Restorative Yoga To Stretch And ReBalance

welcome to tabatha yoga and today I’m going to take you through a class to stretch rebalance and restore you so if you’re feeling like you need a little bit of tender loving care or your mind is feeling fractious and you’re super busy with work or family then this is the ideal class for you if you’d like to see more like this then please go to Tabitha yoga and subscribe and you’ll get in loads more fantastic yoga and Pilates classes okay let’s get going so in true restorative yoga style we’ve got a lot of lying down so make sure you’re warm I’ve got a lot burner going behind me which is just heaven but you might want cushions or a blanket it’s a nice slow steady practice so make sure everything around you is just right I’ve got some cushions so we’re going to start with our ballet class snow and I’m going to use these or stop to do it Vaticanus know and we’re going to use this as our settling in post so we’re better can asana you have the sort of the feet together I’m going to just prompt these here to support me and then come down onto my elbows shift my bottom a little closer to my feet and then come down all the way down stop turn baddha konasana I’m here I’d like to let our body settle and our hips to naturally open and with one hand resting on my belly and one hand resting on my heart and close your eyes for a moment and just use this time to check in to notice how you feeling today really tune into how your mind is how you are in your body and Tylar energy is as well and all this you’re acknowledging without judging yourself at all so just noticed and then I’d like you to spend a moment just noticing how your breath is and what’s really nice of your hand in your heart if you can follow the flow of the breath up through a spine all the way and down just focusing on belly to heart pound today so take a few moments to follow your breath and really use that as an anchor so use it as an anchor to distract yourself from thoughts of the day just born and the day ahead so following your breath up and down the spine then it’s a heart heart today [Music] that is a heart heart today I’ll take another or two deep breaths and while you’re focusing on your breath you won’t be noticing the great stretch that’s happening in your hips belly to heart and hard today relax your hands down by your side again now you could remove your cushions for this so I’m just going to move my to back up to the top so I can get maybe a little deeper so it depends how flexible you are and I’m going to reach my arms out to the side because I’m going to bring one knee in point it to the ceiling and then drop to the side and getting a nice spiral twist so I’m warming myself up gently other side and drop bring my knee in and doctor other side and drop down and then I’m going to make this deeper by taking my whole knees to the side good to come back up drop my knee down and follow it with the other take my whole knees to the side down [Music] keep going nice gentle twist this is all stopped and they’re going to start to take it slightly deeper getting that stretch element of the class in so knees come up drop to the side and all you going to do it’s me little micro movement draw the knee a little higher feel that wonderful stretch in the lower back come back up drop down knee comes just a little bit higher all the way back up drop down and a little bit get it come back huh a little bit higher now this time we’re taking it even deeper now that’s nothing you stick with that but otherwise drop your knees down and then you’re going to extend your leg see if you can just reach your toes super and you get a gorgeous stretch through the back in the hips and breathe deeply here try to encourage both shoulders to be down to the mat good come all the way back up and we’re going to do the same on the other side if I don’t just get you hot in the toes stretch enjoy that stretch enjoy that twist shoulders stay down nice deep breath lovely bring your knee in and come all the way back up now this time I’m going to take my foot to my knee and then drawing there’s nothing like this for a hip stretch it’s so satisfying draw the knee in and have a little rock ease it in gently and then we’ll swap sides drop in the end squeeze in take hold of the thighs and draw in squeeze it enjoy you could do two elbow just push that knee away lift all and that increases your stretch loads it’s really nice so okay have your feet flat to the floor and what I would like you to do is draw your knee in take hold of your ankle and then straighten your leg and you’re going to ease that leg to you using your out-breath inhale release out-breath draw down toward your body inhale release and out-breath for a little bit closer and then take that leg out to the side take it steady let your hips adjust reach your arm out watch that you don’t kind of roll with it you want to keep those hips down to the mat Bosch Japan take it out you could even straighten this leg out for this reach out really stretch maybe point and flex encircle the feet the ankles lovely and closing and bring your feet back back to the ground okay other side so draw your knee in squeeze and then stretch oh it’s amazing is your leg to your body