Roy CrossFit – Amanda Hang Clean Feedback

Hey Roy CrossFit athletes, we’ve got Amanda here doing a hang clean. We have just been watching Amanda’s clean and knew there was something we could do to help her improve. She does so
many things right but there was just something a little off about it and we
after watching this video with her we corrected it and she hit and she tied
her PR her all-time PR from the hang like shortly after and made
incredible improvements so i wanted to show this to you guys as well. One thing Amanda does really well is
getting her knees and hips and knees under the bar her hips to the bar and
extending all the way up. Ok, into this full extension now one of things that she could maybe
improve on is she is a little overextended in this full clean we want
to see her in a little bit more of a vertical position here and we’re going
to see the result of this over extension in the pull what happens is when she
goes to squat she’s going to initiate that squat from the knees here. Remember functional movements start core to extremity so what we want to see is when our hips come to the bar and make
contact with the bar the hips should start to retreat. Just like you do
in your squat you drop those hips back first and then they come straight
underneath you. So watch what she does – as she
initiates that squat with the knees and the hips are coming down later and notice she still got this arch
position to her spine. This is going to make for difficult
receiving position for the barbell. She’s going to come down receive the
barbell these knees are coming in a little bit. She’s going to receive that barbell with
her elbows down as a result of all this. And now while she’s in this kind of
weird squat position – She’s not used to because this is not how
she normally squats. So now she’s going to rock back to
transfer that way back into her hips and drive out. So what we had her do after this is we
had Amanda as soon as she got to full extension – We made sure that she when she got
full extension she’s got those hips started moving
them back and she really worked on getting that ribcage down and she
immediately made huge improvements received that barbell in a way better
position. So think about not getting to full
overextended and hitting those good positions. Good job, Amanda.

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