Run For Your Life: Obese Man Running 5km Races To Shed The Pounds

DEREK MITCHELL: I love 5Ks now. I do them any chance I get, which is probably part of
my craziness but… DEREK MITCHELL: Running across a finish line and getting the medal, it just, it makes the
entire past hour just kinda melt away. I mean, that, it’s just, it’s totally worth it.
Absolutely. COMM: Derek Mitchell might not look like the average athlete, but the 35 year old from
Kansas City is defying expectations. DEREK MITCHELL: As of today, I’ve finished 17 5Ks so far this year, my goal is to finish
30 by the end of the year. COMM: As well as raising money for charity, Derek is determined to reach a healthy weight. DEREK MITCHELL: My goal weight is 225lbs and so now I am at 564, as of this morning. I
wanna get down to where I’ve lost a total of 400lbs. And these pictures are where I’m
starting to get bigger and this was my, these are my high school senior pictures. COMM: But for Derek, controlling his weight is not straight forward. DEREK MITCHELL: About 6 years ago, I was diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumour on my pituitary
gland called a Prolactinoma. And this Prolactinoma, it secrets an enzyme called prolactin that
essentially blocks my body’s ability to produce testosterone. Well testosterone controls
energy levels, it controls mood and the biggest thing is it controls metabolism making it
extremely difficult for me to lose weight. COMM: While waiting for treatment to start working, Derek’s weight soared. DEREK MITCHELL: I didn’t really exercise. I mean, I spent a lot of time in front of
my computer playing games, I didn’t pay attention of what I ate, I just ate whatever
I wanted, sometimes it was pizza, a lot of fast food. In November 2014, I went to the doctor and
the scale said 625lbs and that’s when I knew that I just couldn’t wait anymore.
There was a lot of points where I did have some depression to an extent. COMM: Derek knew he had to change and help was at hand to get him going. DEREK MITCHELL: Person who first got me interested in running was actually my sister. She is
a marathon runner and a former roller derby girl. I started with a block, and the way
my mom puts it, when I got back she thought I was having a heart attack, but I got back
out there and just kept going at it, and pretty soon I was averaging around 2 miles a day. COMM: Further medical treatment could boost Derek’s metabolism, helping him lose weight
and cross the finish line quicker. DEREK MITCHELL: They are hoping to get me on testosterone replacement therapy to get
my testosterone levels back where they are supposed to be, and the doctor said once they
do that, it should be a lot easier for me to lose weight. I’d love to finish a marathon
someday. I’m actually shooting for Honolulu. COMM: A permanent reminder of his achievements, Derek’s been inked for every 5K run he’s completed. DEREK MITCHELL: So it has 37 little dots on there. Each pixel is a representation of each
5K that I’ve done so, which is now outdated as of this morning. It’s good that I have
a visual representation. COMM: And the marathon hopeful has already inspired others to follow in his footsteps. DEREK MITCHELL: One of my favourite things about this whole journey is just getting massages
from people who say they started doing 5Ks because they saw my story and everything.
To motivate other people, to show them that it doesn’t matter how big or slow you are. That actually helps motivate me to keep getting out there.

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  1. If your reading these comments in 2020 and are trying to follow in this mans footsteps know this, I’m rooting for you!

  2. Firstly well done to this guy, I am however concerned for his health. The reason is I was once about 15kg (not that much) overweight and getting back to the gym was hard work and I couldn't push myself like this until I was fitter. Having said that I have a friend who is about the size of this guy who wants my help and I want to help him. Would it be safe to go for a 5km jog with him?

  3. useless, and very bad for your health, joints, vertebrea, etc etc……. 1st change your mind set, and your diet, loose weight, then do cardio. i bet he is still obese now in 2020

  4. Wish him the best if legit…but this seems suspect. Started around 2014-2015..latest pic I can find is 2017 and he appears to be same weight…Oct. pic, but facebook post that he needs more fundme to pay rent….hmmmmm.

  5. Running 5 km every day would not change his weight. This is not how it works. As long as he keeps eating carbs and putting more glucose into his blood, he will not loose a single pound, because as long as there is dietary glucose available, even in small amounts, his liver will not start turning fat storage into it. On the other hand, on 0 carb diet, he would loose weight sitting instead of destroying his knee joints for no reason.

