Random Act of Kindness Helps Workout Warrior Peddle Through

(MM) A WARWICK WORKOUT WARRIOR— WHO’S OFTEN HEARD SINGING THROUGH HIS SETS—-NEVER ASKED FOR HELP WITH A RECENT PROBLEM –. (CG) BUT HE GOT IT ANYWAY. AND HIS FAMILY WANTED TO MAKE SURE THIS CASE OF KINDNESS — DID NOT GO UNNOTICED. (MM) EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER WALT BUTEAU HAS MORE IN THIS WEEK’S STREET STORY. Andrew Welker works out on his way to his work out. Then, something happened. It is rarely easy for Andrew to make new friends. But the place where he finds peace in sweating through a workout is an exception. ———— He makes friends very easily here which has been wonderful because he’s always has had social diffiuclties. ———– Over the years…the staff here and his family have seen Andrew become an ambassador for anyone who might feel uneasy near Andrew’s world. ———- Help them understand that having any sort of difference can still make you a wonderful person to be around. ———- Four times a week. Do you remember when you started? 2013. Treadmill, and bike machine and weight lifting. ———- No one is sure when it happened. . . ————- He didn’t tell me anything about the bike being broken. ———– But one day, Andrew showed up here, walking, instead of riding his bike. He went through his workout without a complaint, then walked home ———- Next thing I knew he came home with this bike and said Mikey bought me a bike. And I said who’s Mikey and what’s this about a bike. Mikey is the assistant manager at this Warwick Planet Fitness. . . And he led the way in pulling together the money to buy Andrew some brand new wheels . ———- I almost started crying. ———– Just about people being kind and friendly and caring about him. And apparently he’s affected their lives much the way he’s affected ours. ———– How good is the new bike? Amazing ———- For people to accept him completely for who he is and for him to know he can come here and be with his friends, has been a fantastic thing for him. He rode in the heat of the summer on this day, but his mom says he will still be riding once winter comes. In Warwick, WB, EWN.

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