with your out-breath so what you don’t do is you don’t put it you don’t bounce it you just use your out-breath the subtle energy of our breath to draw it closer to you and then slowly taking it out to the side extend your leg out to the side out again watch that hip doesn’t roll and come over with it keep your hand on it if that helps you and then brewing your legs back up and rushed your legs down keep them there for the moment and just notice how stretching out the legs just increase this biology it changes the sensation of them they feel so nice and loose in the hips bring it bring your knees in tuck them into your body and have your hands on top of your knees and take big sweeping circles round and round nice deep breaths giving your hell back and looking massaged take them around the other way sucking round drawing in and you could have a little ripple and listen to what feels good and moving away that feels nice for you so that could be totally different to me and that’s absolutely fine brilliant hold behind your necks and I’m going to slowly bring myself up to sitting sitting up nice and tall and then swinging the legs behind me having your knees under your hips and you’re keeping this nice straight line if I just tuck in here you can see that when these my hips are above my knees and I’m walking my hands forward into half puppy or melting hearts and I’m enjoying that full stretch maybe taking my head to the side to take it down a little deeper and then hold that come out take your head to the other side breathe deeply under the arms rebalancing the spine come to the center [Music] and then walking all the way back up do all fours and it’s really important that everything is balanced here because you really don’t want to be doing a cat cow stretch on a twisted spine so hands underneath your shoulders knees underneath your hips when you’re looking at this space between the thumbs around your back tuck under pull your belly in and breathe in look up good round [Music] and up and breathe in and look up and what’s really nice in the simple pose like cat-cow is to close your eyes just withdrawing the senses just slightly so you can really focus in checking how you are noticing what feels good for your body right now so maybe explore into the little nooks and crannies and circle in a way that feels good for you so where your hips if you follow tabitha yoga you’ll know that I love doing this might do it in loads in my classes because it feels so good on the lower back and the lower back something that really gets a pummeling through the day through work and stress and there’s nothing like this I find to keep moving and then come back to neutral spine and then I’d like you to extend your left leg and really feel like it’s been pulled out of the hip pushing away so much and then bend your knee and then extend your right arm and see if you can take hold of the foot behind you and then lift your chest well release it nice little backbend and that really plucks your energy on the background okay other side so extend away Bend reach and then take your foot behind you and the their little nice little back bend brilliant bring your hands and me back to the floor moving in to standing so I’m gonna make the transition to down dog because there’s no better stretch and walk my feet to my hands in a nice easy forward fold holding my elbows breathing in lengthen a little dribble in the hips as you breathe out and fold a bit deeper and do that again breathing in then like you’re floating up with your breath and breathe out and again again breathe in float up and breathe out and enjoy that forward fold and I bet you’ve come down look good two inches deeper than you were before and you’re going to pull your belly in and use that strength to let you roll up stacking the spine roll up with heavy hands and stand nice and tall in Tadasana from Tadasana looking ahead take a breath in or fold folding hinging from the hips come halfway enjoy your chili and then take your hands to the floor and step your right leg back and you’re going to drop your knee and lift your chest and have a little rock back and forth sinking into the hips may carry so much tension in our hips but all these hip stretches are so good for you it releases a lot of emotions as well and then our racket lift your back knee and from here you sink and straighten sink and straighten so from a low lunge to a variation of PARs Wotton Arsena maybe making it deeper by lifting the toes we love hold it impartial to us now fold it a little bit deeper out-breath again and then flattening your back foot as you make a nice easy transition to trikonasana bringing your arm up looking upwards that’s your Drishti your energy is up and then for a deeper stretch bring your arm to your ear [Music] lovely all the way round the back for a different stretch all together if you can take hold of your thigh [Music] fantastic bring your arm up reach up again bring your hand to the floor bend your knees if you need to and take a nice deep lunge back to forward fold lovely hold it here and step back left leg dropping your knee giving a nice sink deep deep deep and then coming back sinking deep lifting your chest easing back lifting those toes when you feel like