Rory IV: America

[Sad music] Woodland: 2016. Ro versus Boz It could not have been more one-sided. Adrian Bozman goes out and just beats the pants off Rory Mckernan. Beats him five to nothing. A sweep. It was so bad I threw up in my mouth and I’m thinking about filing a lawsuit against Rory Mckernan because of what he did to me. Now the question is: Is Rory Mckernan the biggest loser in sports history? Sherwood: What he did at the Open is basically a hate crime on CrossFit and he’s the definition of a lost cause. Marquez: Rory took just disgusting losses last year that the Cleveland Browns sent him a card that says, “Sucks to be you, bro.” Sherwood: There he is. Hey! Shouldn’t you be at home making your kids sad? Marquez: I’m sad he hasn’t jumped off a bridge yet. Sherwood: Please do. Rory: Hey guys… Hey, what? Hey. What’s going on here? Boz: It’s my family now. Rory’s children: Boz! Boz! Boz! Boz! Boz! Boz! Rory: No. No! No! No! Stupid broom… Family… Stupid Boz Rory? Rory! Wake up, Rory! Katrin? How are you in the sun? You have to believe in yourself, Rory. Be the best you. You’re right! I can do it! If you ever need me you can find me in your heart. Okay… That seems complicated. If I need you, couldn’t I just text you? Be the best you. Be. The. Best. You. Yeah. Yeah! Hey, will you uh train me? [Epic montage music] Mickey: You’re a bum, Ro! You’ll never be nothin’ but a bum! You gotta work like a champion if you wanna be a champion! You’ll never be nothing but a bum! [Epic montage music continues] Mickey: Don’t be a bum, Ro! How much of a bum you wanna be? Rory: Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Woo! Yes! Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Hoo! Yes!

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  1. Hahahaha what the hell did I just watched! It was awesome!

    Also a Katrin Davidsdottir sun? I would love to wake up to that face:)

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