  6. This isn't how you beat obesity. This is how you destroy your knees and hips. Once more for the millionth time: exercise does not lead to weight loss!!!! Get your nutrition sorted out and then worry about exercise,or at the very least do something low impact.

    I know nothing of this man but I would bet cold hard cash that he injured himself running and ended up gaining all the weight back.

  7. JUST DO CODE RED< you will drop a 100 pounds in one Year. Then you can run without ruining your knees and feet.

  8. What an idiot. Get your health sorted first bro. You're doing your body and yourself a disservice. Your vital organs are encased in layers of FAT!! jogging or wobbling won't help at all!!!!

  9. As someone who walks 5k's to raise money and recover from a stroke, I encourage this man.

    Attend some 5k's, you'll be amazed how many non athletes are there, just for fun and health.

  10. Great determination. Derek the target is within the striking distance. Keep it up.

    Six years back, I went to a hike 9 km horizontal x ~1 km elevation gain that I failed miserably within first kilometer and have abandon the adventure. That was turning point in my life and that failure motivated me to be a fit person. While I cannot boast myself as a seasoned hiker, I can comfortably manage a 24 kilometer (15 miles) per day hike.

    Remember, both success and failure are a habit.

  11. Weight loss does need "movement" when you're "this person" and of these ingrained habitual tendencies. I disagree with all who say stop exercising, you're killing this joint and that organ…for this particular individual I'm speaking about not in all cases. Rational is this…the constant concern and routines involved in frequent exercise of any kind on a multiple episode basis daily, will definitely keep him off that couch or sitting wherever and potentially his mind(the habitual side) off of food. I definitely don't want him running, but water exercises, frequent walks multiple times a day on schedule at different venues and some light weights while in a stationary position will benefit him. This fella needs to train the body In order to also keep those endorphins going and keep him from being stationary for countless reasons including blood clots and to keep muscle he has. I'm annoyed too when many say the buzz words "lifestyle change", but in this particular scenario the programmed routines involving movement will help his Everything. Good luck and keep moving y'all.

  12. Workouts can release more cortisol and thus cause more weight increase and other problems. Nice long walks, Raw foods and increasing water intake is the best way to lose weight and stay healthy with no bad side effects

  13. // He Should Be The Front Runner For McDonald's Advertising Campaign…"Eat Big McD And You Can Have The Body You'll Be Ashamed Off. !!

  14. Awesome effort – I love his passion for running 🏃‍♂️, he puts me to shame and he is definitely an inspiration – Keep up the good work!


  16. Do you want to lose weight? The best exercise is to go out and start cleaning your backyard, re-arrange your plants and flowers, pull out all the weeds. Inside the house is the same thing clean all your bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms, etc.. Walk or run once a day and drink a lot of water. Think all these as an exercise and you'll lose weight and no time. Don't forget to eat within reasonable limits.

  17. his bones and muscle strength would shoot to the roof if he can lose weight. After all His bones and feet are carrying so many pounds every day. So if he can lose all those weights he can carry items that are twice his weight and run for miles.

  18. "Walking" a couple of miles at a time doesn't do anything to help LOSE the weight. Reduction of FOOD intake is what does 90% of the work in losing weight.

  19. You mean walking a 5k because I checked you're time! You sort of ran the last 20metres for the camera ,most people on here praising you but taking over an hour to do a 5k is not even brisk walking you're a fake!

  20. Regardless of his weight, running will improve his cardio vascular system and strengthen it. Even if he somehow did not get down to his preferred weight he will have done himself a HUGE favor.

  21. I have lost 80 pounds and I have 50 more to go. I have been out of the gym for 2 weeks but this man has given me inspiration for real. Sure now I can buy normal clothes in a store now and to 15 push ups like nothing when a year ago I could barely get up out of my chair. But he gives me inspiration to keep going and to break my goals that I have set. Thank you sir! Keep on running!!!

  22. Would this person not be able to take testosterone? Wouldn’t that help if his body can’t create testosterone?

  23. The hardest part of exercise is consistency. The initial few weeks are always tough but, when you keep doing it, your mind will want it naturally. Keep up the good work. What I would recommend is not to force yourself into having a healthy diet. It's good to enjoy a few pleasures here and there, just don't go overboard.

  24. This makes me so happy. Because he is trying ! I wish him all the best and that he loses weight… <3 respect brother !

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