hey guys dmitry here with a roofing
insights after being in the Roofing Contractor for five years I finally have
decided to spend my money on very expensive cougar paws number one I
believe number one brand in roofing shoes out there I’ve been very hesitant
to buy one and today and this episode I’m not gonna only review them but I
also going to compare them to my favorite Reebok CrossFit shoes and my
Nike running shoes so today I’m gonna take all three pairs to 9-12 page roof
and see how they compare to each other (intro music) so guys I’ll be honest with you I’ve
been so hesitant and last couple days after I went on Amazon and I purchased I
spend one hundred and eighty dollars on this pair which is pretty expensive for
the shoe right I was thinking why in the world you are in the roofing business
and you would not have a product that everybody sells everybody advertises all
your roofing buddies have it and number one is I’m from Siberia
I agree off on a really really cold climate I remember when I was in ninth
grade and my dad purchased me a pair of boots looks just like this for 750
roubles it was extremely expensive for us back at day in a day and I was very
excited but you know what the boots always been really heavy you wear them
for eight months out of the year now I live in Minneapolis right for me believe
it or not is actually quite a climate change it’s much warmer here second
reason why I didn’t want to buy them for myself because I never felt unsafe on
the roof in my regular shoes this pair right here have it for about a year I
feel extremely comfortable I feel really good and almost a new roof I’ve been on
thousands of roofs there’s so many people talk about it I can’t ignore it
anymore especially having YouTube channel for roofers first I owe you guys this
video this comparison and let’s see how the compares the first thing first on
the price is the Cougar paw is gonna be much more expensive
$180 versus I just looked this morning $75 I’m gonna put a link below with all
these shoes so you can compare for yourselves I think I paid about one
hundred and fifty dollars for this Nike ring here so definitely the most
expensive option let’s take it to the roof and see how they feel on the roof
the thing about the shoes they do feel like work shoes for sure
high ankles and this strap was engineered to
reinforce your weight but at the same time it’s one bulky shoe and it’s not
something you want to be wearing all day long but let’s see how it feels
oh boy they’re heavy wearing work boots makes you feel like
you’re already working so I have here pitch gage it’s about 9 12 proof depends where
you put it 9-12 it’s just above it’s not 12-12
obviously but it’s already considering that to be walkable roof for many people
it cuts at 812 so I’m just gonna jump on it and see how it feels alright so it
does feel a little bit weird because then the shoe is so cold it’s kind of
like cuts into your leg versus like your regular shoes that you do on a daily but
again it does feel safe it does feel bulky safe so it’s not only a steepness
of the roof it’s also loose grainuels that literally roll and under your feet
what’s weird is it’s cutting like in here and I guess it’s intentional but
it’s not comfortable because if you work in it all day long you literally cutting
blood supply to your feet if you don’t because it creates a lot of pressure
they above your ankles it’s better than I expected I actually can’t wait to wear
my other shoes right after this to see what I’ve been missing out so this one
is Nike it’s probably one that must be comfortable I like jumping in them they
have really nice cushion just want to have slider softer padding than my cross fit ones so you definitely feel much lighter oh but I do sleep on this nike is
definitely not as safe and what’s happening actually I’m sleeping on the
granules I mean shoe still feels great like it’s
much more comfortable on the feet them selfs your not gonna tell necessarily
but I am slipping I would say on the grip within a roof I would give Cougars
pass 100% of 90 only 60 maybe I don’t think I would go with this Nike on
steeper than 9-12 through for sure 10 the last but not least is my favorite
CrossFit shoes so this guys are down by Reebok so what
I like about them they’re really really firm I have them for over a year I did
it across with the open last year you can see it they’re really worn out but
let’s see how they compare oh yeah much better than the nike here much
more comfortable to actual both of them because again your ankle is all free you
can move and you know what they’re firmer the padding is not soft for the
firmer but but I don’t slide at all even if I do find to my toys they’re absolutely resist slippery and
guess what they’re half price of Cougar paws right now
when I first them originally they just came out and I think I did paid like 140
dollars now I was surprised to see them on Amazon for like 75 bucks so between
the three Nike absolutely disqualifies to be a roofing shirt and the finalists
are CrossFit nano 7 and Cougar paws to be honest with you I’ve been pretty
impressed by the Cougar paws and it came a little bit better than I thought
it would so here’s the deal they are bulky they do work great or they do cost
a lot of money you have a really competitive option obviously the sport
shoe it’s not a roofing shoe but I didn’t want to show the difference so
this shoe right here is much lighter it cost less it feels greater in the roof
it’s also almost impossible to slip on the roof and the winner of this battle
is cougar paws something inside of me probably roofer inside of me doesn’t let
rebook to take first place for best roofing shoes on the roof like this I
probably still would be a little bit too lazy to go and change four pair of
Cougar paws but I still would keep them I would keep them when this may be wet
on the roof I would keep them and extreme conditions when I do have to be
extremely careful because maybe it’s a windy day and you do want to do extra
protection cougar pass worth the investment I would recommend them to
everybody who’s originally not a roofer but maybe it goes on the roofs maybe
home inspectors or somebody who is not familiar with the rules if you’re not
comfortable in Heights you always always always want to be in a safe zone you
always want to think about your safety first because safety is first
hey guys I hope you liked this review if you do have pair of them do let me know
what you think are comfortable not comfortable what
recommendations would you have for manufacturers for them to make it maybe
even better product either way I’m gonna put all things below where you can buy
them we don’t have affiliation links we don’t get paid by any of this shoes this
is just big disclaimer should probably do it in the beginning but here you have
it anyway just watching out for you guys and making sure you safe out there work
hard but also work smart see you guys next time hope it helps


