Rob Schneider thinks Garth Brooks will do his best to stay out of sensitive debates going forward after the backlash he received from Bud Light boycotters.

comedian and former Saturday night live cast member was talking about the country singer with Fox News Digital ahead of his comedy special woke up in americawhich will air on Fox Nation.

Brooks recently said Billboard that he won’t ban Bud Light at his new bar, even though other musicians like Kid Rock, Travis Tritt and John Rich have distanced themselves from the brand.

“I think next time he’s going to stay out of it. Isn’t he? I think Garth Brooks, next time, will shut his mouth and pretend ‘I have nothing to do with what beer is chosen in my restaurant,'” Schneider said.

Rob Schneider and Garth Brooks composition
Rob Schneider (pictured in Tennessee in 2022) has weighed in on Garth Brooks’ (pictured in CMAs in 2023) decision to continue selling Bud Light at his new bar.
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Bud Light and other brands under parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev have been boycotted since early April after transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney received a personalized beer can. Before opening his Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk in Nashville, Brooks had confirmed that he will sell Bud Light along with all other types of beer.

A week after these comments, Brooks doubled down during his live broadcast, “Inside Studio G.” He confirmed that he loves “diversity” and that means “everyone is welcome” at his new bar. Since then, a faction of MAGA Republicans has vowed to scrap Brooks’ music over his willingness to stock Bud Light.

Schneider said: “I think the culture is in a very weird little place of hypersensitivity one way or another. And I think that’s why most people shut their mouths. I mean, just from a business standpoint , just shut up, say ‘I have nothing to do with it’.”

“I’m just as touchy as Garth: ego. You know, he had to put this, ‘Well, I think, you know, I’m a good person because I did it…’ And it’s like, shut up,” Schneider said.

“As I was saying in fox and friends This morning, I sound like a baseball player who apologized for upsetting people because he dared to speak out about what was going on at one of his favorite shopping spots, Target, and then apologized to fans and friends, and then they booed him. . So there is no root. There is no path to forgiveness. There’s no way to make amends.”

Schneider said that with “the liberals, you’re just out, you’re out forever. And that’s it. You’re out.”

Brooks’ comments appear to be indicative of a rift within the country music scene, caused by the Bud Light boycotts. Big and Rich’s John Rich disagreed with Brooks’ stance, but wished him well amid his decision to sell Bud Light at his new bar.

“Everyone has the right to market their business however they see fit, and Garth is considered one of the greatest marketers of all time in country music. I’m sure his new place is beautiful and I wish him the best.” , wrote. on Twitter in early June.

schneider comedy special woke up in americais available to stream on Fox Nation now.

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