Rotator Cuff Exercises & Stretches with Resistive Bands – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. These are going
to be the rotator cuff strengthening exercises part duex! So I already showed you the ones
lying down. And so now I’m gonna show you some standing up and using the resistive band.
So all you need is a resistive band and a door. So let’s get started. So I’m gonna start
off with the yellow band. Now remember the yellow band is the lightest resistance, so
you might want to start with the yellow band and if it becomes easy, then you can work
your way up with the resistance. Any time I’m using resistive band with a door, I like
to put a knot in the middle and that’s so when you put it in the door and you close
the door, once you start pulling on it, it won’t fly back into your face. So we’re gonna
start up hight with the first one. We’re gonna do rows and we’re gonna do them in 3 different
directions. So we’re gonna start off with the high. Now when you close the door, make
sure that door is closed when you’re pulling so the door doesn’t fly open and it doesn’t
go into your face. So with the rows, I usually stagger my feet. You can keep your feet together
as long as you’re not leaning back while you’re doing it. You want to keep you back nice and
straight, and you want to keep you elbows in. A lot of times people try to wing them
out, but you really want to keep them close to your side. So when you’re pulling, you
want to pull downwards and back. And you want to squeeze those shoulder blades almost like
somebody’s got their hand in the middle of your back and you’re trying to squeeze their
hand. Make sure you’re controlling the band, and don’t let the band control you. So try
about 10 of those. If it’s easy, bump it up to 15 or 20, if that’s easy, then bump up
your resistive band. Then next, you’re gonna bring it down to right in front of you. So
you’re gonna take that knot, close the door, make sure it’s closed, so it doesn’t fly back
into your face, or into your stomach. Now this time the rows are gonna be straight in
front of you. So you’re just gonna pull straight back. All the position’s the same, just pull
back like you’re trying to squeeze your shoulder blades into someone’s hand that’s right on
your spine. Make sure you’re controlling it, going in and coming out. Now this yellow band’s
probably too easy for me, but I’m just kind of demonstrating what you’re supposed to be
dong right now. And then you’re going to do the last one with the rows down at the bottom.
So you’re gonna come down, make sure that door’s closed, same position, keeping those
elbows in, and now you’re pulling upwards. Still squeezing those shoulder blades in.
Alright, very nice. Ok. So the next set of of exercises you’re going to do is an internal
and external rotation with your shoulder. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put it around
the doorknob. so it will be right even and level with me. And I’ve got a double band.
You can double band it if it’s easy, if it’s not, then you can do just one. Now this time
you want to keep your elbow bent and across your stomach. Keep your elbow by your side.
If you feel like your elbow’s coming out, then you can wrap up a towel and squeeze it
into your body. And all you’re gonna do, is your gonna pull out just to parallel. You
don’t wanna try and go further out right now, you wanna keep it right there. And then slowly
come in. And slowly come back out. You control the band, don’t let the band control you.
Now I’m just gonna shift arms for time’s sake, but you would turn around and then you have
your elbow by your side here, arm straight out. Use the towel if you need feedback to
keep that elbow in. And now you’re gonna pull into your stomach. And slowly back out. So
you’re not doing this, that elbow’s coming way out. Keep that elbow by your side. Keep
your arm at a 90 degree angle. Pulling in, and slowly coming back out. Now the last one
with the band. You can do it with the band, you can do it with weights if you have weights.
I like using the band cause it gives you resistance both ways. But what I’m gonna do, is I’m actually
gonna step on the band. My elbow’s gonna be at the side again, and you’re just gonna do
a bicep curl. So you’re coming up. Curl all the way up. And bring your arm all the way
back down. This is not working the whole muscle. You want to come all the way up, all the way
back down. Now you can do a series with your hand up. Then your thumb up. And then you
palm, or hand, down. And that’s gonna work different parts of your bicep muscle. So again
you can start off with 10. Move your way up. If those are easy, then increase your resistive
bands. So those were your rotator cuff strengthening exercises with a resistive band standing.
Remember there’s some other strengthening exercises of the rotator cuff, the shoulder
in general. You can go check them out at And if you have any questions you can leave
them in the comments section and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. So
remember, have fun, be safe, and I hope you feel better soon.

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