  1. I think I'll keep Cougar paws for safety, but grab the other shoes for a work day and hopping on a roof quick…nice everyday work shoes. But you get your value with the paws because you can change out the bottom after they wear out.

  2. Cross fit shoes work good on new roofs but when you're walking on an older roofer (doing an estimate or about to rip) the loose granules make you slip everywhere…cougar paws work just as good on old roofs and they do new..they cost 180, BUT talk to your supplier, they will work with you…I bought 5 pairs for 500 plus tax…went in with some of my guys and we all got them for 100 bucks each…good buy I feel…either way, stay safe guys and great video, thank you !

  3. ok so i always see people test these shoes or show them off when they are walking on shingles lets see them on a pitch roof playwood or a vally sheet i dont see these shoes sticking to the roof

  4. yeah Reebok are best and cheap I buy the $40 ones and would say no to the cougar paws there are expensive and not comfortable for work, the guy is right I trying those boots like 12 ago and is a no no….

  5. well roofer is a roofer sometimes I work in convers or steeal toe Justin work boots and I am 30 years working on the roof

  6. .."I am probably a little too lazy to put on the Couger Paws.." LMAO….exactly. When you slide on a wet degranulating 8/12, the laziness disappears.

  7. cougar paws are the only way to go I've even papered a 12 pitch in them with certainteed felt some paper they don't stick as good bet there a no brainer if you like to be safe

  8. Haha get on a real roof were your roofing gear on a wet and duty surface and then you can show off between now and then what a joke hahaha

  9. I run a large roof inspection & repair company. We look at over 35,000 roofs per year. I've been wearing Cougar Paws for 7 years. I agree they are too bulky and heavy and when doing repairs all on anything steeper than 6/12 day they are not comfortable at all. The bonuses though are they slip less than any shoe I've tried and this includes on tile as well. Flat Slate-style, Villas etc are dangerous when wet or mossy and the Cougar Paws perform better in these instances. I've more recently been trying out Vibram soled shoes from North Face and they seem pretty awesome, however, I slipped on granulation loss more in them from both composition shingles and rough (shake style) concrete tile. The other added bonus to Cougar Paws that you did not consider in the price is that you don't actually have to replace the whole shoe when worn out. The pads on the bottom are velcro and you only have to replace them when worn. The rest of the shoe holds up well for a long time. The pads are only about $13-$16 per pair so the cost is more efficient over time. I recommend having an arsenal of shoes that are used for different situations.

  10. Great review. I install gutters and have found that shoes with purely foam bottoms grip the best wether I'm on a shingle roof or tile or metal. Each type has its reasons to become slippery, be a dusty new metal roof, or the slime on a shingle roof from a tree hanging right above it. I may have to buy a new pair every 6-8 months but i feel safe and comfortable.

  11. Roofing contractor 5 yrs. "Expert"."Been on thousands of roofs".thousands in 5 years?In reality you are a not even a true mechanic yet.

