trainers can help you overcome workout plateaus, to reach your goals. Finding a great personal trainer today, is like finding a needle
in a stack of needles. This industry is growing
by leaps and bounds, so the good news, is that
finding a personal trainer, who’s right for you is easier than ever. To help you on your mission, here are the top fit
five countdown questions, to ask a personal trainer. Number five, what is your
favorite style of training? To get the most out of this question, it’s important to understand
your goal is working out. Personal trainers are able to do more, than just help build
muscle or lose weight. Specific training styles
range from sports-specific, and strength-based training, to post-injury rehab or even prehab. If you have a pending surgery, or physical event like childbirth, consider trainers focusing
on the prehab style. They can help strengthen your muscles, and improve flexibility,
to promote quicker healing. Some trainers also favor routines that use lots of gym equipment, while others emphasize
resistance training, or cardiovascular exercise. A solid personal trainer should be able to tailor
a program for you, to meet your goals, by taking into account your
current physical state, availability, and gym equipment. Number four, how long have you
been in the fitness industry? Experience is the best teacher, and although new trainers may
have a natural knack for it, in general, experienced
trainers are more likely to give you more bang for your buck. Personal trainers are
not typically dieticians, but well-qualified trainers, understand that abs are
made in the kitchen. Many should be able to provide
you with dietary advice, to complement your exercise routine, and maximize your results
on your fitness journey. However, it’s important
to ask this up front. If asking about their
history in the industry, feels a bit like a job interview question, that’s because it is. You are trying to hire this person, to coach you through your fitness goals. Asking questions like this isn’t rude, in fact, it’s expected. Number three, what is
your training philosophy? There’s different strokes,
for different folks. Finding out where you
and your trainer overlap in coaching preferences, is important to helping you
stick with your fitness routine. A training philosophy
includes their motivation and coaching methods, as
well as their personality, and the experience they
cultivate for clients. Depending on how you’re best motivated, you may prefer a trainer
willing to be more aggressive, think bootcamp classes.
(dramatic music) Perhaps an excitable motivator, like Richard Simmons, is your style. Or, you may want someone
who directly, but kindly, encourages and supports
you through your goals. If a potential trainer
prefers the gentle approach, and you need someone to push you hard, they may not be a great match. That’s okay, that’s what these questions are designed to discover. Number two, what do you
feel is the most important characteristic of fitness? From a well-constructed
meal plan, to flexibility, and increasing range of motion, you may get a wide range
of answers with this one. Good, that will help you
get a sense of their values and personality, as well. Keep your own fitness and
wellness values in mind, when asking this question. Are you easily distracted, and care more about your fitness
plan establishing variety, to keep engaged enough to hit your goals? Remember, you’re looking for a good match, so it’s important to
have things in common, especially if you want to
get your money’s worth. Number one, how do you manage
your personal fitness goals? For our final question, we’re going to ask the personal trainer a,
well, personal question. If you’re paying someone to be dedicated to your fitness routine, it’s fair to ask how dedicated
they are, to their own. An experienced personal trainer will likely expect this question, and should be able to give you
the elevator pitch version, of their workout and diet. They should also be able
to elaborate if asked, although don’t expect them to give away too much information for free. This question also helps
to establish a rapport with your personal trainer, and building a friendly
relationship is important, to anyone looking to spend
a lot of time together. If you want more top fit
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