Regular Guy’s Workout : Sit Ups Training Exercises for Performance

MICHAEL ROSENGART: Okay, guys. So, I hope
you’re keeping up. Okay. So, now, we’re going to jump in to the next exercise which is sit
ups. I know we did the sit ups in the warm up but now we’re going to give some more variations
to it. Okay? We’re going to add in some weights to it. We’re going to use the medicine ball
for weights but at the same time, you can use a dumbbell, you can use anything that
basically weighs anything, okay? Be creative, if you don’t have medicine balls at home.
Okay? So, what I want you guys to do is go ahead and start with your sit ups here. Jonesy,
go ahead and start. And Jonesy, what I want to do is I want you to sit up all the way
up, there you go. And reach for the ceiling with that medicine ball and then bring it
back down, touch the ground each time. Ryan, I want you to start with the same thing, too.
Good. Ryan’s pushing up through the chest because we’re going to give a variation to
Ryan here. When he lifts his legs up at ninety degrees, there you go, and that makes a little
bit harder. He’s going to engage his lower abdominals as he’s going. Really good. Good,
Jonesy. Jonesy, can you switch it over now to v’s. Jonesy is now going to do a rotation
here. He take the medicine ball back and forth. It’s going to work his obliques. What he’s
doing right now with his legs off the ground is a lot harder to do but it’s good work to
do. You always can bring your feet back down onto the ground, too. And Ryan, why don’t
you go ahead and drop the ball down extend your legs straight up, work crunches. Try
to get your elbows to touch your knees now. So, after you do about fifteen or twenty,
okay, and you’re feeling that your abdominals are getting tired, drop the medicine balls
and keep going. I want you to try to do at least fifty crunches–sit ups in this time
frame right now. Good.

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