  12. I have found the cougar paws make me more money. Capping off or finishing up shingling on those warm afternoons they are soft on the shingles. Also make the strap tight but dont use the top hook or make the laces super tight.

  13. You should give the Marugo Air JOG a shot – as comfy as those reeboks, ~$50-70 on Amazon, and an articulated big toe for extra grip:

  14. Cougars are made to take the beating if u are actually installing roof. It just takes a bit longer to get use to them…If u just go up there 2check on ur employees, then don't bother and just use some tennis shoes.

  15. I've been using cougar Paws for about 7 years now, only on steep stuff when I want a little extra safety. I love them and would recommend them.

  16. I have been roofing for 8 years now and all we use is Marrell shoes that have there vibram grip. I will walk on a roof as steep as 10/12 before I feel uncomfortable. That dose depend on the temperature tho hot days that will not work the shingles will get marked up

  17. Timberland pro alloy toe they are black with grey stripes down the sides the grip is flat with dips (kinda like craters) 150ish canadian been working on saskatoon roofs since october 2010 never had a better boot for roofing before im on my second pair in a row and plan to get them again next time……I also put a rubber based toe protecor sealant on the toe so the toe dosent get shredded.

  18. When I started at my first roofing company wearing personal protective gear wasnt required just what ever you wanted so I decided ok since my boss wears running shoes I did to right up untill because I walk so fucking fast…….stepped on a goddamn spike so after that WORK BOOTS!

  19. ive been roofing mainly tile repairs, peel and stick patio roofs, top coats, foamers helper etc and I preffer the 30 dollar walmart running shoes XD

  20. Where the cougar paws will shine is on a steep pitch, old roof. With lots of granule loss, the other two will slide right off the roof

  21. some guy was talking shit. Cuz i was wearing Adidas on the roof and he had 300 dollar boots by the end of the day he quit cuz he got blisters on his feet before we finished the roof ….

  22. You said you had your reebok shoes doing roofing for a year….. I completely destroy a pair of Nike shoes every 2 months and they get scuff marks on them within days. How do you keep your shoes so clean when you work of the roof I really want to know your secret

  23. The brand of the shoes dont matter I mean obviously it matters in quality and how long they are going to last you but as far as grip it's all about the sole of the shoe. Ive found that the softer and more spongier the sole the better. Nikes and Adidas have been coming out with great shoes for roofing lately. I own a pair of nikes a pair of Adidas and a pair of cougar paws. I haven't used the cougar paws in a while because I've found that the sneakers last me longer than the pads of the cougar paws. I'm a heave guy I'm about 240. And I would be lucky for a pair of cougar paws to last me 2 weeks where as the nikes and Adidas have been lasting me at least a month

  24. The boots you have in the video cost $162 on our website. You should not have paid $180 for them just FYI Thanks for your review.

  25. Good review, and I agree with your final decision. I’m a home inspector and I’ve done over 1500 inspections. I recommend and swear by cougar paws to everybody I know.

    One of the things that you don’t address in your video is the replacement pads. When you wear through the sole, you don’t have to buy new shoes. The replacement soles only cost $20-$30 at a roof supply store. Since the economic value is a big part of your video, I’m surprised you didn’t mention this. I’m on my third set of pads, and I would’ve easily burned through hundreds of dollars of sport shoes had I gone that route instead.

  26. Nice! I bought a pair of sketchers hiking shoes and they've been amazing. I hate having to wear heavy boots when loading a roof

  27. I've been roofing for twenty years now (what's wrong with me?). I found a low cut basketball shoe works best. They have the same style of sole as your CrossFit. Little groves for the granules to go into while providing great traction. However here in Canada, we require steel toes. We still wear sneakers, but at a risk of getting fined by inspectors. Great channel… Keep up the good work.

  28. runnig shoes all day adidas or nike, foam dont destroy the shingles and are really fresh to work…..just dont step on nails when the shoe is old cuz is gonna hurt

  29. Cougar paws aren't good on wet shingles sometimes the bundles get water into, you know what I mean… And the rubber sole on nike airmax are kind do hard rubber that why are little slippery
    …. I rather used Timberland whitelegde or boots with Vibrant sole

  30. I found Merrill hiking boots have worked the best for me. They’re relatively light, good support, and will stick to steeper roofs. And they last much longer than regular shoes.

  31. Yea but those tennis shoes will last like a month for an actual roofer and I'll have to by 3 a year…that's what I'm debating now

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