Press Conference después de los CrossFit Games 2018

it is either louder quarterback kick either ticket at all those dang ganado iliacus a would have a little swing diagram check time in the Peruvian who stuck on determine I have no screw feet games it in half vertically podemos estar a locker by princie he hath your lace how gonna screw us alors gonna do it Etowah no service it’s Tamura Tamura sentimiento they they ever consider priminister federal forces however Kane is freaking they say I’m not gonna fare okay not gonna get on that [Music] [Music] [Music] the massive roads in from Toledo athletes from the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games and Dave cash to the director of the CrossFit Games – this press conference do you have any okay so um what I do is I’d like to just open up the field to some questions or do you want to have it do you have any comments Mozart with it okay so let’s start with this side you want to start with your name wouldn’t you see that they have to feel like this game tastes competitive once an experienced athlete experience a really good event the individuals and some tennis that played out nicely it was amazing people who watch and participated some of the other events most of the events begin just told a very complete story I have the experience I think we we hit the market when we were testing a lot of different games a lot in a time I’m pleased without please I’m a scale of 1 to 100 how relieved is Shane now that the games are over really in all honesty I actually I actually had to kind of think about that because I didn’t feel as much pressure going into this year than I did last year last year I was just thinking if you come second you don’t deserve to be here and let’s no district is credit to anyone that came second you know I have come second twice and I don’t train all year really hard to come second I want to win so having that under the belt in knowing that I won previously it just was more confidence more hunger and more motivation to win again don’t because the person who want to want this is running of that but also when that whole truck and so can you walk us through how you decide on the very bottom what other options well that marathon is safe what I mean by that is running marathons isn’t the safest choice and I’ve done both so I knew the effects of having done having run a few minutes on what it does your body really beat you I can’t recover for weeks coming I’ve wrote a couple marathons and I knew that it didn’t beat you up and that’s that’s why I was able to choose that I wouldn’t it would have been a negligent that we about a program that have you never done it myself and experienced it and know that yeah you know what like everyone speak now that they’re gonna be destroyed for the rest way that like trust me it hurt then for sure but it’s so low impact essentially and you know no threat I mean these guys look we don’t train or all trust could they do it if they had to for fucking sure but we’re not we’re not training for that you know so again why would I beat them up that much and I think beyond self evaluation pretty odd yeah I mean I can only speak for myself but I didn’t even feel sore yeah okay when I when I got off the road you know definitely in a bad spot you know cramping and just soared and the next day you know talking to friends and family and you know getting body work done and and then there’s no concern on my end you know I was sore but I knew like okay like 12 more hours of just kind of moving around and I’ll be fine so I think it kind of all went to plan out agree I think that you you had to manage and I mean the athletes were well prepared and hydrated well and eight throughout the event were the ones who have the least long standing effects if you were negligent in your preparation for that event and you didn’t prepare well and you didn’t hydrate and you you probably would cramp up and have some lasting effects were maybe more than a couple of days but having that program and then a rest day program after was totally acceptable it was shit I don’t recommend it was a day with rust people were fined by the time Friday rolled out that day was kind of influenced I’ve been thinking about it since the Aramis Wednesday that we did a few years ago the aromas Wednesday was interesting because it was not that part of the day I should have made it a little harder but we had essentially what was the second day which was a swim that was considered more like active grass and then three on it’s really that year couple years ago it was five days on but barely I considered it one on one active rest and three on last year went to a four day schedule then decided to change it up again and this year went to one on day off three on so once we’ve committed to that schedule I was like I’m where we gonna hit him hard on the first day and right out the gate that’s why he ended with that I actually consider placing it this morning one crazy day a rest day one crazy day than a rest day Justin or Franco morning Chaka I want to ask probably the hardest question in the room right now which is given that this sport has had some issues in the last didn’t beat you to regular race sorry it’s very good very good turn up congratulations for the second time given the issues that the sport has had recently to regionals testing through a podium finisher from last year are any VIPs gonna test positive dancing drugs that’s an easy question wait are you guys any of us any of you guys you guys I’m Christian um you might space in other sports I’ve not seen anything exciting as exciting as the clean-and-jerk ladder in there were you surprised by the energy and the excitement would you consider that one of those exciting CrossFit event of dying terms of the energy in the crowd and speed at which it was happening and that’s to anyone and I actually exceeded my expectations a lot on that clinic jerk letter Jess mr. Crowl goes wrong everything is happening so fast we’ve no time of thing I don’t tell that ranking all the events you’ve programmed ever of the games in terms of like energy and the same like the mail when you feel Roman credit cock my place in the leaderboard cuz he wasn’t able to be one that I think it was definitely unfortunate the situation I lose in you know I don’t I don’t know him I never spoke with him I do have mutual friends with him and they have nothing but nice things to say and given his performance at his regionals you know I was excited to see what he had in games but judging me what one person performance from regionals to games is going to be it’s their day make difference you know yeah there usually is some correlation of if you do well the regionals are