Roy CrossFit – What is CrossFit? – Intensity, How Much?

Alright crossfitters it’s Kevin here.
Last video we talked about intensity, we talked about how intensity equals
results, right. So the question is – how much intensity, how much can we give?
We got this really great graph here to show us how we can manage our intensity
and get the very best results we can out of our workouts. So we’re
going to use this example. Okay we’ve got three athletes Luke,
Amanda and Kevin. We can tell it’s Luke because of his bulging muscles, this is
my artistic work very fantastic, I know. So Luke he’s that athlete that, you know,
he’s so good, he’s so poised, he does every movement perfect, finishes the
workout goes, “Whoo, I got that workout that was a good one” right, walks away because he’s
that awesome. Then we have, on the other hand, we have Kevin over here,
probably especially when I started, and Kevin’s like, “Hey! I got to do this thing
RX, everything RX all the time, every time” I don’t care what I look like, you
know, I can be snatching like this however you want to say, but
everything’s RX it doesn’t matter what I look like I’m gonna go as fast as
I can and do it the best I can. Then you’ve got Amanda, now Amanda she is the
athlete who you know she tries, she works really hard sometimes she gets a little
out of sorts because she trys so hard she gets just a little bit past her
threshold intensity and she gets the speed wobbles and she brings it back and
she slows down a little bit and she pushes it a little bit and she slows
back down. So the question is what athlete do you want to be? Do you want to be
the athlete does everything perfect all the time. Do you want to be the crazy athlete
well, we all know you don’t want to be this guy. Nobody wants to be that guy,
right. Or do you want to be the athlete in the middle, that is
pushing the boundaries of their intensity just enough to where maybe
things aren’t perfect all the time but that’s where you want to be
that’s how you push that threshold. You’ll notice here, if you find that zone
in here that’s where you’re going to reach
maximum results if you’re this guy, if your movement sucks the results are not going to be as good,
even though you feel like you’re putting in, your results are not going to be as
good if you’re pushing hard over here. If you do everything perfect all the time,
you need to step it up, you need to try a little harder. You need to find that sweet spot
right here in the middle and that’s how you reach the most, get the most results
out of your intensity.

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