Ready to Race: Run Healthy Out of the Gait

When your sports medicine doctor is working with your injury, sometimes just looking at you or looking at X-ray is not is not enough to diagnose the actual cause of why you’re injured. We use Video Gait Analysis to actually see you in your sport. Video Gait Analysis will help us look at various angles of your ankle, knee, hip and even back as you’re running. We may find that the rate you’re running at is either too slow or too fast. Or that you are landing too far forward or overstriding. All of these things are very difficult to assess when you’re sitting in your doctor’s office. Sometimes what we find with the Video Gait Analysis is just an inefficiency. and we may do gait retraining as part of rehab to help runners run more efficiently and improve their times. Sometimes we find things that set them up for injury risk and we’re teaching ways to move differently that will help them run and stay healthy for the long term. It is absolutely effective and, I would say, important for every runner. There are very few people that run with what we would call “ideal mechanics.” So, whether we’re talking about decreasing injury risk or just becoming a better runner, how you move is critically important. MedStar Sports Medicine has a number of running injury clinics throughout the region with this technology available and with highly-trained experts in treating the injured runner. You can follow the link below to find an expert near you.

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