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  1. Just last night I began a 5k and eased into a ~215-220 pace, but was feeling really good after 1k, so sped up… and sped up… My splits were 217, 209, 203, 200 and 155. Average pace was 204.7 That was a new PR for me. So I chillaxed for an hour or two and tried again (after all, I'm trying to hit 200k for the Concept 2 holiday challenge). My second 5k splits were: 206, 202, 200, 200, 157 for an average of 201.2! Soooo close to a 20 minute flat 5k!!

  2. Loving your vids and energy, the 5k is a tough challenge both physically and mentally, I set my self a sub 19min challenge and achieved it yesterday at 18.55πŸ‘πŸ‘ ive been doing heart rate traning and it’s really been working for me 5k is all about stamina πŸ‘

  3. 07:25 – just hit 1k in about 4 minutes. Yesterday I hit a PB for 1k which is 3:49.5. I had it set to 7. This is pretty disheartening for me, it was tough for me to get that time, I was pushing myself and was out of breath. I know I can do a lot better.
    My weight is about 75kg and I am 183cm height. Is that normal for my height and weight? Been training for around 5 months. I think I am going to film myself and put it up on YT so people can critique my technique and I can see for myself. I am "ectomorph" body type (skinny / small frame).

  4. Thanks for the longer distance but it's going to be awhile before I can get to twenty minutes. A good goal for me though. Still at around twenty seven minutes for 5K. Appreciate the lower stroke rate too, I wouldn't have thought it would be enough for that time.

  5. Wow! Heavy rowing session. I'm training atm 3 minutes rounds and one to rest, rowing under 2 minutes split. Today I achieved 8 rounds, wich would be 24 minutes. By now, there's no way I can get 20 minutes all together under 2 minutes split.
    Do you think this way of training is ok, or should I row 5k every day and get better each time?

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