Rhythm24 Interview – Bailey Evans

My name is Bailey Evans and I own a yoga studio
in Bozeman, Montana. I do triathlons, I do CrossFit, I do yoga
and I like the discipline of it. There are no short-cuts. It’s just good old fashioned get up and do
it, and I really like that. I respond well to it and I like knowing that
I’m capable of difficult things. You know, a good athlete is a prepared athlete
and for me, using the Rhythm helps dial all that in so much closer that while chest-based
heart rate monitors are great, they are cumbersome to use, they don’t stay well, and you can’t
swim in them. They roll down immediately, there’s just no
getting around it. And so it’s been really wonderful to have
a product that no matter what the modality I’m working on, it stays, it’s comfortable,
and I don’t notice it most importantly. Cause I think that a lot of times, that’s
the downfall. I don’t want to notice what’s going on until
I’m done and then I just want the metrics, and so it’s so wonderful to have something
that I know I put it on, it’s going to be accurate and I don’t have to worry about it.

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