Reading RUDE Comments And RESPONDING

alright guys so if you don’t already
know I had one of my videos go viral it was called setting off the alarm at
Planet Fitness and basically I went to a planet fitness obviously and I just kept
on dropping weights doing everything it weren’t supposed to do it I set off the
alarm like four or five times I had a guy approached me I almost got picked
out it was a really funny video that I’ll link it in the description but
anyways we’re gonna be reading mean comments from that video I had the idea
and because I was like watching youtube videos it’s obviously not an original
idea right but I decided to kind of make it original by replying to the comments
on video all right this guy said superhuman what no arms no chest no
shoulders what are you like 5’4 lol I’m actually 5 5 so you can go killers I
know do US Planet Fitness members slash staff all a favor and stay out of Planet
Fitness by the way your technique is horrible if you want hurt yet you will
be I eat incline chest press huh alright with there’s responses I’m sorry you
work for a KZ gym this will allow people to reach failure you’re hurting your
guests by not letting them grunt during lmf this guy responded to the first guy
that’s funny that’s pretty ironic to judge his form considering the whole
point of Planet Fitness is not to tell people what to do even if they’re doing
something wrong bad form on the incline dumbbell press use too much shoulders
wait hold up so isn’t the point of like incline anyways to be using more
shoulders like upper chest and shoulders instead of like ok whatever this guy
this guy gained 1 1 2 4 oh this guy got 27 likes and said this guy is stupid I
had already responded saying how so I got 32 likes Ivan Vega get out of here
bro your technique is crazy as fuck
he said they didn’t notice you cuz you lift in with all the other big boys in
there I know thank you so much the most Californian accent I’ve seen a brown cat
ever have lmao almost queer Californian dude I wish I was in California oh my
god that’d be so nice that brown cat that’s so funny
I’m gonna say Brown cat for real damn dude you’re so cool thank you drunk
alarm John killer it’s a gay thing here dude
did you just sit down and leave a wet stain holy shit
shit he said zhi t you not a real kind of gym guy are you this looks like a
good place for you the fit the fit is right you gay why is he looking where my
booty was that he gay I uh I told me G alright I hope you guys enjoyed this
video if you guys enjoyed it or if you guys want any more videos you guys can
do me a huge favor and slap that subscribe button you would be doing your
good favor for the day and you’d be helping me out thank you I love you
call Matt

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