Refined Carbs and Irrational Food Choices

We observed a long time ago and we shared that all the irrational food choices are around high-glycemic load. Remember Entenmann’s? That fat-free dessert? You ever watch TV and cut a half inch off, and then another half inch, another half inch… You’re just pounding that pound cake, right? Where’d it go? Licking the wrapper. Yum! Fat-free! No one has ever had a couple of scrambled eggs and then two more, and four more, and the carton’s gone! I’m going to the store for eggs! Nobody! Nobody. Where you’re like, “What am I doing?”
[laughter] It’s high glycemic carbohydrate every time! Somebody stop me! [laughter] What does that sound like? The problem is refined carbohydrate. It’s deadly.

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  1. Why do people eat refined carbohydrates?Addressing the why not criticizing the action might be useful.The consumption of this foodstuff reduces glucocorticoid levels that have been previously raised by stress-it’s a maladaptive response bu nevertheless an apparently effective one in the short term.Addressing the fundamental causes of stress is the way to go but that is sometimes too big for some people without a lot of support.

  2. Very true. But does he need to be swearing every other word? I'm sure he's got other words in his vocabulary.

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