probably going to do better in the games but you know it’s just such a different beast but one again you know it just really was unfortunate that he had a great performance and then he couldn’t couldn’t show off what he worked for thank the team athletes team this year won do you feel like the team competition is getting more energy and people have more excited I know he’s growing I thought it coming wake up [Music] I think the last couple years since some of us have gone team it’s definitely for sure this year was one of a couple other teams we won’t mention some of them talk a little bit of trash aura this is your first CrossFit Games congratulations like in the second place you did an amazing job as a rookie did that rookie mentality affect you ever when you were standing XD Clady so you sort of seen in training seeing videos or were you just calm and cool the whole time I competed against some of them at Regionals right a lot of times and also in goodbye so I think I didn’t I I mean for sure I was a rookie but I didn’t feel like one 20-year career in this pool I don’t know I think it’s for me personally also I have a lot outside of the support that I need to manage and take care of as well so I don’t plan to plans change I guess but currently right now I I don’t I don’t see it it takes a toll on you I’m shaving years off my life so thanks yeah I think the pay you back off that a little bit cost bit as competing is completely different in CrossFit or and so CrossFit for most of us we will do CrossFit or some form across it for the rest of our life but competing it’s like any other professional sport it takes a toll on canoeing well we have a certain window to compete and so some of us see endlessly physically mentally it takes a toll and so completely different to talk about two different things anyways you have do you understand – he already took one man to step back yeah that’s exactly what one – the individual the team was so like he could still be an individual but he chose to exactly do what you guys are asking about me so individual athletes how many of you see yourselves going team on that well actually one individual I don’t think I would it would depend it would take a little it would take the right group of people where I live right now there’s not a lot of via athletes available that I would be able to make a team that I think O’Neil’s be happy working with because I mean when you when it comes to team events you need to be able to manage now for people and for different personalities it’s a lot but to me the challenge the experience that I had a team it’s a man it’s a challenge in managing people it’s I mean you can have some great fit people but it’s it’s a challenge of managing people and personalities and if you can’t do that well and people are butting heads into the house one you’re gonna have a worse time so it’s just like you need to be able to do that well and be able to work with people take a little bit and like I said I just I just don’t have the athletes around maybe it’ll change in the future but right now Catherine you’ve been competing for a long time was this so hard to say whatever yes it was the hardest ever ah it might actually compete with was it camp paladin I’d like my money yeah I don’t know about this a lot less bit then but in my recovering from Matt does he 20 good times was still different and so yes I I’d say they definitely they all have a different meaning you know I was I was in a different place for each one this one you know I was this one I was the most nervous coming in for I felt very under prepared mentally and physically coming in and I felt I had some flaws in my execution on a lot of events so you know that this one was just a just a relief you know I’ve made a lot of different life changes this year the the most training by myself that I’ve ever done so you know I finish a workout by myself and I don’t know if that score is good that I attacked it appropriately or not you know so there’s a lot of guessing oh say to yourself that question is feel different if it’s only difference like it’s just it was definitely different and like matt said every year you go in and your motives are different as well your motivation and I guess like every year you changes a person whether like a good way or my way somebody you do change and occupy I mean last year I was a mess you know and this year I’m actually able to pull myself together and just really embrace it and appreciate it but you know winning winnings winning and it’s just absolutely incredible and especially to be able to do it against such incredible athletes [Music] oh man 35th place in that one I think like it stops and that’s frankly we all knew that there was a potential for that sort of thing to happen in an event like that and I mean that’s why we did it really like it I it sucks to get the shit end of the stick sometimes but you’ve got to win sometimes you got to lose some time so I just like I had not at least it was not my familiar territory I’ve been in a situation like that before and I just sort of told myself that you had to make sure you tighten up with you are the finishes here at the weekend and I did a pretty good job of it for the most part but I mean I made a lot of mistakes throughout the weekend as well and I didn’t make my life very easy so I mean I got stopped doing that stuff even an amazing job to be back in peace he’s acknowledging that he did I think a lot of people times say the pike were fighting fun right he ran into another rider and then his derailleur and you know everything whatever happened happened yeah I wasn’t crash like I did about racing and racing he handled an exceptionally well there’s other competitors with Rett issues too and they were just down they didn’t play they were moping what can you do for us nothing in just race you know the equipment didn’t fail you abused me for them and his attitude was high he didn’t he didn’t try asking for like rebound rebound it amazingly you know to see how he did so that that’s the best pitch which true champion like that David all right are there any particular vents that you were unhappy with how they played out when they actually were tested with the athletes on the ground that you that you were no that’ll take like 20 20 minutes right off the top no I mean that that’s true look like when you answer that I was well yeah Fibonacci I was like damn missed it again and I it’s like you know what it really is is the death at those brain at those breath that rep range what I’m looking for it’s too deep because what I’m looking for that could happen with women’s field where about half of them finish yeah you know and once again to guys what to her for