Programul de coaching de nutritie si fitness de la Wellnessist

[Music] I’ve tried not every single diet but I’ve tried quite a lot and I’ve lost weight on those and then eventually I gained weight again and probably more than before I wanted to lose weight and to permanently lose weight I always thought exercise was the only way to do it and this has taught me that exercise is part of it but the main thing is the nutrition it’s really getting to understand and learn your body again and getting into some brand new habits that you didn’t think you needed it it was habits that you could stick with and make part of your life [Music] there’s that ongoing support and that I really think sets it apart they give you all the resources that you need but then they’re there when you hit a robot I learned a lot actually that it was so simple it’s crazy how easy this is to do what’s been most profound for me is not the kind of losing weight it’s the whole how I am different [Music] I just can’t believe it sometimes so how well it has I feel like anything I want to do is possible and I gotta say there’s never been that point in my life that I felt that way [Music] you

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