you could you come a little deeper thinking forward easing back okay straightening your leg same roof but with straight legs when you’re ready to lift the toes lonely drew up the foot rest over your front leg out breath now flat on your back foot take hold of your ankle and you’re going to unravel this arm and to reach up look up yummy if it’s okay for you take your arm to your ear and feel your waist lengthen feels so nice and then again another stretch entirely take your hand all the way behind you grab holding the fly little peeking through here and look up [Music] let me bring your arm all the way back up hands down and then a little rock back and forth and bring your feet together okay rolling up from your forward fold and then with heavy arms as we complete that round taking a breath in reach up and a breath out bring your hands to your heart okay coming back to the center of your mat we’re going to come back down onto all fours I’m going to take you through a lovely outside of your hip stretch so rolling down I always love to roll down to make space in my vertebra because it’s so healthy for your back so let your arms be heavy take your hands to the floor and drop down to your knees and to get into this pose I’d like you to take your knee your right knee behind your left and your feet are coming out to the side and you’re going to drop back and this is quite it’s a quite deep stretch and you might find it quite uncomfortable so bear with yourself and give yourself a chance to settle you know be patient with yourself you might not get here first time if this is really uncomfortable to you for you I’d like you to straighten your right leg you’ll still get a really good stretch so wherever you are today at knowledge without judgment sitting nice and steadily through the hips hands resting and I’d like you just to find that nice length through your spine and bring back that vision visualization of hand to your heart and hand to your belly and take a few steady breaths here just to rebalance yourself if you’ve used up a lot of energy in those standing poses restore yourself and then you’re going to take a nice gentle twist so looking over your left shoulder nice upright spine and any work we do on the spine lifts your energy so just be aware breathing in to sit tall and breathing out to twist and then you need to twist the other side to really answer to breathing out twist and come back to the center rocking forward and the rav on your knees and you’re going to take the left behind the right spread your feet out and rock back and I’ll bet you you’ll find that one of these scientists loads more uncomfortable than the other this is my uncomfortable side but the beauty of yoga is you’re doing everything on each side so you’ll get a nice balanced body sit up nice and tall and everything settle your body holds on tight to the stretch and if you breathe really deeply your body knows it can relax it loses that fight-or-flight and it softens into your rest and digest sends a new body so let everything settle and then you’re going to take your twist take your breathing deeper but when you come to the other side [Music] we’re establishing nice deep breathing brilliant now come back and you’ll be more than ready to get out of that you’ll probably want to give your lips a little bit of a stretch have your legs out in front of you coming into Danvers an Ursus fleshy part of the bottom out of the way now in these forward folds there’s nothing like so grab a sofa cushion whatever you’ve got nearby something soft or a rolled up blanket and just is your breath in reach up and fall forward in not any particular way so it’s not grabbing your toes and sit up nice and tall this is all about restoring your energy so ease forward and relax let your arms rest there’s no focus or intention other than to look after yourself round your body round your cushion noticing the back part of your body as well so you breathing deeply through the back blowing up the spine in and out lovely walk your hands in this time you might need two cushions because you’re going to take a wide leg fold I can these folds it’s like when you’re in a class and the teacher says to you it’s forward fold time you kind of go here this is the obviously happy to hear anyway so come to a nice wide position it doesn’t have to be splits or anything super fancy it’s just to restore and to stretch nicely gently in the hips and the inner thighs so fold breathing in breathing it out and find your fold and something onto your cushions relax your head keeping those toes pointing up to the sky and you can come down deeper and deeper you might find you lose a cushion and you can come down deeper [Music] walk your hands I really hope you enjoyed your yoga class with me today [Music] you

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  1. Use this wonderful restorative yoga class to completely distract yourself from everyday stresses, wind down and re-balance yourself. It's a super 20 minutes of real me-time with the added bonus of a deep stretch for the whole body. I really hope you like it and I would love to hear how it works for you, why not drop me a comment to let me know, 🙏🏻🌸💕

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