Bennett actually for finished says that well total twenty two athletes improved on their times from 2017 2018 even though the rep scheme was change so even females who completed that work now you turn with you and so welcome about math time improve so he had was sometime another doctors last year he was celebrating I you know he really was and it’s okay you need a minute work share fireman doctor I learned a lot from chaos and the start line is when you’re starting out straight you know the event and you know your strategy and how you’re going to taxi playing it this everything went out the window you had nothing it’s that before we enter the field we didn’t even know the movements so I just taught myself that everyone is in the same boat no one knows the movement so we get out there and me personally I was kind of trying and yes so you kind of like you to start and I would always go out up I would go out hard and trust in my fitness and but I just make sure that I’ve never red line and make sure there could always come back from anything if it was more than I’d expected so I just went out hard at something that I knew I could do it and every now and then you’d kind of like a look at your judge I’m really good so it was a really fun event and not know what’s coming what’s next and even the Burpee station not even know was there almost fantastic yeah so those was fun I told that we control it so you guys couldn’t hear a thing and you know I did well we verified that they could you hear with your word and shut the TV off big threatened spectators do they wouldn’t want to know and this was shot I didn’t care too much about you know there’s one I was really disappointed that I’m not years later the double grace I found out like two or three years later that I never told somebody else badly yeah yeah I was so disappointed so when the year we get double very Spacey be bitter walking out with someone like whisper back I think you have a money not do though when you don’t know it’s coming you need to take insert interface and you rely on breakfast competitors so like in a minute frankly that’s barely what you do like I won that event because I watched the guys come out in front of me and anytime they finished I’ll be like there’s no way they’re more than I’ve had full reps ahead of you so you know you only have a handful of reps left you can turn on the Jets and you can see what the next movement is because they just started so you can transition faster than they did you don’t have to listen it and try to interpret instructions from a judge we just start and then I’m glad a time you got to the last movement they told you what you had left so you can hit the Jets then and those guys who had been trying to push the pace not knowing what was coming and when they were going to stop are probably running on juice so you just rely on her like the reckless competitors like that was the game plan and that was just a lightning stay in third place and wait until everybody got to the end and then you just you just turn the gas on again you know that’s worth like I was disappointed in my finish in that bed is I thought for sure once we hit the far side of the field we were gonna have to they’re just going to say all right now we’re pretty yeah yeah they gave you guys an instruction at that point right the Box Tops yeah yeah they said so here’s what we get to we test we test that event a lot and when we had one go through we tested everything but the bear will actually they didn’t have anything like better very testing facilities so we tested everything up at that point and when we tested it without ever telling them that they’re done by the option everyone was like well man I wish I would have known how many box jumps I had collected really treat it on so what we decided to do and what we did with these guys on the field is once they hit the box now I judge told me you have 25 of these people that you didn’t qualify last year and you’re really close to sixth place coming into this year again you started in this very strong position were you confident coming in here that you were gonna be able to hang with these top spots or were you just excited to be here what happened in that one year transition time between not qualifying and showing up to your match well for that year I actually like acted read notes make like so many mistakes that I missed out but you know I’ve been just training really hard and I basically trained most of the time with my girlfriends I didn’t know like what to expect though but I felt like my shape was really good really really well this is an oil from Spain from the arias from Spain for your business they will see you running at the last event when you were arriving to the third section of the yoke like when you running for for a plate or something what happened guess I wasn’t sure about what I was seeing so when we first will begin the first yoke area we went to the first stack of plates I grabbed to talk to and it just shoveled them to the back of the yoke so I was gonna load the front two and then load the back to and get under and go when I shove the back the one I think most of the people make that guess there was some athletes already ahead of them even and then we just saw your runner we didn’t know what was happening two three you missed two cleans on the clean jersey ladder what was going into your head you missed the first one it looked like you just kind of got off balance and the second one you missed a jerk so so going into that then I knew that I think the top time going into it was like 57 seconds and so I was just too excited when I got onto the floor I didn’t take to notice where the clock was and then in that key I also had Templeton Tim Paulson and I think it was stuck Scott panchik that were also I think they ended up putting up the two highest times so I just assumed that because I was close to them that I was like gonna get cut went back and watched the video I hit I got to the last bar 31 seconds so my dumb ass just looked at the clock and knew I had 20 seconds I could have taken my time and got it set up but just rushed it it was too exciting it’s quite comfortable when does the painting tomorrow two days from now is it tomorrow morning well right now I’d like I’m working as part of school at finishing an internship so I just it’s not a possibility I need to just a bit of school could it become maybe I finish in May and we’ll see but likely I think I would just a part part-time at best just because of the nature do I think it would be irresponsible to take a long period of time off and then try to come back and practice so like maybe I would [Music]

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