: Yes!
MONTELL WATSON: It keeps her happy, keeps her healthy and I’m definitely proud of
her! Right. EMILY BREEZE WATSON: I want people to think that they can continue to do their normal
routine whatever their normal is while they are pregnant. EMILY BREEZE WATSON: Can you come tie my shoes? EMILY BREEZE WATSON: I’ve had plenty of pregnant women come to the boot camp and some
of them to my classes, and I always tell them to check in with their doctor first. You know,
I don’t have a medical background, but I also encourage them to stay after it, stay
active, and if they feel good, let’s work it out. COMM: But not everyone has been supportive. EMILY BREEZE WATSON: People are critics, you know they are definitely criticising me on
social media platforms which I find interesting. Anyways, I had no idea it would spark any
kind of buzz like that. But I’m happy in a way because it is displaying fitness, you
know, and that’s what I stand for, is health, and living, you know, healthy lifestyle. But
the negative stuff, I just look at it like what has to be, you know, some sort of jealousy
and hate. You know, like why, if you don’t know me, why do you feel the need and the
pressure to have to react that way. I’ve just tuned it out. I don’t even want to
read it or care, because I know with full confidence that my doctor and I are on the
same page and the same level, and we’re working towards bringing this healthy baby into the
world. COMM: Despite the criticism, Emily and Montell are continuing their gruelling regime and
have no plans to slow down once the baby arrives. EMILY BREEZE WATSON: Well, I hope to bounce back pretty quick, and May 14th we are hosting
and trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records Boot Camp, Largest Boot Camp In The
World. Our goal’s to get 3,000 people out there working out. Hopefully our little guy
will be there! I feel like our hopes and, I mean, mine especially like let’s get him
here healthy, I cannot wait to meet this boy. That’s first and foremost. And just raising
him in an awesome healthy environment. And then just continuing to build our family and
enjoy our careers, and just promoting fitness for me personally, I want to continue to promote
this lifestyle years and years down the road.

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  1. She the type of girl not to call into work cuz she has morning sickness. Some girls act like they have an affliction. This woman rocks.

  2. Is this supposed to be cool or something because this is probably the worst case of mental health crisis, I've seen in 30 years. So no one spoke with DSS or local police? I'm in shock ..

  3. If there is 0.1percent of risk for baby one way or the other, she should take a break.. but damn I do love how she punch lazy prego women on the face, who doesn't like to even take a walk on the park.

  4. 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲اناحامل ماعم احسن قوم ولاعم احسن اقعدهاي رح تولدواحدبعضلات

  5. Yo pienso que las hembras en el mundo animal no dejan de cazar porque estan preñadas ni el macho lo hace por ellas, lo que descarta que en estado de gravidez una mujer no puede seguir con su vida normal, no existiria la vida de ser así, no podría reproducirse ninguna especie porque el mundo es hostil y no te mete en una burbuja de protección por estar preñada y la vida sigue siendo la misma.

  6. Just so everybody understands this woman is a bodybuilder far different from your average woman like an bodybuilder man is different from your average man. Her body is used to the impact if a average woman done this can really harm her & the baby.

  7. I have known several women who trained with weights to some degree while pregnant including two physical therapists; one of which was the head director of physical therapy at a community re-entry facility in Washington state a few months after my initial rehab from a severe head injury so I was walking fairly well with a cane although still with an uncomfortably inefficient walking gait which was much improved after my time with Michaela Wallace who was extremely pregnant when rolling around on a wrestling mat with me teaching me methods of getting up off the ground with a paralyzed left foot and hand and reduced motor control of the left leg and arm. Both she and the other therapist whose name escapes me at the moment that sometimes stood in for her who had given birth several months earlier said delivery was much easier and shorter since they had trained throughout as well as recovery afterwards. I only saw Michaela once after she gave birth as she stepped down from her lead position there to be a full time mother as she had 3 children I think by then, and as a therapist she was inclined to put her clients or patients first. They didn't train with quite the intensity of this fitness instructor but with full knowledge of the mechanics and how much stress you could safely put on a human body. If this were someone who had joined a gym for the first time or had never done Crossfit or Olympic style lifting before this would probably be dangerous but as long as she paces herself and doesn't attempt anything too extreme for her knowledge and experience what she is doing is fine and healthy for both her and the baby. Just don't go for a personal best in a snatch until after giving birth would be my one caution.

  8. They tell you not to gain weight, they tell you to workout and do what you was doing before pregnancy but yet people are moaning,

  9. Wow this is the most insprering video on YouTube. You gave me hope of going to the gym during gregnance. Thank you and never stop what you doing losers are always haters.🤗🤗🤗

  10. Don't EVER listen to those people who are unhappy with what you're doing! If you chose to stay at home, eat and put weight on you would stil have people getting offended!! You are an inspiration, I remember being pregnant and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym! Keep it up!! Your Doctor and you, the mother, know EXACTLY what is right for your body and baby!

  11. I'm worried for the baby honestly but I will 100% say your amazing and for once I'm not just saying it because I have to you are god damn amazing. Just don't slip or clean and snatch or squat please. Anything else is fair game

  12. Im trying to prevent getting diabetes through being pg so im looking at stuff i can still do but this is motivating to me

  13. I’m gonna be a mom soon too but I’ll
    Still Doing CrossFit.yes crossfit it better than sitting in a couch whole day and eat lots of bad foods .im
    So proud of you and of course you make sure that your baby is always safe.

  14. I'm scared to even lift up a bucket of water and here she's lifting iron like a joke….boy o boy 😂
    Go mama 😘❤❤❤❤

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