Rory in Ireland: Episode 4

Craziest and hardest thing about Owen was understanding what was coming out of his mouth. [incomprehensible] He had Stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. And that’s what CrossFit is–it gives you opportunities. It gives anybody the opportunity to do
what they thought they never could. So we meet the boys from CrossFit Ennis: Trevor Slattery
and Eli Brace. The destination for the day was the Cliffs of Moor. Like I would die happy if we got footage from the drone of us running up the Cliffs of Moor in kilts, bare-chested, with swords. Cue the “Braveheart” music!
Even though this is not Scotland. If you’ve ever watched “The Princess Bride” these are the Cliffs of Insanity. It’s funny because it’s such an appropriate name. “Never mess with a Sicilian when death is on the line!” [laughter] And I’ve never seen anything quite so breathtaking or been on top of something
quite so astounding. In my life. You are walking on the edge of this cliff and whatever your tolerance for danger is is what you’re allowed to do. So we literally, at one point, laid on our stomachs and put our faces over the side and were looking down thousands of feet at the Atlantic Ocean and a rocky coastline and our potential deaths. This is awesome! One of the most amazing, crazy things in my life.
This is awesome! Standing at the bottom of that cliff, looking up… I–I had this feeling that I never wanted to leave. Pictures don’t do it justice. Video doesn’t do it justice. It’s that feeling where you’re like, “I just want to take this all in and have this mental Polaroid that never leaves me.” It was a beautiful feeling of insignificance. Just being underneath something that amazing. As if the day couldn’t get any better, there was a traditional Irish music festival coming to town. I’m just getting the beat, then I’ll jump in. What do you think would happen if I started free-styling? At every single bar or restaurant that we went to, you had a mass of maybe twenty, thirty people all playing different instruments. Just
having a jam session! Good ol’ Dan O’Connell. But then, either a man or a women would just sing their heart out, acapella, to the bar. The soul that came through in the music and the beauty of the person’s voice was like–it was hard hitting. I’m going back strictly to go to that music festival in the coming years. All right, well you do the crime, you do the time. So of course we had to go to CrossFit Ennis
the day after and do a workout. Some of the members were
the most unique people we met on the trip. But it’s good crack for anyone that wants to join us. Especially if you come to Ennis. Yeah? Am I recruiting? Do I get free membership if I recruit people? See, look at Jerry. Turn around and look at Jerry. It’s my birthday. You don’t always get this at the end of CrossFit, but it’s quite good, actually. Now it happens to be that one of the members was having a birthday that day. And Eli teed her up and said, “Hey we got a really special surprise for you.” Meaning me. But she had no idea who I was. So I walked in. I could see the likes of Keith and Jerry–the big buffers so I didn’t know you were coming.
[laughs] -I tried to ext you, but I couldn’t.
-And then I thought they hired a stripper for me! [laughing]
-I thought you were it! So when I show up to the group class, this woman–for the entire class–thinks that I’m a male stripper. And that at some point I’m going to bust out in like my banana hammock and give her the dance of her life. So when he finally introduces me as the host of the CrossFit Games, she’s like “The what? I thought I was getting a show!” -We got a rainbow spotting.
-Double rainbow. -Dubs?
-Dubs over there. Oh yeah. So on our last day we had to fit in some sports. So we went to two classics. Golf, which you’ve probably heard of and hurling, which you’ve probably not heard of. If you get six on the first hole, that’s six burpees. So you accumulate
at the very end. So whatever gross you get–so every gross you get, that’s the burpees you get. For par. It’ll never happen again. -You got par?
-Yeah dude. It was starting to rain… I’m not a good golfer. So instead of going the normal right-to-left, Rory gonna go as the crow flies. Straight over it. And regardless, the gents met me on the golf
course and humored me in my stereotypical desire to play golf in Ireland. Pretty sure it hit someone’s house. All right, so we’re taking it outside the box again. The best team in Ireland, the boys from Kilkenny are going to teach me some hurling. Hurling. This is like field hockey meets lacrosse meets a cage fight meets Mad Max. It’s insane. First try. Concentrate on control and good contact. Then the rest you worry about after. They’re hitting this thing a hundred yards. It’s traveling at velocities upwards of like
90, 100 miles an hour. And the guy in the end is just catching it barehanded. But it is by far the most popular thing to do in Ireland. You’re filling seats with 50,000 spectators. But every single player is an amateur. So we’re going to meet Kilkenny the very best hurling team in Ireland. And they get me to slapper six because they’re school teachers and they’re welders and they’re bus drivers and they’re whatever. These are–imagine LeBron James doesn’t take a paycheck from the NBA or the Cavaliers. LeBron James goes and he earns his money by sweeping the halls at a local public school and then he goes and plays basketball, afterwards. For glory and guts and national and regional pride. That’s what these guys do. This trip was everything that I could have wanted, and more. It had everything you want. We saw the sights, we learned so much history, got to play sports, got to mix it up with
the CrossFit community. For us, we are really a general-population gym. We are not a gym of athletes. Like most of our members are family men, family women. Our morning class is basically housewives and
people on shift work. So maybe two or three percent of our gym compete in competitions. Everybody else is just here to get a bit
fitter and a bit stronger. Folks are just mom and dad, in off the street. Same people as us. People who have jobs every day of the week and just go to work being a little fitter and hopefully never end up in a nursing home. Oh my god, I love it! So my mom actually started it about three years ago, and she said, “I started this sport that I really, really love and I think you’d really like it.” Cause all my life she’d been trying to get me really active. And I never really took to anything. I tried football, I tried athletics, and I just went to keep her happy. And at my very first beginners class I went, “Oh my god, I love–just yeah! I just love it.” I just love throwing the weights around. Getting sweaty and it’s just really good to push yourself so hard, every class. Such a balance. I go home now and instead of being just mentally tired, now I am physically tired. I’m sleeping much better. I’m eating much better, you know? I’m doing all those other things that I have to mind myself–so much better! Because I need to stay competitive in
my CrossFit Game. I think CrossFit is just an amazing thing to be around because they haven’t just found a fitness model, and brought that to all in a fitness philosophy. In a way of challenging people now to say, “You know what? You thought you’d reached your goals and your standards and your fitness levels, but we’re just going to show you that you haven’t even touched that.” You’ll get into so much more beyond all of that. As with any good trip, it left me wanting more. I can’t wait to go back and get another crack at it. There’s nothing but good things to say about Ireland and about the CrossFit community there. I’m just dying to see them again.

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  1. Great video but little fact check.. the bigger hurling matches are played to 82,300 spectators +millions on tv, glad you enjoyed Ireland 💪🏼

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