Roy CrossFit – Snatch Comparison Feedback (Weightlifting Scoop)

Hey crossfitters, today we’re going to
talk about the weightlifting scoop. The weightlifting scoop is the part of the
movement that happens as you transition from your first pull to your second pull.
The first pull is the motion that happens as the bar goes from the
ground to the knee, so we’re going to go through that. We got James on the
left here, me on the right, we go through this first pull – the barbell sweeps back.
Okay, you’ll notice James and I are pretty similar position here. Our shoulders
are over the top of the bar, done a decent job through that
part of the movement. Now the scoop begins to happen at this point. What
you’re going to see is, you’re going to see my knees start to kind of work back,
themselves back under the bar, my knees and hips are going to start working
themselves back under the bar so that I can make this kind of scoop with my hips
here. So watch that on the right here as the bar comes here, I come here, now my
knees are starting to work underneath the bar so that when I hit the the power
position, right here, I’ve got this good knee bend here where I can extend
straight up into the bar. Ok let’s go ahead and watch the
difference between that and what James is doing here on the left. He gets to
this top of the knee position he kind of continues to carry the bar into his hips
instead of working his knees and hips back under the bar, he kind of carries the
bar back here. Now when he hits the power position here notice kinda just a pretty
straight leg here, pretty straight leg here. Not a lot of power to go from here so
all he has to do, left is to take his hips into the bar this way. Ok and so he’s just, he’s going to sling
his hips into the bar to try to generate the power. Then the bars going to go this
way, away from him and it’s gonna get a little too far out front
instead of staying close to his body. So it’s slings away, he comes in he’s pretty
good, this is a lightweight for him so he’s able to save it. You notice his feet,
he jumps a little bit forward to kind of save that and he’s able to hit
that lift because it’s lighter. But as he gets to a heavier
weight he’s going to have to work on this scoop. Push those knees and hips
back under at this point, drive the bar in a straight-up pattern to get that full
extension here and then move the barbell around. That is the
weightlifting scoop.

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