Roy’s Revelation – Pass the Ball – LA Fitness

I was working out, but I wasn’t working out, like, really
hard. You know, two, three times a week. My blood pressure was starting to get really high. I started feeling physically not
so good. I just was real shaky. I started getting headaches. And I attributed that to high blood pressure. And I read an article
that said, “If you increase your cardio workout, you could actually lower it.” So I decided to make a concerted effort to do that. [rock music plays] When you go to work, you know, you go to work- Most people go to
work on time every day. They don’t look at that as being disciplined. That’s how I had to change my mindset about working out. It’s not
like, how you make time, it’s that you have to make time. It’s that you have to make time. There’s no question.
That’s got to be a priority in your life. I’m not just doing it for aesthetics or because I want to
look good. I’m actually doing it for my health. I can’t use it the way it is, you know. Alright. In the last few years, with the economy the way it’s
been, we’ve been under extreme pressure because of money. The business is not doing what it should be doing. Everybody has stress in their life. Not everybody has high blood pressure.
So I think the added stress of the business did have contribute to my blood pressure, but I think the thing
about our age is we have to feel better. And I think people are a little more cognizant of that.
And hopefully the fitness part will play into that. Thank you. Bye. The way I actually did lower my blood pressure, I
did a combination of probably mostly three things. I did cardio five days a week, thirty minutes at a
time, my heart rate going between 70 and 90 percent. I increased my fruits and vegetables to at least five servings per day.
And I also worked out with weights four to five times a week. I think the cardio was the most important thing, but all of those things put
together did allow me to lower my blood pressure and keep it down. My name is Roy, and I had high blood pressure. With the help of LA Fitness, I lowered
it, and now I’m passin’ the ball. [rock music reprises] [music fades]

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